José Augusto Escoto Cuban history and literature collection, ca. 1574- 1922 (inclusive), ca.1715-1850 (bulk).


José Augusto Escoto Cuban history and literature collection, ca. 1574- 1922 (inclusive), ca.1715-1850 (bulk).

José Augusto Escoto Cuban history and literature collection, ca. 1574- 1922 (inclusive), ca.1715-1850 (bulk).

Autograph manuscripts, correspondence, historical documents, printed items, and other materials pertaining to various aspects of Cuban history and culture. Included throughout are clippings, drawings, lithographs, portraits, photographs, sketches, individual issues of journals and newspapers, decrees, orders, obituaries, pamphlets and leaflets.

63 boxes, 31 volumes, and 1 oversize portfolio box (25 linear ft.)



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Milanés, Rita (person)

Rodríguez, Ignacio (person)

Thomas Gener (person)

Chocano, José Santos, 1875-1934 (person)

Güell y Renté, José, 1819-1884 (person)

Noguíz, M. (person)

Luis Peñalver (person)

García Oña, Antonio. (person)

Cárdenas y Rodríguez, José María de, 1812-1882 (person)

Torriente, Cosme ˜de laœ 1872- (person)

Guiteras, Eusebio. (person)

Mariet, J. (person)

Domenech, Pablo. (person)

Vega, Lope de, 1562-1635 (person)

Nicolás Castellón. (person)

Del Monte, Domingo, 1804-1853 (person)

Cuban historian. Full name: Domingo Del Monte y Aponte. From the description of Domingo Del Monte collection of Spanish colonial history, 1500-1871. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70982287 ...

Francisca González Ruz de Montoro (person)

Comisión Especial del Censo de Población de La Habana (corporateBody)

Labra, Rafael M. de (Rafael María), 1841-1918 (person)

Ambrosio P. Santo? (person)

Francisco Martínez de la Rosa. (person)

Diaz, B. C. de. (person)

José Tolón (person)

Miguel Tacón (person)

Guajiro Camagüeyano (person)

Sebastian Kindelan?. (person)

Nicolas Vinageras (person)

José de Gálvez (person)

Céspedes, Carlos Manuel de, 1819-1874 (person)

Abraham Rodríguez. (person)

Partido Liberal Autonomista (corporateBody)

Anselmo Sánchez y Romero (person)

Plutarco González y Torres (person)

Arrate y Acosta, José Martín Félix de, d. 1766 (person)

Junta Superior de Gobierno (corporateBody)

José Varela Zequeira (person)

Tomás Agustín Cervantes (person)

Ferro-Carril de Matanzas. (corporateBody)

José Fornaris (person)

Campúzano, Pio, 1814-1873 (person)

Tolón, Josefa C. de. (person)

Bucareli y Ursúa, Antonio María, frey, 1717-1779 (person)

Antonio María Bucareli y Ursúa was a Spanish official who is considered by many to be one of Mexico's top early viceroys. He was responsible for many administrative, economic, and commercial improvements in New Spain during the last half of the 18th century. From the description of Letters to Felipe Barri and Felipe de Neve, 1771-1776. (Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens). WorldCat record id: 758984226 ...

Conde de Ricla (person)

Oliva, Ramón. (person)

Carlos III, King of Spain, 1716-1788. (person)

Palma, J. J. (José Joaquín), 1844-1911 (person)

Poey, Felipe, 1799-1891 (person)

Barbería, Miguel José de. (person)

Piñeyro, Enrique, 1839-1911 (person)

Partido Unión Liberal (corporateBody)

Trelles, Carlos (person)

Cruz, Francisco Javier de la (person)

Federico García Copley (person)

Enrique Trujillo Navarrete. (person)

Calvo, José María (person)

Gerónimo Valdés. (person)

J. Miguel Párraga (person)

Noda, Tranquilino Sandalio de, 1808-1866 (person)

Domínguez, José G. (person)

Gundlach, Johannes Christoph, 1810-1896 (person)

Comisión Regia. (corporateBody)

Comisión Militar of Matanzas (corporateBody)

Escoto, José Augusto, 1864-1935 (person)

José Augusto Escoto (1864-1935) was the editor of the Revista histórica, crítica y bibliográfica de la literatura cubana (Matanzas, 1916-1917) and other works on Cuban history and literature, as well as the librarian of the Biblioteca Pública de Matanzas, Cuba. Many of the literary and historical materials in this collection are accompanied by envelopes addressed to Escoto from dozens of correspondents, attesting to the diligence with which he pursued his collecting. Some documents ...

José de Castro Palomino (person)

Tejera, Diego Vicente, 1848-1903 (person)

Modet, Juan. (person)

Armas y Céspedes, José de 1834-1900 (person)

Carlota Milanés. (person)

José de Arango (person)

Rafael de Cárdenas y Cárdenas. (person)

Ignacio Machuca Valdés. (person)

David Pardo Gil (person)

Nápoles Fajardo, Enrique. (person)

Santa Cristina. (corporateBody)

Castillo de González, Aurelia. (person)

Jose Agustin de Agüero y Sanchez (person)

Manuel Breton de los Herreros (person)

Acosta, Luis Gonzalo de. (person)

Storm, Julia. (person)

Mármol, Margarita del. (person)

Bernard (person)

Epithet: of Venice, Bishop of Cattaro British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000387.0x000169 Epithet: of Add MS 23100 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001346.0x00002d Epithet: de Meung British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000...

