Papers, 1839-2004 (inclusive), 1895-1988 (bulk)


Papers, 1839-2004 (inclusive), 1895-1988 (bulk)

Papers of mineralogist Charles Palache, his wife Helen (Markham), and their three daughters; Jeannette (Palache) Barker, a teacher; Mary (Palache) Gregory, an architect; and Alice (Palache) Jones, a banker.

43 + 1/2 file boxes, 1 folio folder, 2 folio+ folders, 1 oversize folder, 2 photograph folders, 9 audiotapes

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Palache, John Garber and Eunice (Nisa) (person)

McLane, Jim L. (person)

Sweezy, Martha (Moophy) (person)

Landers, Katie (person)

Gregory, Rohan (person)

Gregory, Arofan (Wuskie) (person)

Gutterman, Daniel (person)

Thompson, Anna (person)

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Denton, Hannah C. (person)

Ramazani, Nesta and Ruhi (person)

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Pope, Saxton T. (Saxton Temple), 1875-1926 (person)

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Carver, Ruth Dyer, 1913- (person)

Hillsmith, Fannie, 1911-2007 (person)

Barker, Jeannette Palache, 1900-1998. (person)

Funk, Dougie (Hay) and Donald S. (person)

Palache, James and Helen (Markham) (person)

Palache, Eliza, 1860-1938. (person)

Towner family (family)

Richard Epstein (person)

Jones, Russell K., 1897-1986. (person)

Gregory, Probyn (person)

Clark, S arah (person)

Stephens, A. M. (Stevie) (person)

Derby High School (Connecticut) (corporateBody)

Gregory, Charles O. (Charles Oscar), 1902-1987 (person)

McKee, Marion (Kavanaugh) (person)

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Clark, Dorothy (Gregory) (person)

Lunt, Storer B., 1897-1977. (person)

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Palache, James and John Garber (person)

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Gregory, Floy (person)

Gregory, Cadigan (person)

Gregory, Philip S. and Ann (person)

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Palache, Lucy (person)

Abraham Burtt Markham (person)

Twining, Olive (person)

Berney, Alice and Arthur (person)

Kavanaugh, Alice (Markham) (person)

McKnight, Frida (person)

Gregory, David P. (David Palache) (person)

Gregory, Taliesan (person)

Steckel, Connie Brown (person)

Satterthwaite, Ann and Sheafe (person)

Palache, Belle (person)

Poole, Rosey (person)

Kline, George and Ella (person)

Dyer, Eloise (Fife) (person)

Russell, Bertrand and Peter (person)

Darden, Connie (person)

Fife, Louisa (Palache) (person)

D'Souza, Neela, 1933- (person)

Mickey, Jean (person)

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Palache, Whitney, Belle, and Eliza (Kline) (person)

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Gregory, Mary Palache, 1902-1996. (person)

Palache, Whitney, Eliza, Belle, and Eliza (Kline) (person)

Watkins, Renee (person)

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Gregory, Probyn, Cadigan, Branwen, and Arofan (person)

Satterthwaite, Ann, 1931- (person)

Colt, Jim (person)

Palache, James (person)

Binger, Chloe Garrison (person)

Kalvern, Harry, Jr. (person)

Cross, Margy (person)

Dozier, Paul (person)

Gregory, Branwen (person)

Rioux, Jean, 1953- (person)

Hunn School (corporateBody)

Palache, Whitney and Belle (person)

Poggi, Adele (person)

Lansdale, Helen Palache, 1899-1980. (person)

Scudder, Jeannette Markham, 1862-1932. (person)

Fremont-Smith, Frances Eliot (person)

Almy, Helen Cabot (person)

Seitz, Peter (person)

Clark, Annie and Elias (person)

Caddock, Charles T., 1902-1985. (person)

Palache, John Garber (person)

McElderry, Margaret (person)

Armstrong, Alice (McKee) (person)

Palache, Myra and Hilda (Blossom) (person)

Ribble, F. D. G. (Frederick Deane Goodwin), 1898-1970 (person)

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH. Born in Virginia. B.A., 1916, College of William and Mary; M.S., 1917, and LL.B., 1921, University of Virginia; S.J.D., 1937, Columbia University. Law professor at Virginia, 1921-1966; dean, 1939-1963. From the description of Papers, 1920-1965. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 704074162 Born in Virginia. B.A., 1916, College of William and Mary; M.S., 1917, and LL. B., 1921, University of Virginia; S.J.D., 1937, Columbia University. Law profe...

Katz, Harold A. (person)

Palache (Family : Palache, Charles, 1869-1954) (family)

Charles Palache, son of James and Helen (Whitney) Palache was born in San Francisco, California, on July 18, 1869. He received a B.S. (1891) and a Ph.D. (1894) from the University of California at Berkeley. He joined the Harvard faculty in 1896 as an instructor in mineralogy and was promoted to assistant professor in 1902 and to professor in 1910. He was also served as head of the mineralogy department and curator of the Mineralogy Museum at Harvard. In 1937, he was awarded the firs...

Palache, Eliza (Kline) (person)

Howard, Lucia (person)

Seward, Clayton (person)

Mendelson, Leonore (person)

Shorer, Mark and Ruth (person)

Droppers, Cora (person)

Woodbridge, Henry S. (person)

Gilchrist, Adair (person)

Funk, Dougie (Hay) (person)

Palache, Helen Markham, 1869-1949. (person)

Kiley, John P., Sr. (person)

Palache, James and Helen (Whitney) (person)

Barker, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel G. (person)

Clark, Charles E. (Charles Erwin) (person)

Willey, Basil, 1897-1978 (person)

Basil Willey was an English professor and writer. He was born on July 25, 1897 to William Herbert willey and Alice Ann Le Gros. In 1923, he married Zelie Murlis Ricks and had two sons and two daughters. He taught at Cambridge University (1946-1964) and a visiting professor at Columbia University and Cornell University. His literary works include: Tendencies in Renaissance Literary Theory (Le Bas Prize Essay, 1922), Nineteenth Century Studies (1949), Introduction to Thoreau's Walden ...

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Tschumi, Beatrice and Otto (person)

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Jamie and Peter Kalvern. (person)

Frost, Henry Atherton, 1884- (person)

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Markham, Ann (person)

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Barker, Russell Harold, 1901-1978. (person)

Alice (Markham) Kavanaugh (person)

Irene Artemieff. (person)

Gower, Charlotte (person)

Vandervoort, Mary (Porter) Kirkland (person)

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Wright Goodhue. (person)

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Vaillant, Marian V. (person)

Gutterman, Susan Barker (person)

Cottrell, Bill and Annette (person)

Keene Clinic (corporateBody)

Cowan, Kay and Clemens (person)

Saltonstall, Peg (person)

Barker, Mrs. Samuel G. (person)

Palache, Mary (person)

Palache, Myra (person)

Jones, Alice Palache, 1907-1989. (person)

Palache, Helen (Markham) (person)