Georgia (Republic) records [microform] 1914-1958 (inclusive), 1917-1940 (bulk)


Georgia (Republic) records [microform] 1914-1958 (inclusive), 1917-1940 (bulk)

1914-1958 (inclusive), 1917-1940 (bulk)

Records, including minutes, correspondence, reports, and other materials reflecting the activities of the government of the independent Georgian Republic and the Georgian government in exile after the occupation.

206 microfilm reels.


SNAC Resource ID: 6384619

Houghton Library

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Acheson, Dean, 1893-1971 (person)

Dean Acheson, U.S. Secretary of State, born Dean Gooderham Acheso, in Middletown, Connecticut, on April 11, 1893. After being educated at Yale University (1912-1915) and Harvard Law School (1915-18) he became private secretary to the Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis from 1919 to 1921. A supporter of the Democratic Party, Acheson worked for a law firm in Washington, D.C., before President Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed him Under Secretary of the Treasury in 1933. During World War II (1941),...

Lakhariadze, A., General (person)

Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924 (person)

Woodrow Wilson (b. Thomas Woodrow Wilson, December 28, 1856, Staunton, Virginia-d.February 3, 1924, Washington, D.C.), was the twenty-eight President of the United States, 1913-1921; Governor of New Jersey, 1911-1913; and president of Princeton University, 1902-1910. Biographical Note 1856, Dec. 28 Born, Staunton, Va. 1870 ...

Baker, Newton Diehl, 1871-1937 (person)

Newton Diehl Baker Jr. (December 3, 1871 – December 25, 1937) was an American lawyer, Georgist, politician, and government official. He served as the 37th mayor of Cleveland, Ohio from 1912 to 1915. As U.S. Secretary of War from 1916 to 1921, Baker presided over the United States Army during World War I. Born in Martinsburg, West Virginia, Baker established a legal practice in Cleveland after graduating from Washington and Lee University School of Law. He became progressive Democratic ally of...

Genera, Milne (person)

Baron Consugi Hayashi (person)

E. Galvanowsky (person)

J. Mazmashvili (person)

Dr. Max Wemmer (person)

Ch. Rakovski (person)

Poti (person)

A. Aharonian (person)

K. Guardjaladze (person)

Raknovski (person)

F. Dzierzynski (person)

L. De-Brouckere (person)

Debrucker (person)

S. Pichon (person)

Gen. K. Abklazi (person)

V. Nozadze (person)

Congressman W. Chandler (person)

S. Metzuk (person)

G. Alexinski (person)

Stowning (person)

R. Schumann (person)

V. Djabagui (person)

N. Jordanis (person)

Y. Sinclair (person)

E. Rassul-Zade (person)

K. Gvarjaladze (person)

Min. Hymans (person)

K. Ninidze (person)

Longuet, ... (person)

G. Grazava (person)

Gr. Lordkipanidze (person)

Jaspar, Minister (person)

Pasha, Leki (person)

Bonarlow (person)

Jacoul Mehteeff. (person)

N. Klomeriki (person)

Gr. Urasadze (person)

S. Ordjanikidze (person)

I. Gobechia (person)

Jouhaux (person)

M. Guseinoff (person)

Prince Samad Khan Montazos Saltaneh (person)

K. G. Abashidse (person)

E. Khoczolava (person)

Hetman Skoropadski (person)

A. Lontckevitch (person)

J. Bromley (person)

Kemal Pasha (person)

D. Stresemann (person)

A. Leist's (person)

Prime Minister, N. Ramishvili (person)

Z. A. Meierovics (person)

L. Trotski (person)

A. Khatossian (person)

Laval, Pierre, 1934-.... (person)

H. Ussubbekoff (person)

J. Djavakhishvili (person)

M. Khundadze (person)

N. Ussubekoff (person)

General Alekseeff (person)

Admiral Kolchak. (person)

J. Eligulashvili (person)

Savinkoff, Boris (person)

General G. Gerasimoff (person)

Baratoff, General (person)

A. Ogandjanian (person)

International Committee for Relief Credits. (corporateBody)

V. Djibladze (person)

Dubois, Cardinal (person)

Ch. Pusta (person)

Khlapowski, Count (person)

K. Imnadze (person)

Sherban Voinia (Gaston Beff) (person)

W. Woytinski (person)

A. Mikoian (person)

A. Ciolkosz (person)

Gr. Linovieff (person)

N. Marr (person)

F. Velikanoff (person)

M. Enckell (person)

G. Werner (person)

Mustapha Kemal Pasha (person)

B. Bakhmetieff (person)

Moutet, Marius, 1876-1969 (person)

G. Kamenieff (person)

Moffa (person)

V. Voytinski (person)

Gelsenkirchen Company (corporateBody)

Catholicos of Iberia Christophe (person)

A. Mdivani (person)

J. Stalin (person)

General Zakhariadze (person)

L. Barthon (person)

Th. Shaw (person)

Aleksejeff, General (person)

N. Jordania (person)

J. Lossik (person)

A. Djaparidze (person)

Letkin, Clara (person)

T. Massaryk (person)

L. Kao (person)

I. Kopaleishvili (person)

M. B. Abashidze (person)

Miasmkian (person)

O. Krichinski (person)

Djinoria, Judge (person)

R. Katchaznuni (person)

M. Kohuashvili (person)

L. Natadze (person)

Ahmedbey, Mukhtar (person)

M. F. Papadjanoff (person)

A. Quezada (person)

G. Wells (person)

D. Gvardjaladze (person)

Voicesco (person)

L. De Brouckère. (person)

Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Ambrosios. (person)

General I. Odishelidze (person)

Mr. Noulens (person)

Clemenceau, George (person)

K. Gvardjaladze (person)

Kh. Shavishvili (person)

Chlapowski, Count (person)

Gen. Karaloff (person)

K. Tsintsadze (person)

Boris Savinkoff (person)

Vehib Mehmed Pasha (person)

Bey, Mukhtar (person)

P. Akselrod (person)

S. Menaharihvili (person)

W. Coates (person)

C. Kiroff (person)

G. G. Smitt (person)

Victor Servy (person)

A. Kantemir (person)

M. Vekili (person)

L. Karakhan (person)

N. Tsintasadze (person)

J. London (person)

G. Motta (person)

General Harbord (person)

G. Bammutoff. (person)

Churchill, Winston, 1874-1965 (person)

Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born at Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, on 30 November 1874. He was educated at Harrow and the Royal Military College at Sandhurst before joining the Army in 1895 and serving in India and Sudan. After leaving the Army in 1899, he worked as a war correspondent for the Morning Post and the following year was elected Conservative Member of Parliament for Oldham. In 1904, Churchill decided to join the Liberal Party, and in 1906, was elected Liberal MP f...

Rauscher (person)

Ilias Bey Vrioni (person)

S. Pusta (person)

Polk, Frank L. (Frank Lyon), 1871-1943 (person)

Epithet: Under-Sec of State in USA British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000976.0x000035 Frank Lyon Polk was born in New York City on September 13, 1871. He graduated from Yale College (B.A., 1894) and Columbia University Law School (LL.D., 1897). Polk served on a variety of New York City boards and commissions (1906-1913) and as Corporation Counsel (1914-1915). He also served in the Department of State as Counselor ...

