Jimmy De Sana Papers Bulk, 1977-1990 1954-1997


Jimmy De Sana Papers Bulk, 1977-1990 1954-1997

The Jimmy De Sana papers provide documentation of De Sana's career as an artist and commercial photographer. The collection consists of photographic prints, slides, negatives, clippings, posters, reviews, and photographic equipment and other objects. The bulk of the material covers 1977-1990, although the collection spans the mid 1950s-1997.

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Jimmy De Sana was born in Detroit on November 12, 1949, where he lived until his family relocated to Atlanta in 1955. De Sana studied art in high school and at the University of Georgia in Atlanta. In 1972, before moving to New York City, he published 101 Nudes, a lithographic portfolio. This first mature work, comprised of nude photographs of himself and his friends in suburban settings, introduced themes that remained important throughout his career. De Sana's first ex...

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