Rosa Milanés (person)

Clemente Blanco (person)

Catedral de La Habana (corporateBody)

Tolón, Emilia. (person)

Roman Lorenzo Calbo (person)

Blanchet, Emilio (person)

Cárdenas y Rodríguez, Nicolás. (person)

Betancourt, José Victoriano 1813-1875 (person)

José Ricardo Fresneda. (person)

Alfonso, José Luis. (person)

Juan Maria Echeverría (person)

Gregorio Piquero Argüelles (person)

Emilia Teurbe Tolón. (person)

José Antonio Cavallero (person)

Romero, Juan José, fl.1995 (person)

Ajuria, Ramón de. (person)

Torroella, Alfredo, d. 1879 (person)

Biblioteca Pública de Matanzas (corporateBody)

Gener, Mariana (person)

Serrano, Francisco de P. (person)

Jimeno, Simón. (person)

Junta Provincial de Censura de Matanzas. (corporateBody)

Antonio Macias. (person)

Sr. Capn. del Puerto (person)

Céspedes, José María, 1829-1911 (person)

Roldán, José Gonzalo, 1822-1856 (person)

Echeverría, José Antonio -1957 (person)

Sagra, Ramón de la, 1798-1871 (person)

Cajigal, Francisco. (person)

Madan y García, Augusto. (person)

Liceo Social de La Habana. (corporateBody)

Manuel de Quesada. (person)

Concepción Galarraga y Dillon. (person)

Jean-Baptiste-Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau (person)

Juan Joseph Canales (person)

D. Simplicio (person)

Costales, Manuel, 1815-1866? (person)

Merchán, Rafael María, 1844-1905 (person)

Morales, Sebastián Alfredo de, 1823-1900 (person)

Francisco Jimeno (person)

Sebastián Alfredo de Morales (person)

López de Briñas, Felipe, 1822-1877 (person)

Felipe Lopez de Briñas (person)

Juan Miguel Macias (person)

Aguilar, Evaristo (person)

Marqués de Someruelos. (person)

Fornaris, José, recipient. (person)

Miguel de Agüero y Agüero. (person)

Ignacia de Heredia (person)

Antonio Vinajéras. (person)

Blanchet, Emilio, 1829-1915 (person)

Pedro Figueredo. (person)

Agustín de Agüero y Arteaga (person)

Sotolongo, Antonio. (person)

Romero, Luisa. (person)

Zambrana, Antonio (person)

Luisa Perez de Zambrana (person)

Quintana, Manuel José, 1772-1857 (person)

Juan José Benites (person)

Santa Teresa de Jesús. (person)

Milanés, Carlota (person)

Foxá, Narciso de, 1822-1883 (person)

López Prieto, Antonio, 1847-1883 (person)

Tacón, Miguel, 1777-1854 (person)

Valera, Juan, 1824-1905 (person)

Epithet: Director of Public Instruction in Spain British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000506.0x0002e7 ...

Caraballo, Teresa (person)

Nicolás Jacinto Acea. (person)

Cowley, Rafael A. (Rafael Angel), 1837-1908 (person)

Fernando de Herrera (person)

Melchor Cesarotti. (person)

Peoli, Juan. (person)

Ferdinand VII, King of Spain, 1784-1833 (person)

Ildefonso Estrada y Zenea (person)

Valentín Carrillo. (person)

Márquez, José J. (person)

Valdés Fauli, José. (person)

Guiteras Font, Eusebio, 1823-1893 (person)

Recio, Lucrecia (person)

Heredia, Ignacia de. (person)

Adolfo Llanos. (person)

Merced Heredia de Heredia (person)

González, Ambrosio José. (person)

Rosado, Federico. (person)

Andrés de Arango y Núñez del Castillo (person)

Vives, Francisco Dionisio, 1755-1840 (person)

Caballero, Fernán (person)

Ambrosio Morejón. (person)

Pintó, Ramón, 1802-1855 (person)

Almeida, Aurelio (person)

Gener, Benigno. (person)

Gálvez, Jesús Benigno. (person)

Aranza y Doyle, Blas de. (person)

Antonio Zambrana (person)

Mesa y Vidal, José de. (person)

Manuel Cabo (person)

Colina, José Antonio de la. (person)

Teodoro Guerrero y Payarés. (person)

Observatorio físico-Meteorológico de La Habana. (corporateBody)

Patricio Jimeno (person)

José Jacinto Milanés (person)

Montoro, Rafael, 1852-1933 (person)

Armas y Céspedes, José. (person)

Schweyer, Guillermo, 1839-1903 (person)

Carabali, Ysidro. (person)

Baltasar Velazquez de Cuéllar y Patron. (person)

José Matías Ximeno (person)

Martí, José, 1853-1895 (person)

Ayllon, Cecilio (person)

Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz (person)

Pedro Hernández Morejón. (person)

Lázaro Ferrer y Herrera (person)

Prieto, José María, Prof. Dr. (person)

Agüero y Agüero, Brigida. (person)

Felipe López de Briñas. (person)

Bernabé de Corres (person)

Sellen, Francisco (person)

La Empresa. (corporateBody)

Charles III, King of Spain (person)

Carlos Williamson (person)

Muñoz Bustamante, M. (person)

Fopete, Juan B. (person)

Preston Brooks (person)

Lieutenant-Governor (Cuba) (corporateBody)

Sección de Fomento Negociado de Estadística (corporateBody)

Juan Ruiz de Apodaca (person)

Federico Milanés. (person)

Silvestre Luis Alfonso. (person)

Rafael, Carlos (person)

Mercedes Muñoz y Paus. (person)

Junta de Secciones del Liceo de Matanzas (corporateBody)

Francisco Narvaez. (person)

Foxá, Narciso (person)

Garay, José de, 1801-1858 (person)

José Antonio Cortina. (person)

Valle, Justo Nestor del. (person)

Sellen, Francisco, 1838-1907 (person)

López, Narciso 1797-1851 (person)

Cuban patriot. From the description of Letter of Narciso López, 1851. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71014964 ...

