Papers, 1885-1950.


Papers, 1885-1950.

Papers of Unitarian minister and President of the American UnitarianAssociation Samuel Atkins Eliot.



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Hale, Edward Everett, 1822-1909 (person)

Edward Everett Hale (1822-1909) was an American author and Unitarian minister. Hale was involved in many social reform movements, including abolition and popular education. He is best known for his 1863 short story, "The Man Without a Country," which promoted patriotic support of the Union. From the guide to the Edward Everett Hale Letters, 1884-1897, (Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Libraries) ...

Eliot, Samuel Atkins, 1798-1862 (person)

Samuel Atkins Eliot was born in Boston, Mass., March 5, 1798; attended the Boston Latin School; was graduated from Harvard University in 1817 and from the divinity school in 1820; member of the State house of representatives 1834-1837; mayor of Boston 1837-1839; served in the State senate in 1843-1844; elected as a Whig to the Thirty-first Congress to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Robert C. Winthrop and served from August 22, 1850, to March 3, 1851; declined to be a candidate for...

Eliot, Samuel A. (Samuel Atkins), 1862-1950 (person)

Samuel Atkins Eliot earned his Harvard AB 1884. He served as secretary to the President of Harvard from 1884-1885 and as Preacher to the University 1906-1909. He was the son of Harvard President Charles W. Eliot. From the description of Harvard memorabilia of Samuel Atkins Eliot, Class of 1884, 1876-1909 (inclusive), 1876-1885 (bulk) (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 77063916 American Unitarian clergyman and historian. From the description of Samuel A. El...

Lauriat, Charles Emelius, Jr., 1874-1937 (person)

Charles E. Lauriat, Jr. (1874-1937) was a bookseller who specialized in rare books. His memoir of his voyage on the Lusitania became one of the best-known accounts of the tragedy. He lived in Boston, Massachusetts. ...

Appleton Chapel, Harvard University (corporateBody)

Holmes, John Haynes, 1879-1964 (person)

American clergyman and reformer. From the description of The voice of God is calling : autograph poem signed, 1930 Nov. 13. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 269557327 John Haynes Homes (1879-1964) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and raised near Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated from Harvard College in 1902 and Harvard Divinity School in 1904. He received honorary doctorates from Benares Hindu University, Rollins College, and Meadville Theological School. He served as...

Blatt, William M. (William Mosher), 1876- (person)

George Green (person)

Elizabeth Bolster (person)

Jones, Richard L. (person)

Eliot, Frederick May, 1889-1958 (person)

Frederick May Eliot (1889-1958) was born in Boston and graduated Harvard College with an AB in 1911 and an AM in 1912. He was a Harvard College instructor of government in 1912-1913 and attended Harvard Divinity School from 1912 to 1915. He was ordained to the Unitarian ministry in 1915 at the First Parish in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and also served at the Unity Church in St. Paul, Minnesota. He served as president of the Young People's Religious Union from 1916 to 1918 and served as an army ch...

Rufus Jones (person)

John C. Perkins (person)

Frothingham, Paul Revere, 1864-1926 (person)

Paul Revere Frothingham (1864-1926) graduated from Harvard College in 1886 with an AM degree and in 1889 with an STB degree. He served as pastor of the First Congregational Society of New Bedford, Massachusetts, from 1889 to 1900 and the Arlington Street Church (Unitarian) in Boston from 1900 to 1926. Rev. Frothingham served as a preacher of Harvard for sixteen years and served the school as an overseer from 1904 to 1910, and again from 1918 to 1924. His wife, Anna Clapp Frothingham, established...

Wheelock (person)

W. T. Reid (person)

Beach, David N. 1943- (person)

William Frothingham (person)

Lathrop, John H. (person)

Wilbur, Earl Morse (person)

Biographical/Historical Description Earl Morse Wilbur (1866 - 1956) was born in Jericho, Vermont; elder of the two sons of LaFayette Wilbur, a lawyer, and Mercy Jane Morse Wilbur. He graduated from the University of Vermont with an A.B., 1886 (valedictorian, Phi Beta Kappa). For one year he taught at the Mt. Beacon Academy in New York before entering Harvard Divinity School. He received both the S.T. B. from the Divinity School and the A.M. f...

United Prison Association (corporateBody)

McGiffert, Arthur Cushman, 1892-1993 (person)

Congregational clergyman and president of Chicago Theological Seminary; summer resident of Mount Desert Island and Northeast Harbor, Me.; d. 1993. From the description of Oral history interview, [197-] [sound recording]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70972521 Arthur McGiffert (1892-1993) earned his Harvard AB 1913; he became a minister and teacher and was President of the Chicago Theological Seminary. From the description of Student notes taken while an undergra...