P. Renaudel (person)

U. Rausher (person)

G. Sidorenko (person)

K. Abashidze (person)

Beach, General (person)

Czavczavadze, Ilia (person)

T. Holowko (person)

Luke, General (person)

B. Savinkoff's (person)

Count von Welczeck (person)

L. Martoff (person)

A. Romanos (person)

Kautski, Louise (person)

E. Vandervelde (person)

Jean, Martin (person)

F. Kerenski (person)

Committee of Independent Caucasus. (corporateBody)

Col. El. Gulisashvili (person)

K. Khomeriki (person)

A. Assatians (person)

Reino Silvander (person)

R. Sabakhtarishvili (person)

M. Mekhtiev (person)

Servy, Victor (person)

Günther, Otto (person)

P. De Fouquieres (person)

A. Sheinman (person)

Du-Rua (person)

J. Djugashvili (Stalin) (person)

B. Lominadze (person)

Caucasian Independence Committee. (corporateBody)

Lord Harding of Penshurst (person)

Beltadze (person)

Prince Chica (person)

Leon Bourgeois (person)

Admiral Dumesnil (person)

Gen. Hecker (person)

K. Gvardjladze (person)

A. B. Ishaki (person)

Law, Bonar (person)

Tardieu, André (person)

Eric Drumond (person)

J. Seskis (person)

Prince Lieven (person)

Barnes, Minister (person)

Brussiloff, General (person)

Kirion, Catholicos (person)

Sir William Tyrrell (person)

General J. C. Rhea (person)

R. Poincare (person)

A. Khatissoff (person)

G. Brandes. (person)

T. Shaetzel (person)

Fürstenberg (person)

M. D. Gusseinoff (person)

G. V. Tchicherin (person)

J. Braunthal (person)

Smith, Willoughby (person)

Gulkhandanian (person)

A. Mukhtar (person)

Bemberg, Luis (person)

Tcheidze, A., General (person)

M. Tokaeff (person)

Garay, Narciso (person)

Maksim Gorki (person)

B. Tchikoishvili (person)

L. Nicole (person)

K. Gamsakhurdia (person)

F. Navouchevitch (person)

Sayd Bey Shamil (person)

Min. Blanchet (person)

Shaw, Thomas, approximately 1760-approximately 1830 (person)

Epithet: witness of Wolley Ch xi.67 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000978.0x0003a3 ...

Gr. Veshapeli Vifos (person)

J. C. Rhea (person)

S. Efremoff (person)

D. Onianshvili (person)

Fr. Brügel (person)

Bauer, Otto (person)

Gen. V. Tsulukidze (person)

A. Toptchibashi (person)

A. Kahtissoff (person)

Lunacharski (person)

Marszal J. Pilsudski (person)

General Harbord's (person)

A. Khatosoff (person)

J. Paul-Boncour (person)

Kao-Lou (person)

T. Beksadian (person)

A. Toptchibashy (person)

Blum, Leon (person)

Nathan (person)

Th. A. Le Breton (person)

Princesse de Broglie (person)

Vunol (person)

T. Maronchevitch (person)

P. Vrangel (person)

Gen. Kolchak (person)

Gen. Koniashvili (person)

L. Guruli (person)

A. Tsalikoff (person)

Gen. Von Lossoff (person)

N. Kartsivadze (person)

A. Sheiman (person)

Ph. Sharadze (person)

Andronikashvili, A., General (person)

I. Khevsuriani (person)

Marshall J. Pilsudski (person)

G. Matteotti (person)

R. Donowski (person)

General V. C. Cooke-Collis (person)

K. Sabakhtanishvili (person)

Renaudel, Pierre (person)

Skoropadski, Hetman (person)

G. Tchicheria (person)

Avezzana, Romano (person)

Noe Jordania's (person)

Johnson, I. I. (person)

Committee of Independence of Georgia (corporateBody)

G. Tsintsabadze (person)

Kh. I. Karchikian (person)

Hellat (person)

R. Arsenidze (person)

K. Gogua (person)

International Congress of Cooperative Societies (corporateBody)

M. Nicole (person)

Colonel W. Haskell (person)

Georges Clemenceau (person)

Ambrosio, Catholicos (person)

R. Kandelaki (person)

Zaleski, August, 1883-1972 (person)

Polish politician; foreign minister, 1926-1932; president, Government-in-Exile, 1947-1972. From the description of August Zaleski papers, 1919-1981. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754871705 Epithet: Polish statesman British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000698.0x000219 Biographical Note 1883, Sept. 13 ...

Wirth, ... (person)

Vehib Pasha (person)

Magueramoff (person)

Reynot (person)

J. Brauntal (person)

Min. Pichon Tiffoni (person)

J. J. London (person)

I. Lordkipanidze. (person)

Matzui (person)

T. Filippowicz (person)

S. Menaharashvili (person)

L. Paniashvili (person)

L. DeBrouckere (person)

V. Cernutti (person)

W. Tcherkesishvili (person)

J. Stewart (person)

General Luke. (person)

G. Andjaparidze (person)

E. Herriot (person)

Al. Lomtatidze (person)

I. Ramishvili (person)

Stalin's (person)

Ph. Makhanadze (person)

Kamo Petrosian (person)

Col. Luke (person)

Marquis de Grene (person)

Porras, Belisario, 1856-1942 (person)

Prince Carl of Sweden (person)

Minyakoub (person)

Bey, Halil (person)

Vl. Jabotinsky (person)

S. Ordjonikidze (person)

A. Tsalikati (person)

A. Tchenkeli (person)

Colonel Shumski. (person)

M. Hadjinski (person)

Brikhnicheff (person)

K. Tcholokashvili (person)

Gerbeli (person)

Min. Maginot (person)

A. Shulgin (person)

A. Rykoff (person)

G. Pahara (person)

Georgian Committee of Independence (corporateBody)

A. Milleraud (person)

P. Surguladze (person)

Commandant de Nonancourt (person)

Gedevanishvili, A., General (person)

Marquis de Crewe (person)

V. Beridze (person)

L. Debruckere (person)

N. Krestinski (person)

P. Tchichinadze (person)

Clemenceau, Georges, 1841-1929 (person)

Médecin, Georges Clemenceau (1841-1929) entra dans la carrière politique au lendemain de la journée révolutionnaire du 4 septembre 1870 et devint maire de Montmartre. Député radical en 1871, il siégea ensuite à l’extrême gauche de l’Assemblée (1876), où, après s’être opposé à la politique de Mac-Mahon, il contribua à provoquer la chute de plusieurs ministères (Gambetta, 1882 ; Jules Ferry, 1885). Après avoir soutenu la candidature de Boulanger au ministère de la Guerre, il dénonça ses prétention...