José de Salinas Estevan Esquivel (person)

Francisco Antonio Narvaez, conde de Yumurí (person)

Ecay, A. (person)

José M. González del Valle (person)

Avila, José Rosalía de. (person)

Alphonse de Lamartine (person)

Ponce de León, Manuel. (person)

Liga Patriótica de Cuba (corporateBody)

Hércules Morelli (person)

Peoli, Alejandro. (person)

José Eliás Hernández. (person)

Ippolito Pindemonte (person)

Mora, Josef Adriano. (person)

Francisco Rendón y Sarmiento. (person)

P. Madrazo (person)

Calderón de la Barca, Pedro, 1600-1681 (person)

Dramatist and poet. From the description of Pedro Calderón de la Barca poems, 1881. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79452463 Pedro Calderón de la Barca, playwright. Roy Campbell, translator. From the description of Life is a dream: typescript, n.d. (New York Public Library). WorldCat record id: 122378584 Epithet: Spanish dramatist British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_10000000...

Guiteras, Antonio, recipient. (person)

Alejandro Ramírez y Blanco (person)

Fornaris, Jose (person)

Martel, Félix (person)

Valdés Mendoza, Merced, 1822-1896 (person)

Avelino de Orihuela, Andrés. (person)

José de Garay. (person)

Gobernador Interino de la Ciudad de Matanzas. (person)

Ateneo de La Habana (corporateBody)

Peoli, Gonzalo, 1835-1871 (person)

Ortiz, Juan (Juan M.) (person)

Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885 (person)

Victor Hugo, French poet, novelist and playwright. From the description of Victor Hugo collection, 1816-1876. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702159680 From the description of Victor Hugo collection, 1816-1876. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 84010646 French writer. From the description of Autograph letter signed : place not specified, to M. Cassin, 1831 Dec. 14. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 759121359 French poet, novelist, dramatist. ...

Ventura de la Vega (person)

García Copley, B. (person)

Herédia, José Maria, 1803-1839 (person)

Ortega del Villar, Aniceto, 1825-1875 (person)

Marqués Zayas (person)

Filomena Loynaz de Agramonte (person)

Mahy y Romo, Nicolás de. (person)

Jimeno, José Manuel. (person)

Francisco Senmanat (person)

Teodoro Dwight Junr. (person)

Visconde de Sta. Clara (person)

Coronado, Francisco, b. 1870 (person)

Francisco Hernández Morejón (person)

José Policarpio Valdes (person)

L. Rubio (person)

Rodríguez y de La Torre, Juan. (person)

Pascual Ferrer, Ventura, 1772-1851 (person)

Augusto Madan y García. (person)

Ministerio Fiscal (corporateBody)

Desvernine, Pablo (person)

Joaquín de Agüero y Agüero (person)

Rodríguez de la Torre, Juan. (person)

Eduardo de Palacio (person)

Padró, Rafael (person)

Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo. (person)

Noda, Tranquilino Sandalio de, 1808-1866 (person)

Arango y Parreño, Francisco 1765-1837 (person)

Liceo Artístico y Literario de Regla (corporateBody)

Escoto, José Augusto, 1864-1935 (person)

José Augusto Escoto (1864-1935) was the editor of the Revista histórica, crítica y bibliográfica de la literatura cubana (Matanzas, 1916-1917) and other works on Cuban history and literature, as well as the librarian of the Biblioteca Pública de Matanzas, Cuba. Many of the literary and historical materials in this collection are accompanied by envelopes addressed to Escoto from dozens of correspondents, attesting to the diligence with which he pursued his collecting. Some documents ...

Mariano de Arango (person)

Goicouria, Domingo de (person)

Carlos, Prince of Bourbon (person)

Carlos Manuel de Céspedes. (person)

Morales, José M. (José María), 1949- (person)

González y Torres, Plutarco, 1822-1898 (person)

Fernández Valliz, Federico. (person)

Machete, Pancho (person)

Leopoldo Joris y O'Donnell. (person)

Alphonse Lamartine (person)

Teodoro Guerrero y Pallarés (person)

José R. Montalvo (person)

Rodríguez Galván, Ignacio (person)

Miguel Cabrera de Nevares (person)

Toribio Sánchez de Almodóvar (person)

Domingo Del Monte (person)

Rafael Montoro. (person)

Francisco de la Piedra (person)

Peoli de Baralt, Nieves. (person)

Maciás, Juan Manuel (person)

Domingo Soler, Amalia, 1835-1909 (person)

Guiteras y Holmes, Antonio, 1906-1935 (person)

Botino, Mateo. (person)

Herédia, José Maria, 1803-1839 (person)

Cárdenas, Fermina de. (person)

Milanés, Federico (person)

Biblioteca Pública de Matanzas, Cuba. (corporateBody)

Mendive, Rafael María (1821-1886). (person)

Esteban Borrero Echeverria (person)

Ségur, Philippe Paul, comte de (person)

Turla, Leopoldo. (person)

Rita de Fuentes (person)

Guiteras y Gener, Juan. (person)

Estrada y Zenea, Ildefonso, 1826-1912 (person)

Lieutenant-Governor (corporateBody)

José Gonzalo Roldan (person)

Pintó, Ramón (person)

Félix Varela (person)

Rodríguez, Agustín (person)

Francisco de Jimeno (person)

Betancourt, Luis Victoriano 1843-1885 (person)

Ramon Velez Herrera (person)

Juan José Díaz de Espada y Fernández de Landa (person)

Torre y Solá, Enrique de la. (person)

Torrodona, Jaime (person)

Gonzalez, Ignacio. (person)

Cipriano Muñoz y Manzano (person)

Partido Nacionalista (corporateBody)

Capaz, Eusebio F. (person)

Céspedes, Miguel de. (person)

Joaquín Bernardo de Campúzano (person)

Carrillo y O'Farrill, Isaac. (person)

Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País. (corporateBody)

Manuel Gutierrez Nájera (person)

Academia de Bellas Artes de San Alejandro de La Habana. (corporateBody)

