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Title: of Scotland

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001128.0x0003da

Epithet: wife of Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001128.0x0003d8

Epithet: St. Virgin and Martyr

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001128.0x0003d7

Accession date: 1559

Places: Netherlands

Title: Duchess of Parma

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000472.0x0000c8

Accession date: 1467

Places: Burgundy

Title: of York, Duchess of Burgundy

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000387.0x00030d

Epithet: Virgin and Martyr

Title: Saint

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001128.0x0003e4

Epithet: of Austria

Title: Duke of Burgundy

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001128.0x0003d9

Epithet: of MS Facsimile 266

Title: Saint

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001128.0x0003e2

Epithet: called Pelagius

Title: Saint

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001128.0x0003dc

Accession date: 1422

Places: England

Title: of Anjou

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000472.0x000084

Epithet: of Add MS 11880

Title: Saint

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001128.0x0003de

Places: Hesse

Title: Grand Duchess of Hesse

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000387.0x000331

Archival Resources
Role Title Holding Repository
referencedIn Shelly, Suffolk: Deeds rel. to: 1385-1455.Henry VI of England: First Great Seal: 1455. British Library
referencedIn BADGES of the nobility, etc. ; circ. 1466-1470. A. Fifty-seven badges, originally drawn in ink and tinted, on two sheets of paper, one pasted on the back of the other, but cut out and laid down in their present form by Sir John Fenn, the Norfolk anti..., approximately 1466-1470 British Library
creatorOf Fourth Seal; 1425. Douët d'Arcq, no. 10041; Birch no. 294. British Library
referencedIn COMMENTARIES of Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury, Lives of Saints, etc.:-1. "Stephani Archiepiscopi Expositio super Tobiam," beg.: "In Genesi legimus." f. 2;-"Super Judit," beg.: "In Ecelesiastico legitur." f. 8 b;-"Duodecim prophetarum," b..., 13th century-14th century British Library
referencedIn WODEHOUSE PAPERS. Vol. XVIII. Statutes, etc., of the Royal Collegiate Chapel of St. Geoorge at Windsor. Mainly in Latin. The arrangement of the book has evidently been altered. Ff. 50, 45-49 originally preceded art. 1, as is shown by the worm-holes, ..., 14th century-16th century British Library
referencedIn Henry VI., 1432-3.Henry VI of England: Great seal: [1432-1433]. British Library
referencedIn VOL. I. Transcipts from 1250 to 1483, chiefly in Latin, of which the following are the principal:-1. Survey of the honour of Peverel, co. Nott.; 34 Hen. III. [1250], f. i. 2. "Rotulus de nominibus Judeorum et Judearum Lincolniæ, et summis starrorum ..., 1250-1483 British Library
referencedIn Henry VI of England: Licence by, to R. Beauchamp, to impark, crenellate, etc., at Eastnor: 1460.: ? draft.Richard Beauchamp, 2nd Baron Beauchamp of Powick: Licence to, to impark, etc., at Eastnor: 1460.: draft.Eastnor, Herefordshire: Deeds rel. to, a... British Library
referencedIn SHREWSBURY (TALBOT) PAPERS. Vol. IV (ff. 175). Correspondence, etc., of the Talbots and their relatives: circ. 1400-1858. The writers include the Giffards of Chillington, in Brewood, co. Staff., the Lyttletons of Frankley, co. Worc., and the Needhams..., approximately 1400-1858 British Library
referencedIn STATE PAPERS and correspondence relating to the affairs of Scotland, chiefly in connection with England; 1449-1594. Among the papers relating to Mary, Queen of Scots, are transcripts of the proceedings of the Commissions at York and Westminster in 15..., 1449-approximately 1594 British Library
