Theatrical scrapbook collection, 1791-1967.


Theatrical scrapbook collection, 1791-1967.

Theatrical scrapbook collection, 1791-1967.

Over 900 scrapbooks of theatrical material, documenting theatrical and musicproductions and personalities in the United States and abroad.

114 boxes and 39 volumes (165 linear ft.)


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Amherst College. Library (corporateBody)

1821 1823 Joseph Estabrook, Professor Latin and Greek, Librarian 1821 Alexandrian and Athenian Societies, student literary societies, established; society libraries soon follow 1822 ...

Wilbur Theatre (Organization : Boston, Mass.) (corporateBody)

The Wilbur Theatre is an historic performing arts theater at 244–250 Tremont Street in Boston, Massachusetts. The Wilbur Theatre was originally opened in 1914, but was revitalized in 2008. The Wilbur Theatre dwells in the heart of Boston's historic theater district and is known for hosting live comedy and music. The venue seats 1,093 but the main floor (orchestra level) has removable tables and seating, to create a general admission standing room (bringing capacity to 1,200). It features basi...

Harvard University (corporateBody)

Harvard College was founded by a vote of the Great and General Court of Massachusetts on October 28, 1636 that allocated “400£ towards a schoale or colledge.” Subsequent legislative acts established the Board of Overseers, but it was the Charter of 1650 that created the Harvard Corporation as the College's primary governing board and defined its composition and authority. The College Charter became a contentious target for College officials, the Massachusetts Governor and General C...

Laming, Emily Stevens, compiler. (person)

Heustis, Frank B., compiler. (person)

Billie Burke (person)

Mrs. Russell Peck. (person)

Oursler, Fulton, 1893-1952 (person)

Writer and editor. From the description of Scrapbooks, [ca. 1900-1953] (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155482449 ...

Frank R. Heustis. (person)

Shaw, Louise C., compiler. (person)

B. F. Keith's Theatre. (corporateBody)

Beal, George Brinton (person)

Beal (born ca. 1887) was an editor with the Boston Sunday Post daily newspaper, a drama critic of the Emerson Quarterly, a writer and photographer, and a collector of circus materials. In 1938 he published "Through the back door of the circus". From the description of George Brinton Beal papers for Through the Back Door of the Circus. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 715100939 George Brinton Beal (born 1888 in Lawrence, Massachusetts) was an editor with...

Boylston Hall (corporateBody)

Ellis, E. Raymond (person)

Sharpe, Lorisa D., compiler. (person)

Mr. Hazen Clement (person)

Hollis Street (corporateBody)

Anna S. Weld (person)

Globe Theatre. (corporateBody)

Elisabeth Carpenter (person)

Eltinge, Julian, 1883-1941 (person)

Handel and Hayden Society (corporateBody)

Miss Susan Wentworth. (person)

Boston Latin School. (corporateBody)

Little, Edward R., compiler. (person)

Boylston Club (corporateBody)

Salman, John, compiler. (person)

Dr. Lombard C. Jones (person)

Kline, Charita Hall, compiler. (person)

Harvard Theatricals (corporateBody)

Keith's Theatre. (corporateBody)

Blanchard, T. W., Mrs., compiler. (person)

Mrs. McDonald E. White (person)

Sharpe, Lorisa D. II, compiler. (person)

Shubert Theatre (corporateBody)

Anna F. Weld (person)

Boylston, A. E., compiler. (person)

Miss Laura R. Little (person)

James N. B. Hill, Esq. (person)

Adams, Maude, 1872-1953 (person)

Maude Ewing Kiskadden (1872-1953), known professionally as Maude Adams, was an American stage actress who achieved her greatest success as Peter Pan. From the description of Maude Adams visiting cards, undated. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 774127810 Actress, author, and educator. From the description of Maude Adams papers, 1925-1956. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70981090 American actress and teacher, also known as Maude Adams Kiskadden. ...