Sforze, Count (person)

M. Dunant (person)

Fr. Soucoup (person)

M. G. Gadjinski (person)

W. Morgan (person)

R. Poincaré (person)

N. Tsitsadze (person)

Luxemburg, Roza (person)

N. Nakashidze (person)

Pasha, Enver (person)

Delacroix, Leon (person)

Poincaré, Raymond (person)

A. Millerand (person)

Vl. Mgeladze (person)

Catholicos Ambrosius (person)

T. Holovko (person)

Moustafa Kemal Pasha (person)

G. Mattlotti (person)

Iman S. Shamil. (person)

Lade, Rassul (person)

Gen. Thomson (person)

Lebrun, Albert (person)

Ostapenko (person)

K. Kaudelaki (person)

O. Wardrop (person)

Enckell, General (person)

Kellog, Frank (person)

Show, Tom (person)

M. Spalaikovitch (person)

C. Mamikonian (person)

K. L. Rakovski (person)

Ph. Snowden. Giuseppe (person)

Sultan K. Girey (person)

M. J. Papadjanoff (person)

Arciszewski, Miroslaw (person)

Tsetkina, Clara (person)

Weygand, General (person)

E. de Nonancourt. (person)

Sp. Kedia (person)

Fr. Soucup (person)

A. Andronikashvili (person)

Lloyd, George (person)

A. Levitski (person)

S. Shamal (person)

Central Committee of Social Democratic Party (corporateBody)

A. Lunatcharski (person)

Khasmamedoff (person)

F. Khan Khoiski (person)

M. Tchokai (person)

Cashin (person)

Pope Benoît XV (person)

G. Djabagui (person)

Kerson, Lord (person)

Gen. V. Levandovski (person)

Brinon, de (person)

General Corey (person)

G. Gvazana (person)

Alexeieff, General (person)

A. Chevaley (person)

R. Pusta (person)

President N. Jordania (person)

G. Kiroff (person)

S. Vratzian (person)

Denikin, Gerneral (person)

General James Harbord's (person)

Auriol, Vincent, 1884-1966 (person)

Hurst, Cecil (person)

Sen. E. Borah (person)

General Forestier-Walker (person)

Gr. Rtskhiladze (person)

Milosh (person)

Colonel Haskell (person)

Ed. Herriot (person)

T. Szaetzel (person)

Leygues, Georges, 1856-1933 (person)

M. Livitski (person)

Sturua (person)

Flandin, Pierre-Étienne, 1889-1958 (person)

I. Goldman (person)

Mr. Knol (person)

Gen. Vehib Mehmed Pasha (person)

V. Ulianoff (Lenin) (person)

Prof. R. Smal-Stocki (person)

K. Kautski (person)

Tchaki, Ajaz (person)

G. Machabeli (person)

S. Ordjomkidze (person)

G. G. Grey (person)

Talât Paşa 1874-1921 (person)

A. Namitok (person)

I. Tchavchavidze (person)

P. Tchitchinadze (person)

Gussein Rauf Bey (person)

S. Khachatrian (person)

E. Gueguechkori, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia (person)

De-Moro-Giafferi (person)

Hussein Rauf Bey (person)

I. Poska (person)

B. Mdivani (person)

L. Ruser (person)

American Committee (corporateBody)

R. Schmidt (person)

Horsh, Von (person)

Skvzynski (person)

Prof. Wilden-Hart (person)

Field Marshal Mannerheim (person)

Gen. J. G. Harbord (person)

V. Nosadze (person)

I. Bonomi (person)

Szpakowski, General (person)

General Baratoff (person)

Kara Bekir Pasha (person)

M. Orakhelashosli (person)

J. Tschakste (person)

Irakli (Irakli Tsereteli) (person)

Central Committee of the Social Democratic Party (corporateBody)

V. Thenteradze (person)

D. Vacznadze (person)

N. C. Luke (person)

Is. Ramishvili (person)

M. Arsenidze (person)

Baron Romano Avezzana (person)

I. Dashinski (person)

S. Tigranian (person)

L. Abramovitch (person)

M. Mekhtieff (person)

Foreign, Internal and Finance Ministries. (corporateBody)

President G. Motta (person)

Ph. Snowden (person)

Khan, Aga (person)

V. Makino. (person)

T. Arciszewski (person)

Marquis Della Torretta (person)

Czechoslovak Central Economic Commission (corporateBody)

Pasha, Khalil (person)

Kautsky, Charles (person)

N. Katsivadze (person)

I. Pirtskhalava (person)

G. Forestier-Walker (person)

A. Joffe (person)

N. Djakeli (person)

A. Livitzki (person)

F. Bouisson (person)

P. Klimas (person)

Gen. Kvinifadze (person)

G. Matchabeli (person)

Gen. G. Koinitadze (person)

General Von Lossiv (person)

Senator de Lonzie (person)

Mackdonald, R (person)

Bonin, ... (person)

A. Enukidze (person)

R. Macdonald (person)

Parisian Bloc and the American Committee. (corporateBody)

Prof. Aulard (person)

G. Giolitti (person)

J. Gobechia (person)

Core, General (person)

S. Shamil (person)

Tcheidze, Nicholas (person)

L. Barthou (person)

P. Chichinadze (person)

A. Akhmeteli (person)

J. Tchulik (person)

D. Tchrdileli (person)

Dj. Nehru (person)

A. M. Toptchibasheff (person)

H. Bammat (person)

Gen. Nollet (person)

Foundation of the National Independence Committee (corporateBody)

A. Lomtatidze (person)

St. Wytwytsky (person)

A. Harriman (person)

Pf. Sheidemann (person)

Davidkhanian (person)

Ali Khan Kantemir (person)

Russian Political Committee (corporateBody)

Kn. I. Karchikian. (person)

Dr. Franz v. Liszt (person)

Gen. Karabekir Kiazim (person)

N. Bukharin (person)

Dr. M. Tshkhneli (person)

D. Vatchnadze (person)

R. Ingilo Ivanitski (person)

Guaralashvili (person)

N. Michida (person)

M. Ussubekoff (person)

V. Djabagi (person)

F. Dan. (person)

A. Tchermoeff (person)

Earl Curzon of Kedleston (person)

A. Briand (person)

K. Kandelaki. (person)

General von Lossoff (person)

A. Lednicki (person)

Ratai, Marechal (person)

General U. H. Beach (person)

R. Dmowski (person)

S. R. Pusta (person)

S. Gompers (person)

B. Tchivishvili (person)

Executive Committee of the Revisionist Sionists Union (corporateBody)

G. Tsinamdzgvarishvili (person)

Harriman's (person)

Cosme de la Torriente y Peraza (person)

Gen. Mdivani (person)

St. Patek (person)

A. Thomas (person)

Gen. Kvinitadze (person)

Tchiabrizhvili, Kereselidze (person)

D. Iharashidze (person)

Hodia (person)

Kakutca Tcholokashvili (person)

R. Viviani (person)

J. Stalin-Djugashvili (person)

General Milne. (person)

N. Gvardjaladze (person)

Pres. Coolidge (person)

Lord Harding (person)

Emin Rassoul Zade (person)

Prince A. Murat (person)

A. Ponsonby (person)

L. Avalishvili (person)

Zamoyski, Maurice (person)

Harding, Lord (person)

S. Tigrania (person)

P. Abramovitch (person)

Colonel Chardigny. (person)

Vl. Voytinski (person)

N. Kalinin (person)

Huysmans, Camille (person)

V. Dumbadze (person)

Lebedinski, General (person)

I. Tseretali (person)

Sen. Cachin (person)

A. Erzinkian (person)

A. Khatossoff (person)

R. Herrera (person)

Ch. L. d'Espinay de Briort (person)

V. Servy (person)

Fr. Aulard (person)

Sh. Amredjibi (person)

Bertrand, Pierre. (person)

Quitte l'étude en 2009 (voir arrêté du Ministre de la Justice du 16 novembre 2009, JORF du 25 novembre 2009, p. 20278) Information extraite de la notice des Archives nationals de France (FRAN_NP_012882)...