creatorOf DIALOGUE OF THE DUCHESS OF BURGUNDY: 'Le dyalogue de la ducesse de bourgogne a Ihesu Crist', by Nicolas Finet, being the presentation copy for the Duchess, Margaret of York, wife of Charles the Bold; circa 1470. French. Origin: Flemish. Presentation... British Library
referencedIn Henry VI., 7th seal. British Library
referencedIn Vol. I.Paston family; of Paston, Norfolk: Correspondence and papers: 15th cent.includes:f. 1 Nicholas, Prior of Bromholm: Letter to W. Paston: 1425 (?). f.1 Bromholm Priory; Norfolk: Priors. Nicholas: 1425(?). f. 3 William Paston, Judge (ob. 1444):..., 15th century British Library
referencedIn REGISTER of the municipal general court of Ipswich, co. Suffolk, containing admissions of burgesses, ordinances for trading, etc. ; 1415-1484. Latin. At the end are copies of charters, etc., relating to Ipswich, including:-Lease of Stokemill, near Ip..., 1415-1484 British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS papers in French, viz.: 1. "Cest la substance de la credence donnee par [Charles] le Duc de Bourgongne à mess. Philippe de Comines, chevalier, pour dire et declairer à mons. [John, Lord] de Wennelok;" on sending an embassy to England on..., 1470-1559 British Library
creatorOf Third Seal (of Absence); 1423. Douët d'Arcq, no. 10043; Birch, no. 293. British Library
referencedIn "COPIES of some curious antiquarian papers," viz.: 1. Extractus "e Registro domini John Ginewell Episcopi Lincoln-[iensis];" [1351-1362], f. 2. 2. Latin verses and a prayer "out of a M.S. Missall on Vellom 8mo written before the year 1445, etc.," f...., 19th century British Library
referencedIn Putnam, Frederic Ward, 1839-1915. Papers, 1807-1971 (bulk: 1855-1935) Peabody Museum Archives, Harvard University
referencedIn Collegiate Church of Southwell; Nottinghamshire: Royal grants to: 1452, 1604.Henry VI of England: Grant to Southwell Minster, with seal: 1452. British Library
referencedIn Vol. I., 1087-1575 :-1. Transcript of the foundation charter of Battle Abbey; [1086-7]. Imperfect. (See Harl. Ch. 83 A. 12.) f. 1. 2. Ten leaves from a MS containing correspondence between the English and Papal Courts in the 12th cent. Lat. Vellum. ..., 1087-1575 British Library
referencedIn ACCOUNT of payments made by the Receiver-General of Henry VI., King of England, in his French dominions, in the years 1448 and 1449. In French. Imperfect at the beginning and end. On vellum. Folio. [11,509.], 1448-1449 British Library
referencedIn Vol. II. Correspondence and papers, mainly of Nathaniel Bacon (kt. 1604, d. 1622) of Stiffkey, co. Norf., 2nd son of Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lord Keeper, and halfbrother of Sir Francis Bacon. He was twice Sheriff of Norfolk (1586 and 1599), and four time..., 1471-1676 British Library
referencedIn Vol. II.John Paston, senior, son of Judge W Paston: Correspondence: 1449 -1465.includes:ff. 3, 4, 36 James Gloys, Priest: Correspondence with J. Paston: 1451, 1455. f. 6 Swaffham, Norfolk: Petition to Parliament: 1451. f. 7 Debenham: Letter to J. ..., 1449-1465 British Library
referencedIn CONTES DÉVOTS in verse, viz.: 1. Life of St. Margaret, in 85 monorhymed quatrains, the first three and last three of which are printed from this, the only known MS. of this version (cf. Hist. Litt. de la France xxxiii, p. 362), in Romania, xxxii, p. ... British Library
referencedIn AUTOGRAPHS OF ROYAL PERSONAGES of England and Scotland, viz. Warrant to the Keeper of the Wardrobe, signed by Henry VI., no date, on parchment;-Warrant to the Keeper of the Wardrobe, signed by Henry VIII., and countersigned by Wolsey, as Bishop of Li..., 1422-1838 British Library
referencedIn FULLER COLLECTION. Vol. II. Transcripts of Battle Abbey charters (confirmations, temp. Henry VI and Edward IV), with marginal notes by William Camden; late 16th cent. Latin.Paper; ff. iv+16. 310 x 210mm.Henry VI of England: Edward IV of England: Batt... British Library