Jameson, Lucretia Adele Chesterton, compiler. (person)

Rudolph Valentino. (person)

Mrs. Robert Gordon Butler. (person)

Sawin, Alice L., compiler. (person)

Jordan, Sidney, Mrs., compiler. (person)

Bolling, Raynal C., compiler. (person)

Columbia Theatre (corporateBody)

Mrs. Maude M. Vosburgh. (person)

Jones, Evarts E., compiler. (person)

Whidden, Eleanor, compiler. (person)

Caroline Monks Stewart (person)

Williams, Emile Francis (person)

Castle Square Theatre Company (corporateBody)

Wyman, Henry A., 1861-1935 (person)

Law clerk, of Boston, Mass. From the description of Papers, 1886-1935. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70950906 ...

Aldrich, Mildred, compiler. (person)

R. C. Sullivan. (person)

Castle Square Theatre (corporateBody)

Barton, A. E., compiler. (person)

Mr. Richmond (person)

Academy of Music (New York, N.Y.) (corporateBody)

Mrs. Murray A. Potter. (person)

Tillinghast, W. H., Mrs., compiler. (person)

LeMoyne, W. J., compiler. (person)

Broadway Theatre (corporateBody)

Marie E. Livermore (person)

Weld, Anna S., compiler. (person)

Marsters, G. M., compiler. (person)

Princess's Theatre (corporateBody)

Cummings, Mabel H., compiler. (person)

Kean, Mabel, compiler. (person)

Mrs. G. Hazel Trask (person)

Brentano, Lowell, compiler. (person)

Footlight Club (corporateBody)

Windsor Theatre. (corporateBody)

Lobero Theatre (corporateBody)

Dr. John Cummin (person)

Robbins, Phyllis, compiler. (person)

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Green (person)

Glover, Kate, compiler. (person)

Baxter, Nell N., compiler. (person)

Barrymore, Ethel, 1879-1959 (person)

American actress. From the description of Ethel Barrymore autograph, 1895. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 63936509 ...

Royal Princess's Theatre (corporateBody)

Miss Florence Barnes (person)

Bolling, Nau, compiler. (person)

Green, Helen, compiler. (person)

Spaulding, John T., 1849-1932 (person)

Royal Bazaar (corporateBody)

Handel and Haydn society (corporateBody)

Sawyer, Ella Adams, compiler. (person)

Union Square Theatre (corporateBody)

The Union Square Theatre in New York City opened in 1871 as a variety house. Under Albert Marshman Palmer's management, the theatre produced successful plays and comedies. Son of a Baptist clergyman, Palmer trained as a lawyer and worked as a librarian and accountant before turning to the theater. He managed the A. M. Palmers Stock Company that played at the Union Square Theatre from 1872 to 1883. From the description of Records, 1874-1895. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 6...

Elias B. Bishop (person)

Cantrell, John J., compiler. (person)

Elinor Hughes' (person)

M., E. P., compiler. (person)

Trevor, Alice Houlis, compiler. (person)

Mrs. C. W. Bennett (person)

H. D. Willard (person)

Wheeler, Joe, compiler. ? (person)

E. F. Edgett (person)

Apollo Theatre (corporateBody)

Santa Barbara Community Players (corporateBody)

John Brown (person)

Edith F. Pubsford. (person)

G. M. Marsters (person)

Marion B. (Mrs. Philip) Eiseman (person)

Weston, Ames, Mrs. (person)

Mrs. Brainerd Mears (person)

Miss Margaret Gielman. (person)

Bliss, Sally W., compiler. (person)

Quincy Kilby (person)

Federal Street Theatre (corporateBody)

Bolling, Barty, compiler. (person)

Alderman, Flora MacDonald, compiler. (person)

Brown University. (corporateBody)

In 1917 the university established the Brown War Records Bureau, whose intention was to "collect and preserve a record of all Brown men who are serving in the present war". Brown faculty, students and alumni who were in the military were asked to fill out a small card called "Are you in the war?" and to send original letters, clippings or photographs which "have any bearing on the service of Brown men in the war." This collection is partly a result of that effort. From the guide to t...