McGiffert, Cushman (person)

Eliza Kidder. (person)

Mortimer Rowe. (person)

Martha Terry (person)

Robbins (person)

Crothers, Samuel McChord, 1857-1927 (person)

Unitarian minister. A.B. Princeton, 1874. Graduated from Union Theological Seminary, 1877. Ordained a Presbyterian minister in 1877 and served churches in Nevada and California (1877-1881). He became a Unitarian and served churches in Brattleboro, Vt. (1882-1886) and St. Paul, Minn. (1886-1894). In 1894 he became minister at the First Parish in Cambridge, Mass., serving until his death in 1927. He was the author of several popular volumes of essays. From the description of Sermons, 1...

Channing, William Ellery, 1817-1901 (person)

American poet. From the description of Morrice Lake : autograph manuscript of the poem signed, [1872]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270630812 Channing was a transcendentalist poet and the first biographer of Thoreau. From the description of Notebooks and journals, 1852-ca. 1890. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 612371953 Concord poet. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Concord, to James Munroe & Co., 1850 May 6. ...

Laurence I. Neale (person)

George Batchelor (person)

Lucy B. Walsh (person)

Putnam. (person)

J. Robinson (person)

Sam Hoar (person)

Mary Guild (person)

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Nichols, Beverley, 1898-1983 (person)

English essayist, novelist and playwright. During World War II Nichols spent a year in India as a correspondent of the British syndicate of the Allied newspapers. From the description of Verdict on India : [London], [1944]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 84554522 From the description of Verdict on India : [London], [1944]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702146653 Novelist, playwright, journalist, composer, and political activist John Bev...

V. D. Davis (person)

Stuart Debard (person)

Rotary Club Reggio Emilia (corporateBody)

Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr., 1841-1935 (person)

Holmes was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to the prominent writer and physician Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. and abolitionist Amelia Lee Jackson. Dr. Holmes was a leading figure in Boston intellectual and literary circles. Mrs. Holmes was connected to the leading families; Henry James Sr., Ralph Waldo Emerson and other transcendentalists were family friends. Known as "Wendell" in his youth, Holmes, Henry James Jr. and William James became lifelong friends. Holmes accordingly grew up in an atmospher...

E. Jackson (person)

Francis P. Denny (person)

Planned Parenthood. (corporateBody)

Massachusetts Bay Tercentenary. (corporateBody)

H. Faber (person)

Wendte, Charles W. (Charles William), 1844-1931 (person)

Charles William Wendte (1844-1931) graduated from Meadville Theological School in 1867 and Harvard Divinity School in 1869. Ordained to the Unitarian ministry, he served parishes in Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati, Ohio; Boston, Massachusetts; Newport, Rhode Island; and Los Angeles and Oakland, California. From 1900 to 1920, he served as the general secretary of the International Council of Liberal Religious Thinkers and Workers. He also served as the secretary of the Foreign Relations Department ...

Max F. Daskam (person)

Catlin (person)

Lawrence W. Abbott (person)

Alice Priest (person)

E. F. Hallack (person)

Carl Hermann Voss. (person)

Society for Promoting Theological Education (corporateBody)

The Society for the Promotion of Theological Education at Harvard University was founded in 1816, and designed to foster the teaching of theology at Harvard and to provide financial assistance to students. The Society raised the money to build Divinity Hall which was dedicated in 1826. From 1824 to 1831 it took general direction of the Divinity School at Harvard. In 1831 it severed its official connection with the University and was reorganized as the Society for Promoting Theological Education....

Peabody, Francis Greenwood, 1847-1936 (person)

Francis Greenwood Peabody (1847-1936) graduated from Harvard College in 1869 and Harvard Divinity School in 1872. Ordained in 1874, Peabody served the First Parish (Unitarian) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, until 1879. Peabody then joined the faculty of Harvard Divinity School teaching theological students Christian ethics, specializing in pioneer applications of religion to social problems. He was the Parkman Professor of Theology from 1881 to 1885 and then the Plummer Professor of Christian Mora...

Cornish (person)

World Court (corporateBody)

M. B. Wellington (person)

Palmer, G. H. (person)

Fagley, Frederick Louis, 1879-1958 (person)

Stone, George W. (person)

Pacific Unitarian School for the Ministry (corporateBody)

Arlington Street Church (corporateBody)

Savage, Minot J. (Minot Judson), 1841-1918 (person)

Minot Judson Savage was an American Unitarian clergyman and writer. He led congregations throughout the United States, including California, Chicago, Boston, and New York, openly supporting Darwin's evolutionary theories and social reform. Some of his most popular books discussed his views on life after death. From the description of Minot J. Savage letter to Mrs. King, 1904. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 51590010 Church of the Unity minister...