referencedIn "PARTICULE compotus Johannis Brekenok et Johannis Euerdone tam de denaaris per ipsos receptis quam de diuersis expensis hospicii Domine Margarete [Andegavensis] Regine venientis in Angliam, quam de vadiis Baronum Militum Scutariorum et aliorum offici... British Library
creatorOf Poems and Romances (the 'Talbot Shrewsbury book'), 1444-1445 British Library
creatorOf Seventh Seal; circa 1430. Douët d'Arcq, no. 10042; Birch nos. 297-299. British Library
referencedIn WODEHOUSE PAPERS. Vol. XIX. Ranulph Higden, Polychronicon. The continuation (from 1342 to 1376) is that which is printed in the Rolls Series edition of Higden (ed. C. Babington and J. R. Lumby, 1865-1886) vii, pp. 407-428, from the Caius College, Cam..., 15th century-16th century British Library
referencedIn Joan Troutbeck, widow of W Troutbeck, Chamberlain of county Cheshire: General pardon to: 1446.Henry VI of England: General pardons by: 1437-1455. British Library
referencedIn EDWARDS MEMORANDUM-BOOKFormulary-and Memorandum-Book, apparently of John Edwards, Receiver of Chirkland 1498, whose signature as owner appears at f. lb. English, Welsh, Latin, and French. Art. 3 was used extensively by C. Monro, Letters of Queen Mar..., 1324-1470 British Library
creatorOf LETTER of Richard, Duke of York, announcing the conclusion of a truce between England and Burgundy; 31 May 1443. French. Belonged to Sir Thomas Phillipps (MS. 32964). Purchased at Sotheby's, Phillipps sale, 14 June 1971, lot 1435, with the aid of an ... British Library
creatorOf PAPERS RELATING TO NEGOTIATIONS BETWEEN ENGLAND AND SPAIN, mostly concerning trade with the Netherlands; 1556-1594. Partly Latin, Dutch and French. Copies (except for art. 3(f)), 16th cent. Other copies of many of these and other related documents ar..., 1556-1594 British Library
referencedIn TRESHAM PAPERS. Vol. III (ff. 214). Historical and theological collections. Included are :-1. Oath of allegiance taken by the Lords; 24 July 1455. Copy.16th cent. See J. H. Ramsay, Lancaster and York, ii, p. 187. f. 2.2. Notes from Sir Nicholas Throc..., 1455-1605 British Library
referencedIn Margaret of Anjou, Queen Consort, of Henry VI, Signet, 1462. (10044)Henry VI of England: Signet of Qu. Margaret: 1462. British Library
referencedIn Richard Brautigan Papers, 1942-2003, (bulk 1958-1984) Bancroft Library
referencedIn AUTOGRAPH LETTERs of the following persons:-Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, addressed to the Duchess of Burgundy, dat. Greenwich 30 May, 1515 ;-Artus de Cossé de Brissac, Maréchal de France, to the King of Poland [Henri de Valois], dat. Gonnert, 8 ..., 1515-1615 British Library
referencedIn Louis XI of France: Certificate of delivery of Margaret of Anjou into bi& bands: 1476.: Lat.Henry VI of England: Certificate of the delivery of Qu. Margaret into the hands of Louis XI.: 1476.: Lat. British Library
referencedIn COLLECTIONS relating to the Court, and office of the Earl Marshal, comprising extracts from records; lists of the Marshals; the manner of exercising the office at coronations; treatises on duels by Sir Edward Coke, Sir Robert Cotton, and others; pape..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn William Troutbeck, Chamberlain of Chester: General pardons to: 1415, 1437.Henry VI of England: General pardons by: 1437-1455. British Library
creatorOf Letters patent of Henry VI granting licence to Matilda Verdon, late daughter of Richard fitz Roberd, to alienate to William Clerk of Hallyng in the parish of Stoke Mandevyle [Stoke Mandeville, co. Bucks] and Henry his brother a messuage, forty acres ... British Library
referencedIn ASTRONOMICA varia, scil. Tabulæ chronologlcæ et astronomicæ;-Schema nativitatis Regis Henrici VI. anno 1421 ;-Theorica Planetarum, secundum Campanum [in other copies it is ascribed to Walter Brytte and Simon Bredone; see Tanner];-Tabula declinacionis..., 15th century British Library