Jordan, Marion, compiler. (person)

Quincy Kelby (person)

Mr. Gorham Dana (person)

Mrs. R. H. Trott (person)

Edget, Edwin F., compiler. (person)

Williams, E. F., compiler. (person)

J. N. B. Hill (person)

Deitrich, Marlene (person)

Mrs. Rhoda Sheehan (person)

Mrs. T. W. Blanchard (person)

J. B. N. Hill (person)

Bolling, Reynal C., compiler. (person)

Fifth Avenue Theatre (corporateBody)

Howard Athenaeum (corporateBody)

The Howard Athenaeum (1845-1953) was often called the Old Howard. It was originally the site of a Millerite temple that was rebuilt as a playhouse in 1845. This building burned down a few months later and a new structure was rebuilt designed by Isaish Rogers in a Gothic style. It became very famous for its opera productions, and also hosted plays and ballets. It gradually lost its audience to other theatres and changed over to burlesque in the early twentieth century. From the descri...

Shubert Theater (corporateBody)

Leavitt, Grace S., compiler. (person)

Stanley Jacks, AB '09. (person)

Cheney, Bessie, compiler. (person)

Edwin Booth (person)

Edgett, Edwin F. (person)

Mrs. Lester Watson (person)

Amateurs (corporateBody)

Castle Square Opera Company (corporateBody)

Footlight Club, Jamaica Plain. (corporateBody)

Alfred de Liagre. (person)

Mrs. E. H. Crosby. (person)

Chesterton, Lucretia Mary Devereau, compiler. (person)

Ella Adams Sawyer. (person)

Bickford, John Dean (person)

Clement, Hazan, compiler. (person)

Mrs. George B. McConnell. (person)

Mr. George B. Cummings. (person)

Alice Walker (person)

Agnes Kirsopp Lake, compilers. (person)

Wilkes Booth. (person)

Wendell, Evert Jansen, 1860-1917 (person)

Boylston Clubs (corporateBody)

Kline, Charita Alma, compiler. (person)

Richmond G. Wight. (person)

Selwyn's Theatre (corporateBody)

Menard, Ralph, compiler. (person)

Jack T. Spaulding (person)

Phyllis Robbins. (person)

Haymarket Theatre (corporateBody)

American Antiquarian Society (corporateBody)

The American Antiquarian Society was founded in Worcester, Mass., in 1812, largely through the efforts of Isaiah Thomas (1749-1831). The Society's original stated purpose was to "encourage the collection and preservation of the Antiquities of our country, and of curious and valuable productions in Art and Nature [that] have a tendency to enlarge the sphere of human knowledge." AAS from its inception attempted to be national in its collecting and its membership, which is by election....

Burns M. Kattenberg (person)

Cadet Theatricals (corporateBody)

Mrs. Franklin F. Raymond (person)

Mrs. Friedrich Seigner (person)

Majestic Theatre (corporateBody)

Wentworth, Laura, compiler. (person)

Crosby, E. H., Mrs., compiler. (person)

White, McDonald E., compiler. (person)

Gerrish, Miss Florence, compiler. (person)

Barriskill, J. M., compiler. (person)

Sullivan, R. C., compiler. (person)

Boston Museum (corporateBody)

De Mott, George, compiler. (person)

Arthur Devereaux Chesterton, compilers. (person)

Arthur F. Musgrave (person)

Boston Circus. (corporateBody)

Eleonora Curtis (person)

Chesterton, Lucretia Mary Devereaux (person)

Bouton, Elisabeth Spencer (person)

Erroll Flynn. (person)

Old Vic Theatre (corporateBody)

Frank McGlynn (person)

Mrs. A. Reid. (person)

Boston Music Hall. (corporateBody)

Hazen Clement (person)

Ball, Lucille, 1911-1989 (person)

The Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz collection chronicles the lives and careers of two of the most influential figures in the history of American entertainment. Ball and Arnaz achieved immortality when they created the roles of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo in the ground-breaking television situation comedy "I Love Lucy" in 1952. From the description of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz collection 1915-1990 (bulk 1925-1990). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71128329 ...

