Franco Modigliani Papers, 1936-2005 and undated, bulk 1970s-2003


Franco Modigliani Papers, 1936-2005 and undated, bulk 1970s-2003

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Levi-Montalcini, Rita, 1909-2012 (person)

Rita Levi-Montalcini was an Italian Nobel laureate honored for her work in neurobiology. She was awarded the 1986 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly with colleague Stanley Cohen for the discovery of nerve growth factor (NGF)....

Brandeis University (corporateBody)

Private research university with liberal arts focus; located in Waltham, Mass. From the description of Brandeis University correspondence, 1987. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 733080419 From the description of Brandeis University records, 1969. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 733069438 Collection materials date from 1923-2009, with the bulk of the collection being published during the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939. These rich resources detail the politics, economics, ...

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (corporateBody)

The Department of General Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) did not officially exist until 1882. Courses in general studies were offered as early as 1865, when the MIT Catalog offered a curriculum option called the Course in Science and Literature. At that time, all regular MIT students were required to take “general studies” classes from the Course in Science and Literature, in addition to English, history, and modern languages. In 1882 the Course in Scienc...

Rousselot, John H. (person)

Stigler, George J. (George Joseph), 1911-1991 (person)

F. Cotula (person)

Robert Hall (person)

Bruni, Franco (person)

Bank for International Settlements (corporateBody)

Boston Federal (corporateBody)

Baffi, Pablo (person)

Shiskin, Julius (person)

L. Kotlikoff (person)

Jozzo, Alfonso (person)

C. Holt (person)

Fitoussi, Jean-Paul, 1942-.... (person)

C. H. Baum (person)

James Tobin (person)

Nasrallah, May (person)

Banca Commerciale Italiana (corporateBody)

Gallegati, M. (Mauro) (person)

D. DiPasquale (person)

D. Brombaugh (person)

Summer Institute for International Cooperation (Jan Tinbergen) (corporateBody)

L. Buttiglione (person)

F. Steindl (person)

S. Fisher (person)

P. Bernstein (person)

Yamashita, Hiroaki (person)

Argandoa, Antonio (person)

De Boissieu, Christian (person)

Soros, George (person)

Peter Diamond (person)

Ambrosetti Studio (corporateBody)

Salvemini, Gaetano (person)

Thieme, Christopher (person)

A. Dean (person)

Giulio Einaudi editore. (corporateBody)

Athanasios Koilakos (person)

Arlie Sterling (person)

Daum, Audrey (person)

Jin, Zhongxia (person)

NSF (corporateBody)

Brunner, Karl, 1796-1867 (person)

RAI Corporation Italian Radio TV System (corporateBody)

Sloan Business and Public Policy Group (corporateBody)

Paolo Sylos Labini (person)

R. Shiller (person)

Bossons, John D., 1936- (person)

Kuh, Edwin. (person)

Fazio, Antonio (person)

Ceprini, Luisa (person)

Davidson, Paul. (person)

Merton Miller (person)

Ando, A. (person)

American finance association (corporateBody)

Modigliani, Franco. (person)

Economist. From the description of Franco Modigliani papers, 1936-2005 and n.d. (bulk 1970s-2003) (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 62256414 1918 June 18 Born in Rome, Italy circa 1935 Entered the University of Rome (Law) 1938 Emigrated to Paris, France ...

F. Padoa-Schioppa (person)

M. Feldstein (person)

Satō, Ryūzō, 1931- (person)

Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts (corporateBody)

Baz, Jamil. (person)

Horioka, Charles (person)


Banca d'Italia. (corporateBody)

Federal Reserve Bank (corporateBody)

Abramovitz, Moses (person)

Cohn, Richard (person)

A. Fazio (person)

Goss, Stephen (person)

Muralidhar, Arun (person)

Robert Shiller (person)

L. Papademos (person)

R. Heilbroner (person)

A. Auerbach (person)

Committee on Visual Arts (corporateBody)

Sidney Weintraub (person)

Owers, Jim (person)

International Center for Advanced Economic Research (corporateBody)

Vigorelli, Giuseppe (person)

Debreu, Gerard (person)

Gerard Debreu was born in Calais, France on July 4, 1921. In 1948, Debreu came to the United States on a Rockefeller Scholarship. In 1950, he began working at the Cowles Commission for Research in Economics at the University of Chicago. Early in 1962, he became a member of Berkeley's Economics faculty, and his Nobel Prize of 1983 was the first of a string of four Nobel Prizes won by Berkeley Economics professors. He retired in 1991, but he continued his teaching and research activities for sever...