Jimeno, Francisco (person)

Pedro Antonio Alfonso. (person)

López y Muñiz, Lorenzo. (person)

Jardín Botánico (Mexico) (corporateBody)

Spain. Consejo de Ministros. (corporateBody)

Rojas Hide, Mariano de. (person)

Larrain or Sarrain?, Bernardo Placido S. (person)

Agüero y Agüero, Concepción. (person)

José Cornelio Diaz (person)

Delmonte, Casimiro. (person)

Ibarra, Agustin (person)

Colegio del Estado (México) (corporateBody)

El Primo (person)

Jardín Botánico Nacional (Cuba) (corporateBody)

Reyes, Domingo (person)

José de Armas y Cárdenas (person)

Badía, Jaime (person)

Milanés, Federico, recipient. (person)

Gonzalez, Juan (person)

Betancourt, José Victoriano 1813-1875 (person)

Casal, José M. (José María), -1874 (person)

Luis Serrano. (person)

Mayolino, Luisa (person)

Caballero y Valera, Víctor. (person)

Zayas, José María y Francisco, 1827- (person)

Benigno Gener. (person)

Vergara y Vergara, José M. (person)

Rafael Maria de Mendive (person)

Diaz, Eduardo (person)

José de Zayas (person)

Liceo Artístico y Literario de La Habana. (corporateBody)

José Rafael Depeza? (person)

José González del Valle (person)

Manuel Garay y Heredia (person)

Juan José Blonde (person)

Tomás Gener (person)

Liza, Francisco. (person)

Mama (person)

Farias, Felipe (person)

Havana (Cuba : Province). Diputación Provincial. (corporateBody)

Arias, Yndon G.? . (person)

Del Monte y Samar or Lamar?, Leonardo. (person)

Pique y T., Baudilio. (person)

Ramón Zamora (person)

G. de Coronado, Domitila. (person)

Williamson, Eugene Fairfax (person)

Daniels or Danieli?, Francisco J. (person)

Williamson, Eugene Fairfax (person)

Menéndez y Pelayo, Marcelino, 1856-1912 (person)

Rodríguez, Federico T. (person)

Casa Madan Sobrinos e Hijos (corporateBody)

Miranda y de Madariaga, Joaquín de. (person)

Juan Martínez de Velasco. (person)

Betancourt, José Victoriano 1813-1875 (person)

Eusebio G. Capaz (person)

Guiteras, Calixto (person)

Santiago de la Huerta (person)

Guiteras, John, 1852-1925 (person)

Alfonso, Silvestre (person)

Diego María Garay. (person)

Díaz, Sebastián. (person)

Juan Belnón (person)

Castro, José de. (person)

Francisco José de Urrutia (person)

Martínez y Sáez, Jacinto María. (person)

Milanés, José Jacinto (1814-1863). (person)

Instituto San Salvador (corporateBody)

Valero?, Justo. (person)

Henríquez Ureña, Max, 1885- (person)

Diego Cepero. (person)

Valdés Rodríguez, F. (person)

Zapata, Marcoz (person)

Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País (Cuba) (corporateBody)

Montalvo, Juan, 1832-1889 (person)

Chaple, Juan Francisco. (person)

Federico Fernández Vallín (person)

Serrano y Domínguez, Francisco, duque de la Torre, 1810-1885 (person)

Marshal Serrano was a Spanish political figure. From the description of Autographed commentary, ca. 1855-1856. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155888492 ...

Molina, Luisa, 1826-1887 (person)

Delmonte, José. (person)

Schweyer, Guillermo (person)

Ramon Zambrana. (person)

Reyna y Reyna, Tomás. (person)

José Miguel Angulo (person)

Campúzano, Pedro. (person)

José María Ferrer y Herrera. (person)

Dolores de la Cruz (person)

Rafael Gomez Roubaud (person)

Sección de Fomento y Estadística (corporateBody)

José Miguel Angulo Heredia (person)

Mendoza, Cristobal (person)

Charles IV, 1748-1819 (person)

Instituto Literario. (corporateBody)

Tomás Gutiérrez de Piñeres (person)

Ricart, Pedro, recipient. (person)

Montalvo y Ambulodi, Francisco de, 1754-1822 (person)

Antonio García Oña? (person)

Luis Sánchez Leñero (person)

Otero, Rafael, 1827-1876 (person)

Angulo y Heredia, José Miguel. (person)

Escoto, José Augusto, 1864-1935 (person)

José Augusto Escoto (1864-1935) was the editor of the Revista histórica, crítica y bibliográfica de la literatura cubana (Matanzas, 1916-1917) and other works on Cuban history and literature, as well as the librarian of the Biblioteca Pública de Matanzas, Cuba. Many of the literary and historical materials in this collection are accompanied by envelopes addressed to Escoto from dozens of correspondents, attesting to the diligence with which he pursued his collecting. Some documents ...

Hidalgo, Ildefonso (person)

Padró, Rafael, 1831-1913 (person)

Luis de Alcántara (person)

Valdés, Antonio José? (person)

Reyna, Tomás. (person)

Bucareli y Ursúa, Antonio María (person)

Costales y Sotolonga, Bernardo. (person)

Nicolás González de Chaves. (person)

Garmendia, Miguel (person)

Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel ˜deœ, 1547-1616 (person)

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, (born September 29?, 1547, Alcalá de Henares, Spain—died April 22, 1616, Madrid), was a Spanish novelist, playwright, and poet. He is the author of Don Quixote. Britannica (2 April 2018): ...