Mrs. Williams Treeve (person)

Heyliger de Nuidt, compiler. (person)

Eleanora Curtis. (person)

Miss Alice Sawin (person)

Crosby, Bing, 1903-1977 (person)

American singer. From the description of Bing Crosby letter to Harry Ruby, 1964 Feb. 22. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 716080707 From the description of Bing Crosby autograph letter to Joe Roddy, undated. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 716080729 From the description of Bing Crosby letter to Look magazine, 1944 July 14. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 716080749 Although Bing Crosby studied law at Gonzaga University in Spokane, he was more interested in playi...

Colonial Theater (corporateBody)

Burgess, G. H., compiler. (person)

Toy Theatre (corporateBody)

Bolling, Nancy, compiler. (person)

Frank B. Heustis. (person)

Sanders, John H. (person)

George Fawcett. (person)

Baker, George P. (George Pierce) (person)

Hasty Pudding Club (corporateBody)

The Hasty Pudding Theatricals is a student theater group at Harvard University that has been performing since 1844. The first productions were adapted shows of professional theater but by the 1860s students were writing the shows themselves. From the description of Hasty Pudding Club Theatricals vocal scores, 1892-1954. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 777411550 From the description of Hasty Pudding Club Theatricals souvenir programs, 1899-2003. (Harvard University)...

Smith, E. L., compiler. (person)

Gardner Murphy (person)

Miss Florence J. Garvin (person)

Princeton University (corporateBody)

The collection documents the physical expansion of the University from its earliest period through the acquisition of large tracts of land in the 20th century, including the properties around Carnegie Lake and numerous farms. Early records document transactions with such Princeton University notables as Nathaniel Fitz Randolph, John Witherspoon, Walter Minto, John and Richard Stockton, and John Maclean. For the most part, the papers consist of standard legal documents with detailed descriptions ...

Chesterton, Lucretia May Devereaux, compiler. (person)

Mrs. Henry Parker (person)

Adelphi Theatre (corporateBody)

Bolling, Anne, compiler. (person)

Merrow, Helen Tolman, compiler. (person)

Chickering Hall. (corporateBody)

Katherine James Bartlett. (person)

Mechanics Building Auditorium (corporateBody)

Apollo Club. (corporateBody)

Bolling, Diane, compiler. (person)

Sharpe, Robert R., compiler. (person)

Edel, Paul J., compiler. (person)

The Amateurs, Brookline (corporateBody)

New York Museum (corporateBody)

Mrs. Ellen Bullard (person)

Mrs. E. Russell Ellis (person)

Treeve, Williams, Mrs., compiler. (person)

Yale University. (corporateBody)

Circus (corporateBody)

Bolling, Diana, compiler. (person)

William King. (person)

Mrs. Edward F. McKeen (person)

Mrs. Maude B. Vosburgh. (person)

Spaulding, William Stuart, 1865-1937 (person)

Frank S. Preston (person)

Murphy, Grace Emline (person)

Adah Barton (person)

Weld, John Davis, compiler. (person)

Buckley's Serenaders (corporateBody)

Stage, W. F., compiler. (person)

Frye, John Freeman, compiler. (person)

Northwestern university (corporateBody)

During World War II, Northwestern offered its facilities for use by the War Department. The Army, Navy, and Civil Aeronautics Administration operated eleven training programs at Northwestern in addition to the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (N.R.O.T.C.) established in 1926: the Navy V-7, Naval Reserve Midshipmen's School; the Navy V-5, Naval Aviation Prepatory Program; the Navy V-1, Accredited College Program; the Naval Training School (Radio); the Army Signal Corps Officers Training Scho...