Jappelli, Tullio (person)

K. Rosen (person)

J. Makin (person)

Alex Cukerman (person)

Jagdish Bhagwati (person)

Vitagliano, Francis (person)

Pierides, Ioannis (person)

Taylor, John (person)

Epithet: of Liverpool; of Add MS 42582 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001151.0x0002ad Epithet: Merchant of London British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001151.0x00027d Epithet: of London British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001151.0x0002af Epithet: of ...

National Academy of Science, clipping of MIT faculty awarded membership (corporateBody)

Eliasson, Gunnar (person)

Banca popolare di Bergamo (corporateBody)

Pasinetti, Luigi L. (person)

Committee on Developing American Capitalism (corporateBody)

International Monetary Fund (corporateBody)

Paul Davidson (person)

N. Rossi (person)

Castiglionesi, Fabio (person)

Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts AICUM (corporateBody)

Bordogna, Lorenzo (person)

Modigliani, Leah (person)

Bernstein, Peter (composer) (person)

Simha, Evelyn (person)

S. Fischer (person)

Bomski, Tadeusz. (person)

Giovannini, Albert (person)

C. Steindel (person)

Gorga, Carmine, 1935- (person)

G. P. Galli (person)

Pavesi, Alberto (Instituto di Credito Fondiario delle Venezie) (person)

Schwartz, ... (person)

D. De La Torre Ungarte (person)

G. Pogue (person)

P. Healy (person)

Tintner, Gerhard (person)

M. Ferri (person)

Visentini, Bruno. (person)

Giavazzi, Francesco. (person)

De Menil, George, 1940- (person)

Koopmans, Tjalling C. (Tjalling Charles), 1910-1985 (person)

Tjalling Charles Koopmans was born in Holland on August 28, 1910. He graduated from the University of Utrecht (M.A., 1933) and the University of Leiden (Ph.D., 1936), and was director of research for the Cowles Commission (1948-1954). At Yale University, Koopmans served as professor of economics (1955-1985), director of the Cowles Foundation (1961-1967), and Alfred Cowles Professor of Economics (1967-1985). He received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1975. Koopmans died in 1985. From...

MIT Industrial Liaison Program (corporateBody)

Bach, G. Lee and Bill Cooper (person)

Balderstone, Fred (person)

Bhagwati, Jagdish N., 1934- (person)

Professor of Economics and Political Science at Columbia University. From the description of Papers 1994-1997. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 41579850 ...

Lombardi, A. (person)

Jorgensen, Dale and Barbara Fraumeni (person)

Foxley, Alejandro. (person)

Council of Economic Advisers (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Serena Modigliani (person)

Ando, Albert (person)

Accademia nazionale dei Lincei (corporateBody)

Sonnino, Edward (person)

Bischoff, Charles W. (person)

Boateng, Ras A. (person)

Francesco, Franco (person)

International Association of Financial Engineers (corporateBody)

Invernizzi, Emanuele (person)

A. Sinai (person)

Class Editori (corporateBody)

Center for Economic Research (corporateBody)

Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa (person)

de Quinto, Javier (person)

Owens, Jim (person)

W. Weber (person)

Harnett, William J. (person)

Econometric Society. (corporateBody)

Associazione per il Progresso Economico (corporateBody)

Samuelson, Paul A. (Paul Anthony), 1915-2009 (person)

Paul A. Samuelson (1915-2009) was a Nobel Prize-winning economist and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From the description of Paul A. Samuelson papers, 1933-2010. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 664246147 1915, May 15 Born in Gary, Indiana, son of Russian-born parents Frank Samuelson and Ella Lipton 1932 ...

