Emigration Collection 1864-1995


Emigration Collection, 1864-1995

Emigration Collection 1864-1995

Emigration 1864-1952: This collection - encompassing about 90 years - contains papers about the situation and persecution of Jews in Eastern Europeancountries (Russia, Poland, Roumania, Bulgaria, Lithuania). Papers describe the activities of various relief organizations. There are more than 170 papers (ca.900 pages), about half ofthem written in German, about 30 each in French or English, over 20 in Yiddish and some in Polish. A printed appeal of the Reichsausschuss fuer Russisch-Juedische Fluechtlingshilfe,Berlin (1929) carries among others the signatures of Leo Baeck and ALbert Einstein. (VI, 16).

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