N. Tchtchinadze (person)

Gen. George Miln (person)

Krasnoff, General (person)

S. Pirtskhalava (person)

N. Khomeriki (person)

Herriot, Edward (person)

Prof. Sh. Beridze (person)

Col. G. Khimshiashvili (person)

L. Bytch (person)

S. Baldwin (person)

Vrangel, General (person)

N. Landukeli (person)

French-Caucasian Committee. (corporateBody)

Sh. Amiredjibi (person)

A. Voldemar (person)

Yudenitch, General (person)

W. E. D. Allen (person)

M. Arutunian (person)

Haskell, Colonel (person)

V. Akhmeteli (person)

Beach, General (person)

G. Pahava (person)

G. Khimshiashvili (person)

M. Tskhakia (person)

A. Kerenski (person)

Foch, Marechal (person)

Show, Thomas (person)

General G. Harbord (person)

M. A. Seydamet (person)

Central Committee of the Ukrainian Social Democratic Labour Party. (corporateBody)

White, Colonel (person)

Irakli II (person)

Prince H. Dadeshkeliani (person)

G. Pagava (person)

Counti Ishii (person)

Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919 (person)

Roosevelt, 26th U.S. president, served 1901-1909. From the description of DS, 1904 March 1. : Washington, D.C. Homestead Certificate. (Copley Press, J S Copley Library). WorldCat record id: 15210791 26th president of the United States, 1901-1909. From the description of Theodore Roosevelt letters, 1917, 1918. (Buffalo History Museum). WorldCat record id: 213408920 Roosevelt was then Governor of New York. Chapman was one of the founders of the New York St...

Kvinitadze, General (person)

Prof, G. Murray (person)

Fr. Soukup (person)

Min. Motta (person)

General P. Wrangel (person)

Charoon, Prince (person)

Charijed-Dovlet (person)

Min. Dunant (person)

A. Balfour (person)

E. Bummat (person)

Magneramoff (person)

Fr. Notti (person)

M. Skobeleff (person)

Vesnić, Milenko, 1863-1921 (person)

H. Branting (person)

Potresoff (person)

Gen. Weygand (person)

M. Gadjinski (person)

Catherine II, Empress of Russia, 1729-1796 (person)

Signed by Tsaritsa Catherine II and dated 14 November 1783. From the description of Catherine II Document, 1783. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 320410373 Empress of Russia. From the description of Catherine II, Empress of Russia, letter with cover, 1788. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71014564 Ruled 1762-1796. From the description of Autograph signature to letter : St. Petersburg, to an Elector, 1786 Feb. 9...

Mehmed Shevket Bay (person)

G. Gvazava (person)

Dr. Zaunius (person)

Kh. Karchikian (person)

P. Milukoff (person)

Mustafa Kemal Pasha (person)

Col. Jordan (person)

M. U. Djafaroff (person)

Count Vorontsoff-Deshkoff (person)

O. Grosvald (person)

St. Shaumian (person)

Lloba (person)

Asquith (person)

Gr. Robakidze (person)

Nouleus, Joseph (person)

J. A. Stewart (person)

C. Ioshizaya (person)

S. Phirtskhalava (person)

T. Ramishvili (person)

Nemec, Helmut. (person)

Sheik-Ul-Islam (person)

M. Kalinin (person)

N. Tsintsadze (person)

E. Bernstein (person)

C. Diamandy (person)

A. Khatissian (person)

General Lossov. (person)

Marquis Salvaggo-Razzi (person)

H. Bammatte (person)

H. Barbusse (person)

I. Sereda (person)

K. Sabukhtarishvili (person)

Pasha, Enven (person)

Akber Sheik Ul Islamoff (person)

N. Okudjava (person)

MacDonell (person)

Shah, Nadir (person)

Hands Off Russia Committee (corporateBody)

Count de Tyszkiewiez (person)

G. Bidault (person)

Sen. Copeland (person)

G. Mollet (person)

Tschaki, Ajaz (person)

R. Kaczaznuni (person)

P. Sulatitski (person)

S. Topchibasheff (person)

M. Orakhelashvili (person)

A. Szembek (person)

S. Tevsaia (person)

N. Tcheidze (person)

Caucasian Independence Committee's (corporateBody)

Desrousseaux, A. M. (Alexandre Marie), 1861-1955 (person)

Ph. Berthelot (person)

E. Pirtskhalava (person)

Kh. S. Luke (person)

M. Galwanovski (person)

E. Wildman (person)

Pestel, ... (person)

Fr. Branting (person)

Hymans, Paul (person)

Epithet: GCMG, Belgian statesman British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001072.0x0000f3 ...

Baratoff, General (person)

Snowden, Philipp (person)

P. Laval (person)

Catholicos Patriarch Ambrosios (person)

Fr. Adler's (person)

General A. Denikin (person)

V. Djabagni (person)

O. B. Krichinski (person)

G. Clemanceau (person)

S. Mamikonian (person)

Wels (person)

National "Hands off Russia" Committee (corporateBody)

Colonel E. House (person)

R. Smal-Stocki (person)

Konovodoff, General (person)

V. Tsulukidze (person)

M. Vetukhiv (person)

B. Tchikvishvili (person)

Djafar Seid Akhmed Bey (person)

M. Djafaroff. (person)

A. Brians (person)

L. von Hoesch (person)

Pasha, Vehib (person)

S. S. Luke (person)

General Braugh (person)

Bey, Khalil (person)

K. G. Abashidze (person)

Sursh, Girej (person)

G. Narutowicz (person)

Gen. Tchavchavadze (person)

Macdonald, Ramsey (person)

Sforza, Count (person)

Budenny, General (person)

V. Gognadze (person)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (corporateBody)

A. Tardieu (person)

J. Jaspar (person)

Count von Mirbach (person)

Chamberlain, Austin (person)

I. Haidanoff (person)

I. Pirtskhalaishvili (person)

Rondenko (person)

G. Tsereteli (person)

General H. Harris (person)

Soho Kimm (person)

G. Rtskhiladze (person)

Th. Ruyssen (person)

F. Dzerzynski (person)

Communist Central Committee (corporateBody)

P. Nenni (person)

Broff, General (person)

Karl (Nicholas Tcheidze) (person)

L. Zinoviev (person)

Cerutti, ... (person)

E. Bovet (person)

English Governor-General, V. C. Cooke-Collis. (person)

St. Baldwin (person)

B. Shahtakhtinski (person)

J. Martin (person)

Hon. Sen. Chandler (person)

Em. Lomtatidze (person)

A. Morales (person)

Troulstra (person)

Sh. Aleksi-Meskhieff (person)

M. T. Herrick (person)

Pasha, Nubar (person)

Mageramoff (person)

Com. Kh. Luke (person)

Bolshevik (person)

F. B. Kellog (person)

Sheik-Ul-Islamoff (person)

Briggs, General (person)

G. Sheinman (person)

M. Djafanoff (person)

Cooke-Collis (person)

M. I. Gadjinski (person)

Kellogg, Frank B. (Frank Billings), 1856-1937 (person)

Lawyer and politician Frank Billings Kellogg was born in New York, and raised in Minnesota. He studied law, was admitted to the bar, and began a long career in public service as city attorney of Rochester, Minnesota. He served as president of the American Bar Association, and as United States Senator from Minnesota and Ambassador to Great Britain. While serving as Calvin Coolidge's Secretary of State, he co-authored the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact, also known as the Pact of Paris, outlawing war an...