Moynihan, Patrick (person)

Monti, Mario, 1943-.... (person)

Eberstadt, Walter (person)

Leijonhufvud, Axel (person)

M. Durand (person)

La Malfa, Giorgio (person)

IASM (Group) (corporateBody)

F. Modigliani (person)

Kenneth Arrow (person)

Trezza, Bruno (person)

Padoa-Schioppa, Tommaso (person)

Menges, Dr. (person)

Solow, Robert M. (person)

Hickman, Bert (person)

Baquerizo, Roldolfo, Jr. (person)

Schumpeter, Joseph (person)

Friedman, Benjamin (person)

Musumeci, Giuseppe (person)

Banco di Roma (corporateBody)

Heflebower, Richard (person)

Center for European Studies: Harvard (corporateBody)

Consiglio italiano per le scienze sociali (corporateBody)

Kuznets, Simon (person)

Centro Studi di Politica Economica (Turin) (corporateBody)

Hart, Albert (person)

Schultze, Charles L. (person)

Charles L. Schultze was born on December 12, 1924 in Alexandria, Virginia. He served as the director of the U.S. Bureau of the Budget under presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, and he was appointed a senior fellow of the Brookings Institution in 1968. He was chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers to the president from 1977 to 1981, and in 1980 Schultze was appointed chairman of the Council on Wage and Price Stability. He taught at Indiana University-Bloomington and the Univers...

Fabozzi, Frank J. (person)

Boston Lyric Opera Company. (corporateBody)

Allais, Maurice (person)

Lubell, Harold (person)

Arrow, Kenneth J. (person)

St. John's University (corporateBody)

M. Pagano (person)

Edwards, Jack, 1918-2006 (person)

Jack Edwards began his career attending Penn State and Ithaca College, Ithaca N.Y. and graduating with a degree in fine arts. He spent 17 years working in New York City where he designed one Broadway show, and numerous off-Broadway shows. His first professional job was working as an assistant designer on Richard Burtons Hamlet in 1964. He worked in retail and wholesale fashion design, and had his own fashion company in which he designed for such opera stars as Shirley Verrett, Marti...

Friedman, Milton (person)

Bard College (corporateBody)

John Bard founded St. Stephen's College in 1860 as an Episcopal training school on his estate in Annandale-on-Hudson. It affiliated with Columbia University in 1928, changed its name to Bard College in 1935, and became independent of Columbia and co-educational in 1944. From the description of Archives, 1860-1987. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155516793 ...

Noera, Mario (person)

D. Jaffee (person)

Pogue, Gerry (person)

E. Tarantelli (person)

Grunberg, Emile (person)

Andersen, Lepnall (person)

Boston Federal Reserve Board (corporateBody)

Bresciani, Turroni (person)

M. Scholes (person)

Gillies, Grazia (person)

Arcelli, Mario (person)

Lundberg, Gertrud (person)

International Network for Economic Method (corporateBody)

Fama, Eugene F., 1939-.... (person)

Henin, P. Y. (person)

University of Zagreb, Yugoslavia (corporateBody)

Drèze, Jacques H. (person)

Robert Solow (person)

Advisory Committee on Monetary Statistics (corporateBody)

Capponi, Giampiero (person)

Ren, Huaixiu (person)

Perotti, Enrico Camillo. (person)

Spilimbergo, Antonio (person)

F. Fabozzi (person)

Jaszi, George (person)

Fanjul, Oscar (person)

Ingrao, Bruna (person)

Ariel, Robert (person)

Istituto Italiano Di Credito Fondiano (corporateBody)

Worms, Andreas (person)

Marschak, Jacob (person)

M. Baldassarri (person)

Cherian, Matthew (person)

Barucci, Piero (Siena, Italy) (person)

A. Modigliani (person)

Klein, Lawrence R. (Lawrence Robert), 1920-2013 (person)

Lawrence Robert Klein (b. 1920) is an American economist born in Omaha, Nebraska. Much of his work involves building macroeconometric models for economic forecasting. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley, in 1942, and studied under economist Paul Samuelson at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), completing his Ph.D. in 1944. Klein then worked on macroeconometric models at the University of Chicago. In the following years, he worked...