Montagú, Guillermo de. (person)

Catedral de Santiago de Cuba (corporateBody)

Romeu, Buenaventura (person)

Luis López Ballesteros (person)

Odero, A. (person)

Poey, Andrés. (person)

Claudio Martínez de Pinillos, conde de Villanueva (person)

Padrino (person)

Cajigal, Juan Manuel, 1803-1856 (person)

Hurtado del Valle, Antonio. (person)

Piquero, Gregorio. (person)

Julián del Casal (person)

Costales, Manuel (person)

Sellén, Antonio (person)

Marcotegui, Francisco J. (person)

Miraret, Gregorio (person)

Tomás Mendoza. (person)

Colegio de Niñas Ntra. Sra. de La Luz (corporateBody)

Quintero, José Mauricio, 1807-1887 (person)

Antonia, recipient. (person)

M.S. (person)

Ortiz, C. (person)

Luz y Caballero, José de la, 1800-1862 (person)

Varona, Enrique José, 1849-1933 (person)

Mármol, Adelaida del, 1838-1857 (person)

Congreso de México (corporateBody)

Antonio del Campo Marin (person)

Badía, Jorge (person)

José Manuel de Jimeno (person)

Teresa Caraballo (person)

A. Hurtado (person)

Lara de Cantera, Monserrate. (person)

Mendoza, Cristobal (person)

Mariano Otero (person)

Guiteras, Pedro José 1814-1890 (person)

Manzanet, Santiago, b. 1841 (person)

Azcárate, Nicolás 1828-1894 (person)

Cañedo, Valentín. (person)

Ramón González. (person)

Fernández Enríquez, Antonio. (person)

Arazoza, José Toribio de. (person)

Padrines, Juan (person)

Subdirección del Real Hacienda de Matanzas (corporateBody)

Federico? Garnica. (person)

Luaces, Joaquín Lorenzo, 1826-1867 (person)

Tacón, Miguel (person)

Juan Torcuato Esteves (person)

José Gonzalo Roldán (person)

Junta Superior de Gobierno (Spain) (corporateBody)

Juegos Florales (corporateBody)

Antonio Hurtado del Valle. (person)

Virginius (corporateBody)

José Antonio de Velasco (person)

Guiteras Font, Eusebio, 1823-1893 (person)

Bolaños, Agustín (person)

Nicolás Antonio Garbayo (person)

governor of Matanzas (corporateBody)

Suárez, Pedro. (person)

Cabrera, Francisco, 1781-1845 (person)

Sección Literaria del Ateneo de La Habana. (corporateBody)

Heredia, Nicolás, 1855-1901 (person)

Saco, José Antonio, 1797-1879 (person)

Arriaza, Eugenio de (person)

Enrique José Varona. (person)

Suzarte y Hernández, José Quintín, b. 1819 (person)

Angulo y Guridi, Javier, 1816-1884 (person)

Palma, José Joaquin (person)

Pérez Montes de Oca, Julia. (person)

José Güell y Renté. (person)

Puñales, Alejandro (person)

Presidente del Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Valladolid (person)

Bello, Andrés, 1781-1865 (person)

Venezuelan poet From the guide to the AndrŽs Bello letter, undated, (The New York Public Library. Manuscripts and Archives Division.) ...

Galvan Rivera, Mariano (person)

Juan Anillos? (person)

Tolón, Miguel Teurbe, 1820-1857 (person)

López Prieto, Antonio, collector. (person)

Gobernador de Matanzas (person)

Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda y Arteaga. (person)

González del Valle, José Zacarías, 1820-1851 (person)

Esteban Manuel de Elosua (person)

Mercedes Matamoros. (person)

Torre, José María de la, 1815-1873 (person)

Hernández Morejón, Pedro. (person)

Milanés, Alvaro (person)

José Antonio Lasurica. (person)

José de Frias (person)

Andrés Avelino de Orihuela (person)

Velardo, José (person)

Cirilo Villaverde. (person)

Trespalacios y Verdeja, Felipe José de 1724-1799 (person)

Ferdinand VI, King of Spain, 1713-1759 (person)

Fulgencio García Saez (person)

Sección de Guerra y Marina (corporateBody)

Blanchié, Francisco Javier 1822-1847 (person)

Gener, Plácido (person)

Miguel Mendez (person)

Lacalle y Gutiérrez. (corporateBody)

Mayol, Santiago Ruperto?. (person)

Antonio López Prieto (person)

José María de la Torre. (person)

Miguel Arnaiz (person)

Zenea, Juan Clemente, 1832-1871 (person)

Charles Sumner (person)

Andrés Diaz (person)

Sociedad Filarmónica Isabel II de Matanzas. (corporateBody)

Benjamín J. Guerra (person)

Francisco Xavier Rodríguez (person)

Embil, Miguel de?. (person)

Fermín Zayas (person)

Tomás F. Rodríguez (person)

Washington, George, 1732-1799 (person)

George Washington (b. Feb. 22, 1732, Westmoreland County, Va.-d. Dec. 14, 1799, Mount Vernon, VA) was the first president of the United States, serving from 1789 to 1797. Washington came from a family of farmers and landowners. He had little education but showed an aptitude for mathematics. He used this talent to become a surveyor. At 15, Washington took a job as assistant surveyor on a team sent to map the Shenandoah Valley in western Virginia. In his early 20s, Washington joined the Virgin...

Esteban Santa Cruz de Oviedo (person)

Gómez de Avellaneda y Arteaga, Gertrudis, 1814-1873 (person)

Serón, C. (person)

Peoli family. (family)

Charlain y Fernández. (person)

Jenks, Guillermo (person)

Cosme de la Torriente (person)

Simpson, Luis F. (person)

John Brown. (person)

Baralt, Luis A. (Luis Alejandro), 1892-1969 (person)

Ruiz de Gibert, Carlota, 1819-1898 (person)

Quijano, Rafael (person)

Cárdenas y Chavez, Miguel de, 1808-1890 (person)

Spanish writer....