Min. Barrere (person)

Hindenburg, Marechal (person)

I. Kartsivadze (person)

A. Hitler (person)

Noe Ramishvili. (person)

Gen. Kvinstadze (person)

S. Djibladze (person)

A. France (person)

Bekzadian (person)

G. Linovieff (person)

O. Bauer (person)

E. Lebedinski (person)

Letkina, Klara (person)

Dr. Chakir (person)

G. Gvazara (person)

S. Gueguechkori (person)

Fr. Adler (person)

A. Margolin (person)

Committee of Domestic Industry. (corporateBody)

V. Salski (person)

Hadjibeyli (person)

W. Mayer (person)

Ibanez, Maximiliano (person)

G. Ter-Gasarian (person)

B. Nikolaevski (person)

Bukharin, Miasnikoff (person)

V. Avalishvili (person)

M. Artunian (person)

E. Daladier (person)

A. Machavariani (person)

K. Radek (person)

Skripnik (person)

E. Rassul Lade (person)

Zakhariadze, A., General (person)

A. I. Tchenkeli (person)

Ishii, Count (person)

Ador, Gustav (person)

M. Herrick (person)

E. Rassoul Lade (person)

A. M. Tarzi (person)

A. Assatiani (person)

Iumbatoff, Prince (person)

Lamas, Saavedra (person)

Lord Curzon (person)

Catholicos Patriarch Leonide (person)

Haskel (person)

Aly Fethy Bey (person)

K. Libknecht (person)

Committee of Independence of Caucasus. (corporateBody)

M. Tughushi (person)

Sh. A. Rustambekoff (person)

Gen. Yudenitch (person)

Ahmed, Tsalikatty (person)

Mr. Purcell. (person)

K. Branting (person)

Caballero, Largo (person)

Bey, Vehib (person)

Gen. I. Odishelidze (person)

A. Tchekeli (person)

Makarenko (person)

J. Cardinal Gibbons (person)

Tlory (person)

Perretti de la Rocca (person)

General A. Zakhariadze (person)

St. Osuski (person)

Haidar Beg Abashidze (person)

R. Milinkoff (person)

Hon. Sir Gordon Berry (person)

Lvoff, Prince (person)

E. Benes (person)

W. Wilson (person)

C. Pusta (person)

General Briggs (person)

A. Chamerlain (person)

E. Beneš (person)

Lisevski (person)

Sheikh Ul-Islamoff (person)

B. Djibladze (person)

K. Shavishvili (person)

Kh. Melik Aslanoff (person)

S. Salukaia (person)

Min. Knol (person)

J. Tsereteli. (person)

L. Laremba (person)

Martin, Jean, 1945-.... (person)

Epithet: junior, Rector of St André, Guernsey British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001301.0x0000d3 ...

Sh. Karumidze (person)

Colonel G. Shmagailoff's (person)

E. Rasoul Zade (person)

Bey, Rauf (person)

J. Guesde (person)

P. Wrangel (person)

D. Gusseinoff (person)

General B. M. Thomson (person)

V. Orlando (person)

Tchekovski (person)

Shumans (person)

G. Plekhanoff (person)

H. Samuelian (person)

Iheih-Ul-Islam (person)

Victor Emmanuel III (person)

Curzon, Lord (person)

Vl. Akhmeteli (person)

Gen. Z. Bakradze (person)

Foch, General (person)

G. Jourouli (person)

Grimm (person)

E. Gieguechkori (person)

Kh. Shavishoili (person)

Prof. E. Pittard (person)

Z. Avaloff (person)

S. Vracian (person)

I. Tsereteli (person)

V. Prokopovitch (person)

Col. R. Muskhelishvili (person)

T. Chermojeff (person)

L. Kameneff (person)

D. Sharashidse (person)

K. Ishii (person)

Baron G. Collier (person)

V. Chernoff (person)

Bonnet, ... (person)

Turatti (person)

Narimanoff (person)

General Franchet d'Espéray (person)

Pasha, Nuri (person)

K. Tcheidze (person)

General Denikin's (person)

Gouchkoff (person)

E. Takaizhvili (person)

Mr. Askenazy (person)

V. Battaslle (person)

G. Uratadze (person)

Kh. Rakovksi (person)

G. Guorgadze (person)

G. Bammat (person)

Pius XI, Pope, 1857-1939 (person)

General Beach (person)

E. Takaishvili (person)

Taure, Paul (person)

Trestra (person)

General Odishelidze (person)

Branting, Karl (person)

Aristid Briand. (person)

House, Colonel (person)

G. Laskhishvili (person)

L. Trotskii (person)

Rassoul Lade (person)

R. I. Ivanitski (person)

M. Voldemar (person)

Scheinman (person)

Gen. G. Kvintinadze (person)

F. Adler (person)

Manuilski (person)

G. Agaev (person)

A. Papava (person)

Barton, Paul. (person)

Epithet: late Resident at Luckypore British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000983.0x0002b6 ...

Ussubakoff (person)

R. Vansittart. (person)

A. Khatisoff (person)

Colonel William Haskell (person)

Mrs. Snowden (person)

G. Young (person)

Sir Eric Drummond (person)

A. Lomtatidse (person)

I. Mamatsashvili (person)

Holsti (person)

A. Purcell. (person)

K. Sabakhterishvili (person)

D. Nansen (person)

Pasha, Taalat (person)

P. Faure (person)

L. Beria (person)

G. Eradze (person)

O. V. de Milosz (person)

M. Mamikonian (person)

M. G. Sunsh (person)

Pasha, Ismet (person)

J. Baratashvili (person)

Serratti (person)

E. Gulissashvili (person)

Painlevé, Paul (person)

S. Arutunian (person)

P. Sardjveladze (person)

A. Matchavariari (person)

Gr. Giorgadze (person)

V. Molotoff (person)

Matuszewski, Ryszard (person)

P. Pereversev (person)

Colonel Stuart (person)

Treves, Piero. (person)

Epithet: Archbishops Electors of. Francis Louis, Count Palatine British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000353.0x000178 Epithet: Archbishops Electors of. Philip Christoph von Sötern British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000353.0x000179 ...

Grigol Veshapeli (person)

V. Gobechia (person)

Lie, Trygve (person)

Epithet: Sec-General United Nations British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000834.0x0002e8 ...

