Edmund Wilson papers 1829-1986 1920-1972


Edmund Wilson papers 1829-1986 1920-1972

The collection consists of correspondence, literary manuscripts, subject files, financial records, photographs, and personal and family papers documenting Wilson's life and work. The papers span the years 1829-1986, encompassing early family documents through materials concerning posthumous publication of Wilson's books and journals. The bulk of the collection dates from the beginnings of Wilson's literary career, ca. 1920, through his death in 1972. Series I, Correspondence, contains letters from literary colleagues, friends, family members, and business associates. Much of Wilson's correspondence concerns his writing, views on literature, interest in languages, and research in subjects including American history, American Indian rights, labor, the Cold War, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Files for literary colleagues, publishers, and friends include: John Peale Bishop, John Dos Passos, Vladimir Nabokov, Dawn Powell, Mario Praz, Allen Tate, Morton Dauwen Zabel, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Doubleday and Company, Oxford University Press, Secker & Warburg, and W. H. Allen. Correspondence with family includes his wives, actress Mary Blair, writer Mary McCarthy, Margaret Canby, and Elena Wilson, and members of the Wilson and Kimball families. Series II, Writings, includes Wilson's journals; drafts, setting copies, proofs, and reviews for his books and plays; drafts and clippings of essays, book reviews, short stories, and poetry; and drafts and clippings of writings by others. Journals consist of holograph notebooks, 1908-1970, accompanying materials, and transcripts, which were the source of Wilson's published autobiographical works. Drafts and proofs are present for most of Wilson's books, including: American Earthquake, Apologies to the Iroquois, The Bit Between My Teeth, Classics and Commercials, The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Duke of Palermo, Europe Without Baedeker, Galahad and I Thought of Daisy, The Little Blue Light, Memoirs of Hecate County (including materials relating to obscenity trials), Night Thoughts, O Canada, Patriotic Gore, A Piece of My Mind, Red, Black, Blonde and Olive, Scrolls from the Dead Sea, The Shores of Light, To the Finland Station, The Triple Thinkers, Upstate, Window on Russia, and The Twenties, The Thirties, The Forties, The Fifties, and The Sixties. Writings by Others includes articles about Wilson, interviews with him, and writings by Edna St. Vincent Millay, Vladimir Nabokov, and Philippe Thoby-Marcelin. Series III, Subject Files, contain printed materials and notes documenting Wilson's research in subjects such as communism, labor, Dead Sea Scrolls scholarship, income tax protest and Cold War spending, and Iroquois land rights. Series IV, Financial Papers, contains publisher account statements and tax records documenting Wilson's income and expenses, and his response to charges of tax evasion by the Internal Revenue Service. Series V, Photographs, contains portraits and snapshots of Wilson throughout his life, early family photographs, and photographs of other writers and friends. Series VI, Personal Papers, includes awards won by Wilson, drawings by him, his collection of Punch and Judy puppets, and legal documents. Series VII, Wilson and Kimball Family Papers, includes early family correspondence and legal documents, genealogical records, and papers of Wilson's parents, including writings and speeches of Edmund Wilson, Sr.

162.84 linear ft. (331 boxes, including 60 oversize boxes) + 4 portfolios + 3 broadside folders.





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Elena Wilson (1906-1979), was born in Reims, France. The family of her father, Georg Hermann Mumm, were founders of Mumm's Champagne. Her mother, Olga Struve, was born in Japan, where Elena's grandfather served as Russian ambassador. Elena Mumm emigrated to the United States in her twenties and worked as an editor for Town and Country during the 1930s-40s. She married American literary critic Edmund Wilson in 1946. After Edmund Wilson's death, she served as his literary executor and edited a col...

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Gilbert Vivian Seldes, author, journalist, drama critic, editor and director of TV for the Columbia Broadcasting System. Attended Harvard (1914), was a war correspondent, editor of The Dial 1920-1923. Wrote numerous books on topics of the times: the depression, contemporary America, the movies, and prohibition and also wrote detectice stories under the name of John Forbes. An early director of TV for the Columbia Broadcasting Company. Brother of George Seldes. Lola Koven...

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Norman Kemp Smith was born in Dundee, Scotland. In 1906 he was interviewed by Woodrow Wilson, then President of Princeton University, for the Chair of Psychology there. He was appointed, and spent the period from 1906 to 1916 at Princeton, coming to be Chairman of the department of Philosophy and Psychology in 1913; and McCosh Professor of Philosophy in 1914. During this period he wrote his COMMENTARY TO KANT'S CRITIQUE OF PURE REASON (1918). From the description of Philosophy of his...

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American editor and writer. From the description of Letter to Matthew Bruccoli [manuscript], 1975 December 30. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647812058 From the description of Papers of Malcolm Cowley [manuscript], 1969. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647810601 From the description of Papers of Malcolm Cowley [manuscript], 1936-1955. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647874698 Malcolm Cowley was an influential liter...

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Professor of English, Cornell University. From the description of Arthur Mizener letters to S. Gorley Putt, 1936-1985. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 64085073 American educator, author, and critic Arthur Mizener was born in Erie, Pennsylvania, on September 3, 1907, to Mason Price and Mabel Moore Mizener. From the description of Arthur Mizener papers, 1940-1977 (bulk 1943-1951). (University of Delaware Library). WorldCat record id: 667622443 ...

Adams, Léonie 1899-1988

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Léonie Adams, poet, teacher, and editor. Adams published five books of poetry during her life and received the Bollingen Prize for Poems: A Selection in 1954. Adams's teaching posts included New York University and Columbia University. She married William Troy in 1933. William Troy, writer, editor, and teacher. Troy's writings include essays, literary and film reviews, and poems. His teaching posts included New York University, Bennington College and New School Universi...

Zabel, Morton Dauwen, 1901-1964

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Morton Dauwen Zabel (1901-1964), author, critic, editor and scholar of nineteenth-century English and European literature. Received his PhD from the University of Chicago in 1933. Zabel served as associate editor of Poetry: A Magazine of Verse from 1928-1936 and full editor 1936-1937. His professional association with the University of Chicago began in 1947 when he was appointed to the English Department and actively continued until his death in 1964. From the description of Morton D...

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Putnam, Phelps, 1894-1948

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Born in Massachusetts in 1894, Putnam attended Philips Exeter Academy before enrolling at Yale. A member of the secret society Skull and Bones, Putnam has been named among the Renaissance generation at Yale, which includes Stephen Vincent Benét, Henry R. Luce, Archibald MacLeish, Cole Porter, and Thornton Wilder. Following graduation, Putnam traveled to Europe and worked a series of jobs, including a period as an assistant editor for The Atlantic Monthly Press and writing advertisin...