creatorOf Vol. i (ff. 139). Abrahamsen -Martland.includes:f. 1 Art. Portraits: Hans Abrahamsen, composer: Photograph of H. Abrahamsen with M. Vyner: 1982.ff. 2-4 Hans Abrahamsen, composer: Letters to M. Vyner from Hans Abrahamsen: 1985-1987: Partly signed... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS papers in French, Latin, English and Italian, relating to public and official matters; 1449-1685. 1. "Traicte et appoinctement touchant la delivrance des chasteaux et palais de Rouen;" Rouen, 29 Oct. 1449, f. 1. 2. "Traite fait en la vi..., 1449-1685 British Library
referencedIn HISTORICAL documents, viz.: 1. A complaint made to King Henry the VI by [Humphrey] the Duke of Gloucester upon [Henry Beaufort] the Cardinal [Bishop] of Winchester, Jan.-Feb. 1440. Beg: "Thes bene in partie the poyntes and articles." These articles, ..., 15th century British Library
referencedIn MANUSCRIPTS, of various dates, and certified copies of documents chiefly relating to France, viz.: 1. Recent copies of documents relating to the churches of Leeds, co. York, Rasen, co. Linc., and to tithe of Broughton, dioc. Lincoln, f. 1. 2. Quittan..., 15th century-19th century British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS relating chiefly to ceremonies at the English Court; 16th and 17th centt British Library
referencedIn VOL. I. Henry IV. King of England, n. d., f. 23; T[homas Arundel], Archbishop of Canterbury, 11 Apr., f. 24; Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, Henry [Chicheley], Archbishop of Canterbury, John [Stafford], Bishop of Bath, William Lyndewood, and others of ..., 15th century-17th century British Library
referencedIn LIST of properties in the chastellanies of Alençon and Essoy confiscated after the English conquest and regranted to English owners; 1435-1439. French. Belonged to Sir Thomas Phillipps. Purchased at Sotheby's, Phillipps sale, 25 June 1973, lot 1927. British Library
referencedIn TRANSCRIPTS of political and other letters and papers, collected for Sir Francis Fane, cr. Earl of Westmoreland in 1624, to whom and to whose family and estates, especially in co. Kent, many of the documents refer. The contents, which relate chiefly ..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn CUSTOMS of the town of Northampton, in fifty-eight chapters, the last chapter containing an ordinance made in 1341. Imperfect, beg. in the middle of chap. xxv. French. ff. 3-9. A later MS. in English, containing eighty chapters, is preserved among th..., 15th century-17th century British Library
referencedIn Vol. V.; tempp. Edw. I.-Hen. VIII. 1. Documents relating to the invasion of France by Henry V. in 1415, ff. 19, 58 b. 2. Accounts of ambassadors to France, Germany, the Council of Constance, etc.; 35 Edw. III.-27 Hen. VI. [1361-1449], ff. 26, 68, 72,..., 19th century British Library
referencedIn Mag. Richard Trewythian, Medical Practitioner, Astrologer and Money Lender in London: Entry book: 1442-1458.Henry VI of England: Notes of public events by Magister R. Trewythian: 1442-1458.Astrology: Horoscopes and astrological predictions: 1442-1458... British Library
referencedIn Proposals of R. de Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, Guardian of Henry VI., to the Privy Council, for the reform of the government, and agreed to by the Council; 29 Nov. 1432. With signatures.Henry VI of England: Proposals of the Earl of Warwick for reform... British Library
referencedIn PASSIONES SANCTORUM; scil. De Septem Dormientibus;-Passio S. Cypriani;-Passio Apostolorurn Petri et Pauli;-Passio Beatorum Machabeorum;-Passio SS. Sixti, Laurentii, et Ippoliti ;-Passio Beatæ Agnetis, virginis;--Passio Beatæ Agathæ, virginis;-Passio ..., 9th century British Library
referencedIn Henry VI of England: Seal affixed to a charter: 1442.Boston, Lincolnshire: Confirmation of Hen. VI. of the Gild of S. Mary there: 1442. British Library
referencedIn " THE BOOKE of Heraldrye and other thinges togither with the Order of Coronacions," etc.: a common-place book chiefly of heraldic and historical collections by Robert Commaundre (ob. 1613), Rector of Tarporley, co. Chester, and Chaplain to Sir Henry ..., 1525-1625 British Library