T. L. Eliot (person)

Eliot, Ethel Cook (person)

J. Homer Nelson (person)

Brown, Howard N. (Howard Nicholson), 1849-1932 (person)

Lindquist, G. E. E. (Gustavus Elmer Emanuel), 1886-1967 (person)

Arthur S. Bennink (person)

South Congregational Church (corporateBody)

A. L. Forbes (person)

V. Dabney (person)

Anson R. Williams (person)

Parker E. Marean (person)

H. W. B. Howard (person)

Massachusetts Council of Churches (corporateBody)

Ham, Marion Franklin, 1867-1956 (person)

Poet, of Chattanooga, Tenn.; b. in Harveysburg, Ohio. From the description of Marion Franklin Ham papers, 1949. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 244393596 ...

Wilburn B. Miller (person)

Waitstill H. Sharp (person)

League of Nations Association (corporateBody)

Cobb, Louis C. (person)

Elizabeth H. Parker (person)

Warren W. Bailey (person)

Harvard Divinity School. (corporateBody)

The Harvard Divinity School was started in 1811 when a program of graduate studies was organized for candidates for the ministry. In 1819 it became a separate administrative unit in Harvard University. From the description of General information by and about the Harvard Divinity School, 1811- (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 228511094 Theology has been taught at Harvard since its opening in 1638. The Harvard Divinity School was started in 1811 when a program of grad...

Frank Jennings (person)

Frederic J. Gauld (person)

M. B. Halldorson (person)

G. Hardy (person)

World Alliance for International Friendship. (corporateBody)

P. S. Wild (person)

Boston Rotary Club (corporateBody)

Dexter, Robert Cloutman, 1887-1955 (person)

Cressler (person)

Ellenor Lane (person)

Adams, John Coleman, 1849-1922 (person)

Lucie Isaacs (person)

W. C. Stevens (person)

Grindall Raynolds (person)

Elizabeth Faxon (person)

White, ... (person)

Epithet: of Add MS 38308 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001086.0x00036d Epithet: Miss British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001086.0x00036c Epithet: of Sloane MS 1513 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001086.0x000371 Epithet: of the Custom House, Du...

Charles Hopkinson (person)

J. W. Chadwick (person)

Fenn, William W. (William Wallace), 1862-1932 (person)

William Wallace Fenn (1862-1932), Unitarian minister and Bussey Professor of Theology at the Harvard Divinity School (1900-1932) was a scholar of New England religious life and thought. He served as Dean of the Harvard Divinity School from 1906-1922. From the description of Papers of William Wallace Fenn, 1874-1932. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76972776 Epithet: novelist British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:...

Baker, Everett Moore, 1901-1950 (person)

Franklin Hooper (person)

Willard Bartlett (person)

Louise Richardson (person)

Frank S. C. Wicks (person)

Grace Moore. (person)

Catherine B. Lowell. (person)

Goepp, Philip H. (Philip Henry), 1864-1936 (person)

Mrs. Oscar E. Mertz (person)

Mrs. William C. Thomas. (person)

P. James (person)

Starr King. (corporateBody)

M. A. Shaw (person)

Elizabeth Buckley (person)

Bradlee (person)

Stebbins, Kathleen B. (person)

Amos Little (person)

American Unitarian Association (corporateBody)

Williams, David Rhys, 1890-1970 (person)

Raymond Fosdick (person)

Frances Jacobs (person)

Chafee (person)

Wilson, John Henry, 1882-1948 (person)

AUA. (corporateBody)

Michael McGiffert (person)

Ward, ... (person)

Epithet: Mrs British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000816.0x00013d Epithet: of Houghton, county Northamptonshire British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000816.0x000140 Epithet: of Weston Favell, county Northamptonshire British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Descripti...

Laurence Hayward (person)

Fritchman, Stephen H. (Stephen Hole), 1902- (person)

Stephen Fritchman (1902-1981) was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He received an AB degree from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1924, a BD from Union Theological Seminary in 1927, and an MA from New York University in 1929. He was ordained in the Methodist Church in 1929 but left that denomination and was ordained as a Unitarian minister in 1930 in Petersham, Massachusetts. He held ministerial settlements in Massachusetts, Maine, and California. He was executive director of the Unitarian Youth Commission f...

Frederick Fraley (person)

International association for religious freedom (corporateBody)

Frank O. Holmes (person)

Osborne Association (corporateBody)

Henry, James. (person)

Cush McGiffert (person)

Alger Hiss. (person)