Hurd, Michael (person)

Kouri, Pentti (obsolete) (person)

Tobin, James, 1956- (person)

Simon, Herbert (person)

R. Cohen (person)

Franz, Juergen, 1947- (person)

Kourmandi's (person)

Center for European Policy Studies: Macroeconomic Group (corporateBody)

Morgan, Guaranty (person)

Banca Intesa (corporateBody)

Dino De Poli (person)

R. Rasche (person)

Pagano, Marco (person)

D. Holland (person)

B. Friedman (person)

H. Shapiro (person)

Patinkin, Don (person)

1922 Born in Chicago, Illinois. 1933 43 Received Hebrew education at Chicago Yeshiva (Talmudic Academy). 1943 B.A., University of Chicago. 1945 M.A., University of Chic...

S. Hymans (person)

Barbone, Lucy (person)

Weintraub, Sidney, 1914-1983 (person)

American economist and professor. From the description of Papers, 1939-1984 (bulk 1958-1983). (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 39100504 Sidney Weintraub (1914-1983) was an American economist and a professor who specialized in the post-Keynesian school of economics. He was best known for his proposal to use the federal income tax to discourage wage and price inflation in a tax-based incomes policy (TIP). Raised in New York, Weintraub studied at the ...

Jacques Drèze (person)

Institute for International Economics (corporateBody)

Albert Ando (person)

L. Summers (person)

Modigliani, Andr (person)

Askari, Hossein (person)

Robert Merton (person)

Cozzi, Terenzio (person)

Chernoff, Herman (Statistics Center) (person)

Jimenez, Josephine (person)

Kisselgoff, Avram (person)

Colombo, Umberto (person)

S. L. Cao (person)

C. Bischoll (person)

Szeg, Giorgio (person)

F. Giavazzi (person)

M. Norman (person)

Don Patinkin (person)

Brigham Young University. (corporateBody)

Plans for the David O. McKay building began in 1952 after an evaluation by the Brigham Young University College of Education concluded that the existing building for the College of Education were no longer meeting the growing needs of the program. Plans were officially announced in February of 1954 with the completion deadline being set for December of the same year. The building was officially dedicated on December 14, 1954 by President and Sister McKay along with members of the First Presidenc...

R. Sutch (person)

J. Barthand (person)

European Economic Association. Congress (corporateBody)

T. Juster (person)

André Modigliani (person)

Cao, Larry Shi (person)

Confederazione Italiana Sindacati Lavoratori (corporateBody)

Levy Economics Institute (corporateBody)

Hahn, Otto, 1935-1996 (person)

Brumber (person)

Domar, Evsey D (person)

Economist and professor of economics at the University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Born 1914, Lodz, Russia (now Poland); died April, 1997. From the description of Papers, 1939-1995 and n.d. (bulk 1957-1989) (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 79844526 1914, April 16 Born in Lodz, Russia (now Poland), given name was Joshua Domashevitsky ...

Mediocredito centrale (corporateBody)

Spingardi, Tomaso (person)

Picker, Hans (person)

J. P. Cooper (person)

Eastern Economic Association (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Brynjolfsson, John (person)

Mayer, Thomas R. (person)

Aspe, Pedro (person)

A. Sterling (person)

Massachusetts Congressional Delegation (corporateBody)

Horn and Company (corporateBody)

P. Kouri (person)

Chamberlain, Edward (person)

Nihon Keizai Shimbun (person)

University of Islamabad (corporateBody)

Padoa-Schioppa, Fiorella (person)

J. Kearl (person)

A. J. Brown (person)

D. Cohen (person)

Peter Kenen (person)

Diamond, Peter Arthur, 1940- (person)

Peter Arthur Diamond (born April 29, 1940) is an American economist known for his analysis of U.S. Social Security policy and his work as an advisor to the Advisory Council on Social Security in the late 1980s and 1990s. He was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2010, along with Dale T. Mortensen and Christopher A. Pissarides. He is an Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. On June 6, 2011, he withdrew his nomination to serve on the Federal Reserv...