Gonzalo Villar. (person)

Rodríguez, Catalina, 1835-1894 (person)

Dulzaides, Luis (person)

Jimeno, Francisco, 1858-1927 (person)

Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 (person)

William Shakespeare was likely born April, 23, 1564; he was baptized in Stratford-upon-Avon on April 26, 1564. He grew up, had a family, and bought property in Stratford while working in London, the center of English theater. As an actor, a playwright, and a partner in a leading acting company, he became both prosperous and well-known. His parents were John and Mary Shakespeare. John was a leatherworker and involved in local politics, first becoming an alderman and eventually a town bailiff. ...

Soles de Bolívar. (corporateBody)

J. Pizarro (person)

Alexandre Dumas. (person)

Alba, R. H. de. (person)

Eusebio Guiteras (person)

Florian (person)

Francisco Portillo. (person)

Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda (person)

Velázquez, Rafael (person)

Joaquín Licarino?. (person)

Rafael Otero (person)

Diputación Patriótica de Matanzas (corporateBody)

Jesús Camarena (person)

Herrera, José B. (person)

Rubalcava, Manuel Justo de, 1763-1805 (person)

Zafiro (corporateBody)

Juan Vinaeras (person)

Philip, V, King of Spain, 1683-1746 (person)

Philip V was king of Spain from 1700-1746, and was the first Bourbon ruler. In 1724, Philip abdicated the throne of Spain to his eldest son, Louis, but resumed it later that year after Louis died of smallpox. Under Philip, Spain began to recover from the economic stagnation of the 17th century. From the description of Decree to Juan de Acuña, 1725, September 9. (Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens). WorldCat record id: 754848489 King of Spain, 1700-1...

González del Valle, José Zacarías, 1820-1821 (person)

F. López Leiva (person)

Zenea, Juan Clemente, 1828-1894 (person)

Mendive, Rafael María (1821-1886). (person)

Juan de Zayas y Santa-Cruz. (person)

Calcagno, Francisco, 1827-1903 (person)

Santacilia, Pedro, 1826-1910 (person)

Carlos Ghercia (person)

Agüero y Agüero, Angela. (person)

Cuba. Gobierno Superior Civil (corporateBody)

Francisco Sellén. (person)

Mario de la Sala (person)

Secretaría de Gobierno. Sección de Fomento de Estadística (Cuba) (corporateBody)

Félix Soublette. (person)

Juan Güell y Renté. (person)

Manzano, Juan Francisco, 1797-1854 (person)

Jimeno, Antonio de. (person)

Jimeno, Franciso (person)

Agustín de Argüelles (person)

José Agusto Escoto. (person)

Manuel María de Arce (person)

Banco Español. (corporateBody)

Betancourt, Luis Victoriano 1843-1885 (person)

Juan Ignacio de? Urriza (person)

Juan Francisco Gonrar (person)

Torre, José María de la, 1815-1873 (person)

J. C. Zenea. (person)

Jorrín y Bramosio, José Silverio 1816-1897 (person)

Ignacio María de Acosta (person)

Baralt, Luis A. (person)

Lorenzo de Cabrera (person)

Juan Justo Gimenez (person)

Linus Delmonte y Muñoz. (person)

Hernández, Juan José, 1941- (person)

Sociedad Antropológica de la Isla de Cuba. (corporateBody)

Leopoldo O'Donnell y Joris (person)

La Aurora (corporateBody)

Asociación de S. Vicente de Paul (corporateBody)

Juan Larrazabal. (person)

Villa, José G. (person)

Baralt, Luis A. (Luis Alejandro), 1892-1969 (person)

Rita Quesada de Arango (person)

Leonardo Santos Suárez (person)

Isabel II, Queen of Spain. (person)

Paulino Delgado. (person)

Ezponda, Eduardo, b. 1815 (person)

Valdés y Ozaeta, Ignacio. (person)

Tanco, Diego (person)

Salinero, Francisco (person)

Anastasio Carrillo de Albornoz y Arango (person)

Duque de Venaguas (person)

José Rusinatia? (person)

Rodríguez de Morales, Catalina. (person)

José Ignacio de Acosta (person)

Francisco Camilo Cuyas (person)

Castillo de San Severino. (corporateBody)

Blas, Gil (person)

Tusquets, Francisco, 1845- (person)

Bellido de Luna, Juan. (person)

Martin Ildefonso Martinez Garrido (person)

José María Gago. (person)

Vives, Francisco Dionisio, 1755-1840 (person)

Andrés Arango (person)

José Manuel Jimeno (person)

Morelli, Hércules (person)

Alejandro Ramírez (person)

Bachiller y Morales, Antonio (person)

Gálvez, José Maria (person)

Vidal Morales y Morales (person)

Sociedad del Puerto y Terrenos de Matanzas (corporateBody)

Juan J. Antolin (person)

Casimiro Delmonte. (person)

Morales y Morales, Vidal, 1848-1904 (person)

Antonio V. Hernández (person)

Miguel Tacón, 1777-1854 (person)

Pérez de Zambrana, Luisa 1835-1922 (person)

Macpherson, James (person)

Epithet: of Add MS 34119 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001197.0x0002f2 ...