Sb. Amiredjibi (person)

Grozny (person)

W. Churchill (person)

V. Rathenau (person)

A. Chamberlain (person)

M. Litoiniff (person)

Paul Van Leeland (person)

Rom. Rolland (person)

Field Marshal Wilson (person)

Gen. Hekker (person)

Vacetis (person)

Princesse A. Murat (person)

A. Muktav (person)

C. Arutunian. (person)

Kh. Rakouski (person)

Gen. K. Abkhazi (person)

Marquis Garonni (person)

Zamoyski, Count (person)

I. Nakashidze (person)

General Udenich (person)

Sh. Nutsubidze (person)

J. Balinski (person)

Col. Gabba (person)

V. Burtceff (person)

Sunsh, Guirey (person)

Pred. Doumergue (person)

J. Berzin (person)

G. Thicherine (person)

Alexeeff, General (person)

M. Honnorat (person)

J. Lukasiewicz (person)

F. Branting (person)

Col. C. B. Stokes (person)

Braugh, General (person)

P. Tchishinadze (person)

G. J. Sokolnikoff (person)

Gr. Ajollo (person)

Klimiashvili (person)

M. Litvinoff (person)

B. Inkovlicy (person)

R. Teague-Jones (person)

R. Massigli (person)

St. Siedlecki (person)

Tonnison (person)

I. Djavakhishvili (person)

E. Milhand (person)

A. Guedevanishvili (person)

Ed. Daladier (person)

Ch. Kautski (person)

Th. Glonti (person)

J. Cambon (person)

Chevalley, Abel (person)

Krasin (person)

Guichand, Paul (person)

Kh. G. Rakovski (person)

V. Mgeladze (person)

Dr. Nansen (person)

Korganoff, General (person)

American Secretary of State, Dean Acheson. (person)

Special Transcaucasian Committee. (corporateBody)

Prince Samad Khan Montasses Seltaneh (person)

Professor O. Nippold (person)

General Denikin (person)

B. G. Collier (person)

G. Tsinamdz-Lorishvili (person)

Ramsay Macdonald. (person)

Ferik Vehib Mehmed Pasha (person)

S. Kavtaradze (person)

Vinichenko (person)

Pasha, Kemal (person)

Ph. Snowden. E. House (person)

A. Salukvadze (person)

S. Kiroff (person)

G. Zinoviev (person)

A. Malche (person)

Thammer (person)

N. Tchumburidze (person)

Brol (person)

Gladston, Lady (person)

A. Seydamet (person)

Birk, Alfred, 1855-1945 (person)

Doviot (person)

G. Clemenceau (person)

Barau, Justin (person)

Khan-Khoiski (person)

P. Reynaud (person)

Gr. Uratadze (person)

Mukhtar Bey (person)

A. Chlapowski (person)

M. Noulens (person)

Torres (person)

Sen. De-Monzie (person)

M. Abramchik (person)

Min. Shanzer (person)

Milner, Lord (person)

G. Makharadze (person)

Herrick, Myron (person)

S. Pirtskalava (person)

Crewe, Lord (person)

L. Blum (person)

I Zurabishvili (person)

D. Sharashidze (person)

Italian Ministry of Trade and Industry. (corporateBody)

Professor Wilden-Hart. (person)

C. Huysmans (person)

Von der Goltz (person)

Bierre (person)

M. Kedia (person)

Gen. G. Korganoff (person)

R. Cecil (person)

Abdul-Kerim Pasha (person)

Celesia di Vegliaeco (person)

V. Kutateladze (person)

Berzadian (person)

H. L. Wilson (person)

Sh. Eliava (person)

P. Ranaudel (person)

Enver Pasha (person)

Ishii, Viscount (person)

Coock-Coolis, General (person)

Adamovitch, Alexander, 1901- (person)

W. R. Willcox (person)

Min. Knoll (person)

General F. Walker (person)

Ibrahim Hakky Pasha (person)

Cachin, Marcel (person)

R. Kachaznuni (person)

Sapieha, Prince (person)

France, Anatol (person)

Count Sforza (person)

Vliegen (person)

A. Svanidze (person)

Th. Razikashvili (person)

Levi-Israel (person)

H. Bamatt. (person)

Gr. Ordjonikidze (person)

Fr. Ebert (person)

S. Kedia (person)

V. A. Kharlamoff (person)

R. Avezzana (person)

A. Henderson (person)

Fr. Soukoup Arcishewski (person)

Anderson, Victoria (Victoria E.) (person)

Epithet: Deputy Clerk of the Market British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000923.0x000362 Epithet: Mrs; of Lairbeck British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000923.0x000364 Epithet: Mrs; of Over Hailes, county Haddingtonshire British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000923.0...

Gen. Tcheidze (person)

D. Donskoi (person)

E. Briguet (person)

F. Khan Koiski (person)

V. Nodia (person)

G. Giorgadze (person)

General Alby (person)

A. M. Toptchibashi (person)

A. Toptchibasheff (person)

Prof. Malche (person)

E. Rassoul Zade. (person)

M. Gorki (person)

Milleraud, President (person)

E. Cardinal Tisserand (person)

Berthelot, Paul. (person)

Bekir Sami Bey (person)

M. Niedzialkowski (person)

Count E. Sapieha (person)

Ch. Kautsky (person)

Thyssen, Trytz (person)

Leon Blum (person)

Woodrow, Wilson, Mrs., approximately 1870-1935 (person)

Milne, General (person)

E. Vaudervelde (person)

Tchermoeff, Abdoul (person)

Gen. Wrangel (person)

M. Aslanoff (person)

Gr. Linooieff (person)

Sh. Meskhishvili (person)

Tefwik Rushdi Bey (person)

Adler, Fritz, 1889- (person)

Kh. Khas-Mamedoff (person)

Ludenitch, General (person)

K. Androikashvili (person)

MR. Martelle (person)

Muhtar, Ahmed (person)

Albin Nansen (person)

Miller, General (person)

T. Tchakman (person)

Z. Meierovics (person)

Mouhtar, Ahmed (person)

D. Andrievski (person)

K. Nikoladze (person)

Rothstein (person)

K. Sabakhtarishvili (person)

General Cooke-Collis (person)

G. Petrovski (person)

Princess Achille Murat (person)

R. Hilferding (person)

Stewart, Colonel (person)

Fr. Nitti (person)

Gr. Rtskiladze (person)

Braunthal, Julius, 1891- (person)

Born in Vienna 1891, died in Teddington, Great Britain 1972; writer, active in the international social democratic movement; member of the executive committees of the Sozialdemokratische Arbeiterpartei in Österreich (SDAP) and the Republikanischer Schutzbund; imprisoned and tried for high treason in 1934, expelled from Austria in 1935; lived in Belgium 1935-1936; settled in Great Britain in 1938; editor of the Tribune from 1937, the International Socialist Forum 1938-1948; secretary of the Comm...

M. Arciszweski (person)

General N. Baratoff (person)

W. Sikorski (person)

Bicherakhoff, General (person)

H. Müller (person)

K. Abkhazi (person)

V. Antonesco (person)

G. Arutunian (person)

D. Djaparidze (person)

President Hipoloti Irigoyen (person)

P. Kachaznuni (person)

N. Pamishvili (person)

Committee of the Socialist International Conference. (corporateBody)

Prince M. Soumbatoff (person)

Donenko (person)

Baziak (person)

Ed. Bernstein (person)

Denikin, General (person)

S. Herriot (person)

M. Samuelian (person)

V. Burtsev's (person)

Zade, Rassoul (person)

K. Kavtaradze (person)

Petr Augustus Jay (person)

G. Sydorenko (person)

France, Anatole, 1844-1924 (person)

French writer. From the description of Autograph letter signed : place not specified, to Anthippe Sevastos Couchoud, undated. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 607535293 From the description of Autograph letter signed : place not specified, to Anthippe Sevastos Couchoud, undated. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 607557572 From the description of Autograph letter signed with initials : Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire, to Anthippe Sevastos Couchoud, [1917 Dec. 14]. (Unknown). WorldCat...