Baldassarri, Mario (person)

Gasparini, Innocenzo (person)

Caporale, Rocco, 1927- (person)

Zironi, Alberto (person)

Ezio Tarantelli (person)

Federal Reserve Board. (corporateBody)

J. H. Ciccolo (person)

R. Cohn (person)

Lybeck, Johan (person)

Teachers insurance and annuity association - college retirement equities fund (corporateBody)

Clumenti, Domenico (person)

Yeager (person)

Contini, Bruno (person)

Economists Against the Arms Race (corporateBody)

and CIEPLAN Centro de Estudios de Planificacion Nacional (corporateBody)

Yashiro, Hiroko (person)

Shapiro, Eli (person)

National Science Foundation (U.S.). Directorate for Research Applications (corporateBody)

Tullio Jappelli (person)

J. Drze (person)

R. Hill (person)

Sloan School of Management, MIT (corporateBody)

H. Jacoby (person)

Sterling, Arlie (person)

J-P. Fitoussi (person)

Modigliana town (person)

Brookings Institution. (corporateBody)

Lucio Izzo (person)

Malinvaud (person)

Paul Samuelson (person)

Feiwel, George (person)

T. Jappelli (person)

Cassa Marca (corporateBody)

Cox, Donald (person)

New Jersey College for Women (corporateBody)

Rie, Daniel (person)

Bentolila, Samuel (person)

Jacob Marschak (person)

Economic policy institute (corporateBody)

National Academy of Science (corporateBody)

Sylos Labini, Paolo (person)

Bank of Italy (corporateBody)

Hsu, Michelle (person)

Calabresi, Gian Franco, 1909- (person)

Mason, Andrew (person)

Universidade nova de Lisboa (corporateBody)

Young, Warren (person)

Papademos, Lucas. (person)

Eisner, Robert (person)

Economist Robert Eisner was born January 17, 1922, in Brooklyn, New York. Eisner's mother was an English teacher, and his father was a math teacher and later a high school principal. Eisner studied history at City College of New York, where he was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He graduated in 1940, and went on to earn a master's degree in sociology from Columbia University before enlisting in the Army in the fall of 1942. Stationed in France, Eisner attained the rank of Field Artillery...

Elsevier Science (corporateBody)

ROCHE Hoffman-La Roche, Inc. agreement (corporateBody)

Leontief, Wassily, 1906-1999 (person)

Leontief taught economics at Harvard. From the description of Papers of Wassily Leontief, 1920?-1968 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76973094 ...

R. Solow (person)

Kotlikoff, Laurence J. (person)

Porterba, James (person)

Velsquez, Jose (person)

Lerner, Abba (person)

Showalter, Mark (person)

Forsyth, Douglas (person)

D. Lessard (person)

Brumberg, Richard and Carl Christ (person)

M. Keran (person)

Gates, Jeff (person)

Romero-Maura, Joaquin (person)

H. Askari (person)

Carnegie Bosch Institute Advisory Committee (corporateBody)

Sinclair, Peter (person)

Modigliani, Sergio (person)

A. Ando (person)

Leah Modigliani (person)

Frank Raines (person)

Frederic?) Mishkin (person)

T. Padoa-Schioppa (person)

Lybeck, Johann (person)

Institute for Social Research. (corporateBody)

Wurzburger, Ben (person)

Hall, Bob (person)

Giorgio La Malfa (person)

Indian Institute of Finances (corporateBody)

M. Ceprini (person)

F. de Leeuw (person)

Tellez, Luis (person)

Layard, Richard, 1934-.... (person)

A. Mason (person)

M. Gibson (person)

Gruppo Esponenti Italiani (corporateBody)

Mario Baldassarri (person)