Norris, Howes, Jr., compiler. (person)

Gertrude Shaw (person)

Simmons College Archives (corporateBody)

Mrs. Henry E. Loring. (person)

Mechanics Hall. (corporateBody)

Carnegie Hall (corporateBody)

Boornaty, Dorothea, compiler. (person)

Harry Seaton Rand (person)

Mrs. Mause B. Vosburgh. (person)

Cunningham, Henry Winchester, 1860-1930 (person)

Henry Winchester Cunningham (1860-1930) was an active genealogical and historical researcher, aiding in the administration of several societies, including the New England Historic Genealogical Society, The Colonial Society, Bostonian Society, The Massachusetts Historical Society, and the American Antiquarian Society. Christian Remick (1726- ) was a marine and townscape painter in watercolor, as well as a sailor and master mariner who served on privateers during the Revol...

Charles T. Bolton (person)

Copley Theatre (corporateBody)

Marlowe, Julia (person)

Loring, Henry E., Mrs., compiler. (person)

Wight, Richmond G., compiler. (person)

Townsend, George H. (George Henry), -1869 (person)

Edgett, E. F., compiler. (person)

Mrs. Jesse H. Metcalf (person)

the Colonial Theatre (corporateBody)

Paul J. Edel. (person)

Knoblauch, Edward, compiler. (person)

Park Theatre. (corporateBody)

Charles L. Hincke (person)

Hollis Street Theatre. (corporateBody)

Designed by John R. Hall and opened in 1885, the Hollis Street Theatre was one of Boston's most fashionable theaters. It featured such performers as Maude Adams, Henry Irving and Sarah Bernhardt. The theater was razed in 1935. From the description of Programs, 1886-1933. (Boston Athenaeum). WorldCat record id: 35553616 ...

Warren Theatre (corporateBody)

Miss Anna S. Weld. (person)

Weld, Anna F., compiler. (person)

Cooper, Gary (person)

Jean Labrecque (person)

Mrs. Currier. (person)

Baldwin, George Scott, compiler. (person)

Grand Opera (corporateBody)

Agnes Kirsopp Michels (person)

Museum of the city of New York (corporateBody)

The Works Progress Administration sponsored seven photographers for the Federal Art Project for specific projects in New York City. From the description of Works Progress Administration photographic negative collection, 1937-1939. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155487078 Incorporated in 1923 to collect objects which illustrate the growth and progress of New York City and to educate the public about the city's history. From the description of Records, 1927-1985. (...

Bartlett, Betty, compiler. (person)

Barnaby, Dorothea, complier. (person)

Curtis, Eleanora, compiler. (person)

L. W. Jenkins (person)

Farmer, Carolyn Virginia, compiler. (person)

Mrs. Raymond Ingersoll (person)

John Freeman Frye, AB '09 (person)

Hagan, J. S. G. (person)

E. Monnell. (person)

Harvard (corporateBody)

University of Delaware. Library (corporateBody)

Poole, Lucius, compiler. (person)

Pasadena Community Theatre (corporateBody)

Bolton, Charles T., compiler. (person)

University of California (1868-1952) (corporateBody)

Administrative History During the mid-twentieth century, the American Labor Movement reached a pinnacle of power and influence within society. The Second World War required that labor be managed as a strategic resource; the high productivity of workers during the war carried over in the peace time economy, which experienced a sustained economic "boom." Unlike European labor relations, where unions play an "official" role in government, the Am...

Behrman, Sam (person)

Sanders Theatre (corporateBody)

Keith's New Theatre (corporateBody)

Barton, Adah E., compiler. (person)

Leonard, Everett, compiler. (person)

Grand Opera House (corporateBody)

Grace S. Leavitt (person)

W. Bentinck-Smith (person)

Dorothea Barnaby. (person)

Eager, Gertrude C., compiler. (person)

Lucius Poole. (person)

Chamberlain, Russell, compiler. (person)

Wheeler, Philip M., compiler. (person)

Whiddler, Elaine, compiler. (person)

Scaife, Roger Livingston, compiler. (person)