P. Painleve (person)

Baron de Essen (person)

Hadjsbekoff (person)

Bey, Feti (person)

Barthose, Louis (person)

J. Pirtskhalava (person)

M. Tchokaeff (person)

E. Gulisashvili (person)

Lukaszewicz (person)

Gen. Odishelidze (person)

W. Rathenau (person)

A. Mravian (person)

Barbusse, Henri, 1873-1935 (person)

French novelist and journalist. From the description of Autobiographical essay, 1933 Nov. (Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (HRC); University of Texas at Austin). WorldCat record id: 122472964 ...

Vl. Lenin (person)

M. K. Ulmanis (person)

J. Salakaia (person)

Brikicheff (person)

Min. Fisher (person)

Kiazim Karabekir Pasha (person)

Gulizashvili (person)

Georgian National Moslem Liberation Committee. (corporateBody)

G. J. Tchicherin (person)

Mussolini, Benito (person)

Epithet: Italian dictator British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000698.0x0003d3 ...

J. Govechia (person)

General Von Lossov. (person)

N. Kuibisheff (person)

Weygand, Generel (person)

Rodzianko (person)

Doumer, Paul, 1857-1932 (person)

Harbord, General (person)

Peretti de la Rocca (person)

Kokoshkin (person)

Paleologue (person)

Ed. Milhand (person)

Gen. Von Kress (person)

Great Duke George Mikhaslovitch (person)

Lord R. Cecil (person)

Catholicas Patriarch Ambroise (person)

Mollet, Guy, 1905-1975 (person)

W. Khomeriki (person)

O. Wordrop (person)

Prince E. Sapieha (person)

Bey, Muhtar (person)

Tittoni (person)

N. Ramizhvili (person)

Corey, General (person)

Zamoisky, Count (person)

Ministry of Finance, Trade, and Industry (corporateBody)

Georgian Independence Committee (corporateBody)

K. Kaudelseki (person)

Tsereteli, I (person)

Lord Hardings (person)

J. Noulens (person)

A. Tshenkeli (person)

Count Perretti de la Rocca (person)

Neill, ... (person)

Ebert, President (person)

Ph. Scheidemann (person)

DeMonzie (person)

Blum, Leon (person)

Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich (person)

Skotland Liddell. (person)

D. Vachnadze (person)

J. Pilsudski (person)

J. H. Hammond (person)

A. Knoll (person)

Drummond, Eric (person)

Tsalikoff, Ahmed (person)

P. Milinkoff (person)

Mekhmandaroff, General (person)

Kautsky, Colonel (person)

R. Muskhelishvili (person)

Sen. Dr. Fr. Soucup (person)

V. Lenin (person)

M. Papadjanoff (person)

M. Alby (person)

L. Avaloff (person)

Kemal, Moustapha (person)

V. Toulukidze (person)

Admiral L. Stevens (person)

I. Gaidaroff (person)

Dzadzamia (person)

Gutmann, ... (person)

Viscount Grey of Fallodon (person)

G. D. Wells (person)

Mehmed Girej Sunsh (person)

Moustapha Kemal Pasha (person)

S. Borodaevski (person)

Liberman (person)

C. Enckell (person)

Motta, President (person)

Legrau (person)

Adm. Kolchak (person)

Wrangel, General (person)

J. Tcharchanidze (person)

G. Georgadze. (person)

Gen. P. Vrangel (person)

R. Ingelo-Ivanitski (person)

A. Oldenburg (person)

Copeland, Senator (person)

Col. Machavariani (person)

General Kvinitadze (person)

Malche, Albert, 1876- (person)

Halil Bey (person)

Gen. Zakhariadze (person)

Aragonian (person)

Pasha, Refet (person)

Dunart (person)

T. Mazepa (person)

Tcholokashvili, Kakutsa (person)

G. Zinovieff (person)

Ph. Makharadze (person)

Metternich, chevalier de (person)

Letkina, Clara (person)

N. Wolsky (person)

Mr. Moutet (person)

Fr. B. Kellogg (person)

International Committee (corporateBody)

A. Koc (person)

Grey, Lord (person)

Gen. Holmann (person)

A. Chevalley (person)

H. Smith (person)

Congressman Chandler (person)

President Jordania (person)

Ip. Kedia (person)

French Committee of the Black and Caspian Seas. (corporateBody)

S. Bagration Mnkhrauski (person)

Kinsic, John (person)

A. Toffe (person)

Fr. Wagner (person)

A. Livitski (person)

Georgia (Republic). (corporateBody)

In 1918 the Mensheviks in Russia proclaimed Georgia an independent republic; in 1921 Georgia was declared a Soviet Socialist Republic. From the guide to the Records [microform], 1914-1958 (inclusive), 1917-1940 (bulk)., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) In 1918 the Mensheviks in Russia proclaimed Georgia an independent republic; in 1921 Georgia was declared a Soviet Socialist Republic. From the description of Records [mi...

H. Raouf (person)

Lvov, Prince (person)

Maklakoff (person)

Cameron, Jean (person)

Epithet: of Bromley, county Kent British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000755.0x000345 ...

Gen. Salski (person)

M. Louceur (person)

Kolchak, Admiral (person)

Bersin's (person)

H. Jaspar (person)

American joint distribution committee (corporateBody)

Gen. G. Kvinitadze (person)

Col. Tchrdileli (person)

Gen. Lakhaviadze's (person)

V. Molodoff (person)

A. Kawtomir (person)

L. L. Bytch (person)

Clemanceau, George (person)

D. Oniashvili (person)

Rauf-Bey (person)

Achison, Dean (person)

L. Abaloff (person)

Lossov, General (person)

Gen. Sumbatoff (person)

Pasha, Ismeth (person)

Gr. Veshapeli (person)

P. Katchaznuni (person)

St. Mamikonian (person)

R. Poincure (person)

Col. Haskell (person)

Sp. Tchavchavadze (person)

Vekilbey, Mustapha (person)

S. Petlura (person)

General Krasnoff (person)

Kh. Ihavishvili (person)

British General-Governor Cooke Collis. (person)

Boncour, Paul (person)

Iudenitch, General (person)

Sen. Fr. Soukoup (person)

General Pershing (person)

V. Ivanis (person)

V. Kharlamoff (person)

V. Koo (person)

R. Lansing (person)

Gorki, Maksim (person)

Patriarch Catholicos Ambrossius (person)

Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Ambrosius (person)

Earl Curzon (person)

General Lerandovski (person)

M. Vekilli (person)

Barlitski (person)

N. Ramishvili (person)

Stouning (person)

Berberian (person)

Chautemps, Camille, 1885-1963 (person)

Chautemps was a French politician and radical socialist leader. He was premier in 1930 and in 1933-34. A member of the first Popular Front cabinet of Socialists and Communists (1936-37) under Leon Blum, he headed the second, less radical, Popular Front cabinet (1937-38). Vice premier of the Vichy government, Chautemps came to the United States in 1940 on a mission and did not return to France. In 1947 he was tried and convicted in absentia for collaborating with the Vichy regime; in 1954 his sen...