referencedIn CHRONICLE of Richard II., etc., in French:-1. " Cy commenchent les cronicques du roy Richart dengleterre, comment ses seigneurs le trahirent et de sa mort et le couronnement du roy Henry de Lencastre, qui fu couronne apres lui en lan de grace mil cc..., 15th century British Library
creatorOf COPY OF A ROYAL CONFIRMATION of the liberties of the Honor of Peveril; 15th cent. The King's title as given as 'Henricus Dei Gratia Rex Anglie et Francorum et dominus Hibernie', but the number of the King is not given. The document is dated 16 Feb. i... British Library
creatorOf INVENTORY of domestic plate of Henry VI delivered to Sir John Popham, Treasurer of the King's Household, by the executors of his predecessor Sir John Tyrell; 19 April 1437. Latin. Belonged to Sir Thomas Phillipps (disbound from his MS. 4103). Sold at... British Library
referencedIn County of Surrey: Letters for the military array of: 1433.Henry VI of England: Letters patent for the military array of the county of Surrey: 1433. British Library
referencedIn Roger D. Branigin-Kenneth Dale Owen Collection, 1825-1896, (bulk 1825-1859) Working Men's Institute of New Harmony, Indiana
creatorOf Order by Henry VI to the Governor General of his finances in France concerning accounts said to be due from John Bretton and his wife, Isabella; 1426. Latin.Henry VI of England: Order to the Governor General of his finances in France: 1426: Lat. British Library
referencedIn Vol. IV.includes:f. 1 John Paston I, son of William Paston I: Letter to, from J. Payn: 1465.f. 1 John Payn, servant to Sir J Fastolf: Letter to J. Paston: 1465.f. 2 James Gresham, of Holt, county Norfolk: Letters to J. Paston I: 1455-1461.f. 2 ... British Library
referencedIn WRIOTHESLEY HERALDIC COLLECTIONS. Collections relating to heraldry, etc. Supplementary to Add. MSS. 5530, 45131-45133, 46354. The contents are as follows:-(1) 'Le xviiie livre de Bethelemy des proprietes lequel parle de la proprite des bestes', bein..., 15th century British Library
referencedIn John Troutbeck, Chamberlain of county Cheshire: General pardon to: 1455.Henry VI of England: General pardons by: 1437-1455. British Library
referencedIn Vol.. IV.; tempp. Hen. III.-Hen. VII. 1. Accounts relating to David Bruce, prisoner in England; 21-31 Edw. III. [1347-1357], f. 4. 2. English benefices in the hands of Cardinals; 20 Edw. III. [1346], f. 7. 3. Itineraries, from household accounts, for..., 19th century British Library
referencedIn a, b. St. Margaret. Matrix found at Horningsham, co. Wilts, 14th century.includes:A,B Saint Margaret,; Virgin and Martyr: As device on a seal: 14th cent. British Library
referencedIn Vol. I.Sir John Fenn, editor of the Paston Letters: Bookplates of arms.Bookplates and Book-stamps: Fenn (Sir John), editor of the Paston Letters; d.: 1794.includes:f. 4 William Paston, I, judge: Letter to, from his wife: [? 1440].f. 4 Agnes Pasto... British Library
referencedIn Bernard Raux slave trade papers, 1828-1836. Houghton Library
referencedIn MISCELLANE0US letters, papers, and fragments of manuscripts, 13th-20th centt., 13th century-20th century British Library
creatorOf PAPERS RELATING TO NEGOTIATIONS WITH SPAIN CONCERNING THE NETHERLANDS TRADE, AND WITH THE HANSEATIC LEAGUE; 13th cent.-1597. Latin, English and Spanish. Partly copies, drafts and printed. Some of the material is in Beale's autograph or bears his alte..., 1200-1597 British Library
referencedIn BOOK OF HOURS: Les Heures de Marguerite de Beaujeu. 76 plates (26 in gold and colours) of French illumination, 14th cent., with Latin text. Extracts from a life of St. Margaret, in French verse, occurring in the MS., are included. Preface by Madame T... British Library
referencedIn COLLECTIONS, genealogical, legal, and historical. Sir Thomas Phillipps (see his Catal. Manuscriptorum under no. 3765, and Collectanea Topogr. et Geneal. vol. i, p. 20) regarded the collection as made by Robert Aske, whose name occurs several times. I..., 16th century British Library
