Elizabeth Reynolds Hapgood papers 1867-1974


Elizabeth Reynolds Hapgood papers, 1867-1974

Elizabeth Reynolds Hapgood papers 1867-1974

Renowned Russian translator and Soviet culture lecturer Elizabeth Reynolds Hapgood (1894-1974) is best known as the English translator for Konstantin Stanislavsky, the actor, director, and dramatics coach for the Moscow Art Theatre. The collection consists of correspondence in English, Russian, French, Italian and German; articles; photographs; and scrapbooks. There is a document in the collection that predates Mrs. Hapgood's birthdate. The collection contains voluminous correspondence from Konstantin Stanislavsky's associates and family, although there is no correspondence from Stanislavsky himself.

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Mrs. Hapgood was born January 29, 1894. She graduated in two years from the three year program at L'Ecole Speciale Nationale des Langues Orientales Vivantes, the branch of the University of Paris that provided training for the consular and diplomatic service. At 21 she was appointed the first head of the newly created Russian department at Columbia University, a position she occupied until her marriage a year later. In 1916 she married Norman Hapgood, a prominent journalist and stat...

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