Cárdenas y Cárdenas, Rafael de. (person)

Nicolás de Mahy y Romo (person)

Merced Valdés Mendoza. (person)

Guiteras, Ramón. (person)

Centro de Estadísticas (Cuba) (corporateBody)

Juan Nepomuceno de Arocha (person)

Granados, Joaquín de la C. (person)

Luaces, Joaquín Lorenzo, 1826-1867 (person)

Emilio Blanchet (person)

Sánchez Bárcena, J. F. (person)

Ramírez y Blanco, Alejandro, 1777-1821 (person)

Gutierrez Coll, Jacinto. (person)

J. M. Tanco (person)

Manuel S. Pichardo (person)

Jover, Ramón (person)

Cruz, Lola (person)

Lancis, Felip (person)

José Policeto Gómez (person)

Sara Jencks. (person)

Poey, Felipe, 1799-1891 (person)

Concha, José de la. (person)

Lino Rodríguez (person)

Tranquilino Sandalio de Noda. (person)

Faustino Ramírez Hernández (person)

Socorro, Juan J.? (person)

Tolón, Miguel Teurbe, 1820-1857 (person)

Manuel Sanguily (person)

Matías de Velasco y Rojas. (person)

Ambrosio José González. (person)

Juan Joseph de Justis (person)

Milanés, Federico, compiler. (person)

Colegio de la Compañía de Jesus. (corporateBody)

Gabriel Claudio de Zequeira (person)

Villoch, Federico (person)

Pellico, Silvio, 1789-1854 (person)

Epithet: writer of plays British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000564.0x000372 Italian patriot and author from Turin. From the description of Silvio Pellico papers, [18--]. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 39522086 ...

Froylan de Bercianos. (person)

Hospital (corporateBody)

Santiago? López Sagunto? (person)

Curi, Ana R. de. (person)

Cecilio Ayllon (person)

Cancio Bello, Santiago. (person)

Paredele?, Francisco. (person)

Ministerio de Hacienda (corporateBody)

Antonio, Bishop. (person)

Charles IV, King of Spain, 1748-1819 (person)

Charles IV ruled as king of Spain from 1788-1808, a period of upheaval during the French Revolution. He was deposed by Napoleon and spent the rest of his life in exile. From the description of Royal Cídula, 1800, December 22. (Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens). WorldCat record id: 768430538 ...

Narciso López (person)

Gutiérrez, Antonio García, active 19th century, writer (person)

Epithet: writer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000758.0x0000c6 ...

Caballero, José Agustín 1762-1835 (person)

Rafael de Castro Palomino (person)

Paris, Gonzalo. (person)

Bernardo Faxardo y Cobarrubio. (person)

María de las Mercedes Santa Cruz y Montalvo, comtesse de Merlin (person)

Cabildo de Matanzas (corporateBody)

Amy, Francisco Javier, 1837-1912 (person)

Rafael del Villar. (person)

Riesgo, Pascual (person)

Pio Campúzano (person)

Antonio Canovas del Castillo (person)

Ferdinand VII, King of Spain, 1784-1833 (person)

Pedro Bermudez. (person)

Someruelos, Salvador José de Muros y Salazar, Marqués de? (person)

J. Navarro Reza (person)

Noreña, Carlos (person)

Suzarte, José Quintín. (person)

Juan Jorge Sobrado y Martinez. (person)

Prado, José Luis (person)

Castillo de la Vijia (corporateBody)

Batallon 5o de Cataluña. (corporateBody)

Lauter?, Justo J. (person)

Domingo de Goicouria (person)

United States. Navy (corporateBody)

Built and launched at New York Navy Yard; commissioned Nov. 12, 1944; scraped in 1993. Served in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. From the description of USS Bon Homme Richard (CV/CVA-31) photograph collection 1944-1971. (The Mariners' Museum Library). WorldCat record id: 41657866 The federal government decided in 1941 to send Supply Corps personnel to Harvard Business School for training in the business of equipping the Navy. This was effected by a transfer...

Palma, Ramón de 1812-1860 (person)

Acosta, Ignacio María de, 1814-1871 (person)

Sagra, Ramón de la, 1798-1871 (person)

Jimeno, José Manuel de. (person)

Andrés Ferrero (person)

José de Cienfuegos (person)

Joseph de Castro Palomino (person)

Azcárate, Nicolás (person)

Catedral de Santiago. (corporateBody)

Plácido, 1809-1844 (person)

León, José Socorro de, 1831-1869 (person)

Machado, Isabel (person)

Juan Escoto. (person)

Comisión de División Territorial de la Isla. (corporateBody)

Gonzalo Peoli. (person)

Ferrer, Antonio Carlos, 1812-1877 (person)

Acosta, L. O. de. (person)

Claudio Martínez de Pinillos (person)

Ferdinand VII (person)

Vega, Lope de, 1562-1635 (person)

Diego Velázquez de Cuellar (person)

Ponce de León, Juan B. (person)

Madan, Cristóbal F., 1807-1889 (person)

Arango y Núñez del Castillo, Andrés de, 1783-1865 (person)

Bonifacio Byrne (person)

Domínguez y Gener, Emilio. (person)

O'Donnell y Joris, Leopoldo, 1809-1867 (person)

Joaquín de Ezpeleta y Enrile (person)

Rueda, Nicolás de. (person)

Charles IV (person)

Agramonte y Loynaz, Ignacio, 1841-1873 (person)

Francisco Hernandes Perdomo (person)

Esteban, Pedro (person)

Ildefonso Estrada de Zenea (person)

Rodríguez, José Ignacio, 1831-1907 (person)

Lawyer. Jose Ignacio Rodriguez worked in Washington, D.C. with Cubans living in the United States whose property was seized by the Spanish government for supporting the Cuban independence movement. From the guide to the Jose Ignacio Rodriguez Papers, 1873-1890, (Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida) Lawyer. From the description of Papers of José Ignacio Rodríguez, 1860-1907. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 837...

Navarrete y Romay, Carlos Valdés, 1837-1893 (person)

Félix Tanco (person)

Calvo, Juan Miguel (person)

Gener, Justo. (person)

Arrieta, Victoriano de. (person)

García Copley, Federico. (person)

Mestre i Tolon, Angel. (person)

Heine, Heinrich (person)

Epithet: author British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001296.0x00030e ...