G. Tchicherin (person)

R. O. Jordan (person)

Mertens (person)

Epithet: Secretary to General Zaslrow British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000391.0x000057 ...

Djemal Pasha? (person)

Pasha, Izmet (person)

Odishelidze, General (person)

L. Debouckere (person)

Kh. Rakovski (person)

S. Araratian (person)

Gen. Thompson (person)

Denikin, General (person)

Wl. Woytinski (person)

H. Bammatt (person)

E. Venizelos (person)

Lade, Rassoul (person)

General Von Kress (person)

R. Mnskhelishvili (person)

E. Gueguechori (person)

N. Imnaishvili (person)

S. Mdivani (person)

Seida (person)

J. Poska (person)

St. Osusky (person)

Patriarch Catholicos Ambrosius (person)

Snowden, Ethel (person)

Epithet: wife of Philip Viscount Snowden British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000412.0x00030b ...

Minister K. Kandelaki (person)

F. Kh Khoiski (person)

G. Leygues (person)

V. Tchernoff (person)

A. Dgebuadze (person)

Gaspari, Cardinal (person)

Gen. L. Kereselidze (person)

Amb. Chlapowski (person)

N. Papadjanoff (person)

T. Shaw (person)

V. Djongeli (person)

Gen. Z. Mdivani (person)

Tsalikoff, Akhmed (person)

H. Macmillan (person)

Federico Alvarez de Toledo (person)

Macdonald, Ramsay (person)

D. Vatchnadse (person)

General P. Krasnoff (person)

R. Arsenidse (person)

Marshal J. Pilsudski (person)

I. Eligulashvili (person)

Lansberi (person)

Thomas, Albert (person)

J. Salakia (person)

Tsintsadze, Noe (person)

Zade, Rassul (person)

V. Masens (person)

A. Guchkoff (person)

Kh. Shavishvoli (person)

International Museum of Trade and Industry. (corporateBody)

André Lefevre (person)

Com. Luke (person)

J. Cogolashvili (person)

English governor of Batoumi, General Coock Coolis. (person)

B. Mussolini (person)

General Waygand (person)

K. Gvardjaladse (person)

Tomson, General (person)

E. M. Liwychyi (person)

Baranowski (person)

Roman Donowski (person)

Abramchik, Dro. M. (person)

Martin, Kean (person)

Cerrati (person)

Mr. Guari (person)

K. Rachvelishvili (person)

Dr. J. Schechtmann (person)

L. Kamenieff (person)

Sembat, Marcel, 1862-1922 (person)

Marcel Sembat est né le 19 octobre 1862, à Bonnières-sur-Seine (alors commune de la Seine-et-Oise, aujourd'hui Yvelines), au sein d’une famille de la moyenne bourgeoisie, implantée dans cette région depuis plusieurs générations. Son père, Louis Adolphe Sembat (1826-1874) était directeur-receveur des Postes à Bonnières, dont il fut également conseiller municipal et commandant des sapeurs-pompiers. Sa mère, Marie Joséphine Boucher (1832-1905), sans profession, était la fille de Frédér...

R. Imal-Stocki (person)

L. Krassin (person)

President A. Millerand (person)

K. Andronikashvili (person)

Count von Shulenburg (person)

L. Rukhadze (person)

L. Djaparidze (person)

G. Tchitcherin (person)

L. Karachan (person)

P. Proshian (person)

Vl. Djibladze (person)

Gr. Georgadze (person)

Jakub, Mir (person)

Th. G. Massaryk (person)

Gabba, Colonel (person)

George, Lloyd (person)

G. Smets (person)

A. Chermoeff (person)

Archbishop Photius II (person)

Adm. L. Stevens (person)

A. Tchermoefff (person)

A. Beksadian (person)

General G. Forestie Yokker (person)

Franco, General (person)

B. Savinkoff (person)

E. Kvantaliani (person)

Rokovski (person)

Mr. P. Lubaloff (person)

Ali Mardan Bek Topchibasheff (person)

General G. Forestier-Walker (person)

M. Husseinoff (person)

R. Arsendize (person)

Golitsin, Prince (person)

I. Paderewski (person)

R. Gabashvili (person)

Cecil, Robert (person)

Epithet: of Add MS 15914 Title: Earl of Salisbury British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001196.0x0000cc Epithet: of Add MS 12097 Title: Earl of Salisbury British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001196.0x0000cb Epithet: 2nd son of James, 3rd Earl of Salisbury British ...

Moltke, Von (person)

Nicholas Tcheidze. (person)

Briggs, General (person)

N. Khomenki (person)

President C. Coolidge (person)

A. Kautemir (person)

A. de Loutckevitch (person)

Borel (person)

Lord Robert Cecil. (person)

G. Keresselidze (person)

Faure, Paul (person)

G. Tchichorin (person)

An. France (person)

I. Salakaia (person)

Gen. Tchansolin (person)

L. Vasilevski (person)

H. Hoover (person)

Admiral De-Robeck (person)

Paul Boncour (person)

Sir William Ryckroft (person)

Wardrop, Ol (person)

C. Shanzer (person)

M. Vinnitchenko (person)

Cecil Hurst (person)

L. Beria's (person)

Zaunis (person)

Col. Stokes (person)

Gen. G. Odishelidze (person)

V. Tcherkesishvili (person)

E. Gueguechkori (person)

V. Tevzaia (person)

Central Committee of the Russian Communist Party. (corporateBody)

Cobby, Bainbrdige (person)

Chevaley, Abel (person)

V. Djugeli (person)

D. Husseinoff (person)

V. Tsuladze (person)

Ph. Berthelof (person)

Bekir Samy Bey (person)

M. Okudjava (person)

Fr. Koranyi (person)

M. Tsereteli (person)

P. Geleishvili (person)

Rodsianko (person)

Shah Abbas I (person)

Janin, General (person)

N. Nikoladze (person)

Count M. Zamoyski (person)

General G. Kvinitadze (person)

A. Agaronian (person)

A. Djamalian (person)

S. Devdariani (person)

President Noe Jordania. (person)

H. Bammatoff (person)

Lieutenant Colonel S. B. Stokes (person)

P. Morse (person)

Pierre Renaudel (person)

F. Urbig (person)

Kasian (person)

Savery (person)

McNeill, (?) (person)

C. Mamikoonian (person)

N. Tchigogidze (person)

Z. Avalishvili (person)

Marcel Cachin (person)

Zeeland, Van (person)

I. Bromley (person)

A. M. Tchermoeff (person)

Pele, General (person)

Sen. Fr. Soucup (person)

M. I. Papadjanoff (person)

Mr. Macdonald (person)

Norandugian (person)

G. Tsinamdzhvrishvili (person)

Mr. Coates (person)

Abel Chevalley (person)

Shamil, Seid (person)