Casino Theatre (corporateBody)

Gordon Ireland (person)

Bishop, Robert R., compiler. (person)

Mr. and Mrs. George Hamlin (person)

Wilson, Carroll A. (Carroll Atwood), 1896-1947 (person)

Tremont Theatre (corporateBody)

Holston, George D., compiler. (person)

Arthur O. Yeames (person)

Clarke, George H. (person)

Dorothy Merrow Lovett (person)

Betty Bartlett McAndrew (person)

Potter Theater (corporateBody)

Shermen, Henry H., Mrs., compiler. (person)

Cooper, Jackie, 1922-2011 (person)

John Cooper Jr. was born in Los Angeles, CA on Sept. 15, 1921; one of Hollywood's most popular child stars (1930s), he appeared in films such as The champ (1931), The bowery (1933), and Treasure Island (1934); in the 1940s he started a successful television career as actor, producer, director, and executive and served as vice president in charge of TV program production, Columbia Pictures (1964-69); the winner of two Emmys, Cooper's numerous television credits include, The people's choice, The w...

Mrs. Ralph W. Menard (person)

Bijou Theatre (corporateBody)

Mrs. Ralph Menard. (person)

Washington Gardens, Circus and Concert Hall. (corporateBody)

Keep, Oliver (person)

Lydia Horowitz (person)

E. H. (Edward Hugh) Sothern (person)

Gaiety Theatre. (corporateBody)

Mrs. David Williams (person)

Benton, Jay B., compiler. (person)

Mr. and Mrs. David Young (person)

Eleanor Whidden (person)

The Boston Theatre. (corporateBody)

Washington Gardens. (corporateBody)

Stone, George E. (person)

Mrs. Henry A. Wyman (person)

Pollock, Channing (person)

Monks, Caroline, compiler. (person)

Harris, Mr. J., compiler? (person)

James N. B. Hill, Esq. (person)

Amphion Musical Society (corporateBody)

Chesterton, Lucretia Mary, compiler. (person)

Opera House (corporateBody)

Mrs. Theodore B. Pitman (person)

Edgett, Edwin F. (person)

Brown University, and the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. (corporateBody)

William Gillette. (person)

Bolling, Patricia, compiler. (person)

Jamaica Plain Theatricals (corporateBody)

Wingate, Charles E. L. (Charles Edgar Lewis), 1861- (person)

Wingate was a newspaper editor in Boston, Mass. From the description of Papers, 1821-1919 (inclusive), 1892-1898 (bulk). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 122404994 From the guide to the Papers, 1821-1919 (inclusive), 1892-1898 (bulk)., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) ...

Houghton, Elizabeth M., compiler. (person)

Boston Symphony Hall. (corporateBody)

Mrs. G. C. Fischer. (person)

Rogers, May, compiler. (person)

Chase, Alice B., compiler. (person)

Brooks, Kate Glover, compiler. (person)

Frances C. Darling (person)

Mrs. S. M. Mackenna (person)

Wallis, R. A., compiler. (person)

Wallack's Theatre (corporateBody)

Wallack's Theatre was located in New York City. From the description of Wallack's Theatre programmes, 1864 September-December. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 612801285 Wallack's Theatre was opened in New York City in 1852. From the description of Wallack's Theatre cast lists, 1852-1888. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 612801271 ...

Mrs. George B. O'Connell. (person)

Mrs. Anna R. Bradley (person)

Allen, Clark B., compiler. (person)

Mrs. F. F. Raymond (person)

Colonial Theatre (corporateBody)

B., K. G., compiler. (person)

Pitman, Theodore B., Mrs., compiler. (person)

George N. Carpenter. (person)

Natt Head. (person)

Ashley, Anna Shaw, compiler. (person)

Yeames, Herbert H., compiler. (person)

Julia Marlowe. (person)

Boston Theatre (corporateBody)

Columbian Museum (corporateBody)

Liagre, Alfred de, compiler. (person)