González, Macario (person)

Fornaris, José 1827-1890 (person)

J. Diaz Macias (person)

Vidal, F. Javier. (person)

Blas López (person)

Aurelio Almeida y González. (person)

Betancourt, José R. (José Ramón), 1823-1890 (person)

Texada y Baldeosera (family)

Diego Zepero (person)

Vinajeras y Cruz, Juan. (person)

Sebastian Domínguez Agir or Agis? (person)

Saco, José Antonio, 1797-1879 (person)

Liceo Artístico y Literario de Matanzas. (corporateBody)

Marqués de la Penuela (person)

Antonio Santos Castañeda. (person)

Meza y Suárez Inclán, Ramón, 1861-1911 (person)

Gener, Tomás (person)

Lara Rodríguez (person)

Seminario Conciliar de San Basilio El Magno (corporateBody)

Milanés, Federico, translator? (person)

Velasco y Rojas, Matías de, Marqués de Dos Hermanas, 1829-1901 (person)

Antonio Sánchez de Bustamante y Montoro (person)

Tanco, Félix María. (person)

Pedro Cevallos. (person)

Ursula Céspedes de Escanaverino (person)

Bermudez, Pedro (person)

Cruz, Ramón de la, 1731-1794 (person)

Tiburcio Campe (person)

Néstor Martínez y Guía (person)

José A. Zarraga y Heredia. (person)

Juan Antonio Aponte (person)

Cruz, Francisco Javier de la (person)

Ezpeleta y Enrile, Joaquín de 1788-1863 (person)

Lacunza, José María 1809-1869 (person)

C. Ruiz de Castro (person)

Abby D'Wolf. (person)

Orgaz, Francisco (person)

Gálvez, Wen (person)

Charles III, King of Spain, 1716-1788 (person)

Carlos (Charles) III was the King of Spain and the Spanish Indies from 1759 to 1788. He was a successful King who did well reorganizing domestic affairs, but did not have the same luck with foreign policy. From the description of Letter to José de Gálvez, 1765, March 14. (Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens). WorldCat record id: 755815435 ...

Gutiérrez, José María. (person)

Cristóbal Mendoza (person)

Lista, Alberto, 1775-1848 (person)

Yáñez, Jacoba (person)

Catholic Church (corporateBody)

During much of Doctor José Gaspar de Francia's dictatorship (1814-1840), Paraguay was without a bishop and the church was harrassed. From the description of Libro de providencias, ordenes, y autos : por Dn. Juan Antonio Riveras, cura rector de la parrequial de la Villeta : manuscript, 1804-1857. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 612746619 An antiphonary is a book containing sacred vocal music, both the antiphons of the breviary, and the musical notes. An antiphon it...

Zárraga y Heredia, Agustin. (person)

Miguel de Ibañez (person)

Vasquez, Andrés Clemente 1844-1901 (person)

Heredia, Merced (person)

Aranguren, Juan José de. (person)

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882 (person)

Poet, from Cambridge (Middlesex Co.), Mass. From the description of Papers, 1859-1874. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 19903002 American author and poet. From the description of A psalm of life, fourth verse, 1850. (Maine Historical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 274069802 American teacher, translator, and poet. From the description of Letter, Nahant, Mass., to Mrs. T.B. Lawrence, Newport, 1872 July 20. (Boston Athenaeum...

Manuel Costales y Govantes (person)

Juan Antonio de Yermo (person)

Matamoros, Mercedes, 1851-1906 (person)

D'Aure, Manuel Federico. (person)

Suárez y Romero, Anselmo 1818-1878 (person)

Hospital de Mujeres (corporateBody)

Liceo de Matanzas (corporateBody)

Seminario de San Carlos de La Habana (corporateBody)

Tamayo y Baus, Manuel, 1829-1898 (person)

Ricla, Conde de. (person)

Juan Ignacio de Armas (person)

Felicia (person)

Ramon de Palma (person)

José Cienfuegos. (person)

Muñoz y García, José. (person)

Orgaz, Francisco, 1810-1873 (person)

Chacon, Francisco (person)

Rodriguez, Rafael (person)

Martí, José (person)

José Miguel Angulo y Heredia (person)

Sociedad Económica (corporateBody)

Colegio de Instrucción Primaria Superior. (corporateBody)

Gómez, Baltasar. (person)

Sección de Historia (corporateBody)

Cleo (person)

Gómez, Joaquin (person)

José de la Luz y Caballero (person)

Cowley, Angel José. (person)

Lastra, Miguel A. de la. (person)

Vinajéras, Antonio, 1833-1905 (person)

Joseph Suárez (person)

Peoli, Gonzalo (person)

Sebastian Peñalver Angulo (person)

José Quintín Suzarte (person)

Valle Hernández, Antonio del. (person)

Estrada, Esteban. (person)

Ignacio Rodríguez Galván (person)

Calixto Foronda (person)

Real Universidad Literaria de La Habana. (corporateBody)

Luaces, Joaquín Lorenzo, 1826-1867 (person)

Guerrero y Payarés, Teodoro. (person)

Peñalver Angulo, Sebastian. (person)

González Ruz, Francisca, d. 1895 (person)

Borges, Manuel (person)

Tomás Romay Chacón (person)

Mestre y Domínguez, José Manuel, 1832-1886? (person)

Francisco Arango y Parreño (person)

Juan Justo Jimenez. (person)

Francisco Javier de la Cruz (person)

Gaspar Rodríguez (person)

Yriarte, ?. (person)

Partido Unión Constitucional. (corporateBody)

Julian de Arriaga (person)

Barrutia, Juan Antonio. (person)

Coronado y Delicado, Francisco. (person)

Molina, Luisa (person)

Jose Francisco Aguiar y Loriel (person)

Luisa Molina. (person)

Smith, William (person)

Epithet: of Add MS 32490 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001304.0x000022 Epithet: Lieutenant British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001304.0x000011 Epithet: of Banham county Norfolk British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001304.0x000035 Epithet: at Lisbon ...

García, Manuel Francisco. (person)

Academia Cubana de Literatura. (corporateBody)

Juan José de Aranguren (person)