referencedIn Henry VI of England: Pardon to R. Erle, with seal: 1458. British Library
creatorOf Confirmation by Henry VI to Matilda, daughter of Richard fitz Roberd de Aillesbury, of three virgates, etc., of land in Aylesbury originally granted by Henry II to Roger Follo, his ‘lutrarius’, as recited in the charter of 10 April 1 Ric. II. Dated a... British Library
referencedIn Henry VI., 2nd seal. British Library
referencedIn Sloane 1936Membranaceus, in Quarto, ff. 166, Sec. XV.Legendae Sanctorum, et tractatus ecclesiastici, viz: — De Adventu Domini. ff. 1-7.De Sancto Andrea. f. 7b.De Sancto Michaele. ff. 9-16.De S. Jeronimo presbitero. ff. 16b-18.De Remigio. f. 19.De S. ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. XXXIII. A collection of prints and drawings relating to Windsor ; at the end are four letters to Richards, 1840. Ff.161.Art. Engravings, etc: Windsor and neighbourhood, etc.: 17th-19th centt.Windsor, Parks: Views of Windsor and neighbourhood, et..., 1840 British Library
referencedIn Agreement between the English and French ambassadors for extending the time for the passage of Henry VI. into France, to ratify treaties; 15 Oct. 1447. Lat. With signatures of W. Hart, Bishop of Norwich, R. Botiller, Prior of St. John of Jerusalem in... British Library
referencedIn ORIGINAL letters and autographs of royal and noble personages; 1452-1785. 1. Royal pardon for John Penycoke, Gentleman of the Royal Bodyguard, with monogram, R. H. [Henry VI.] at the top and signed at the foot by [Henry de Beaufort, 2nd Duke of] Some..., approximately 1450-1785 British Library
referencedIn IMPRESSION in red wax of the heraldic seal of Margaret, wife of Edmund of Woodstock, lst Earl of Kent; 1324-1325. Acquired with Add. MS. 47841, ff. 66-69b, and Add. Ch. 75065.Margaret, wife of Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent: Heraldic seal: 132... British Library
referencedIn Codex partim membranaceus, partim chartaceus, ff. 120, sec. XV. 1. "Tractatus libri honeste vite, editus a Martino [Dumiensi sive Braccarensi] Episcopo, qui a multis intitulatur, De quatuor virtutibus, et attribuitur Senece." fol. Ad calcem: "Explici... British Library
referencedIn ACCEPTANCE by Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, of the gift of the realm of England from his mother, Isabella [daughter of John I. of Portugal, and granddaughter of John of Gaunt, 3rd son of Edward III. of England], as next heir to Henry VI. of Eng... British Library
referencedIn Paper, folio, ff. 75, xvi. Cent., formerly belonging to Sir Will. Detheck, Garter. 1. Letter from [Maximilian I.] King of the Romans to the inhabitants of the Duchy and County of Burgundy, in which he promises to come in a months time, to deliver the... British Library
referencedIn A COLLECTION of English Poems by John Lydgate and others; chiefly in the handwriting of John Stowe, the historian. The contents are:-1. "A pece of ye battayll of the psalms:" beginning, "That every man in his degree." Copied "out of M[a]ster. Blomfe..., 1558 British Library
referencedIn Charles Eliot Norton letters to Eliot Norton, 1867-1908. Houghton Library
creatorOf Letters patent of Henry VI granting licence to William Clerke of Stoke Maundevyle and Henry Clerke his brother to alienate to Edmund Brittenel, Thomas Tettesworth, Ralph Verney, Thomas Baldewyn, John Baldewyn junior, and William Baldewyn land in Ayle... British Library
referencedIn ORDINARY and Roll of Arms: an early example (second half of the 15th cent.) of the collection known as Jenyns' Ordinary, so called because other copies of a similar armorial derive from a transcript stated to have been made by Robert Glover, Somerset... British Library
referencedIn HARDWICKE PAPERS. Vol. CCCCLXXXII. Miscellaneous State letters, etc. Vol. I., 1425, 1553-1561. The correspondence of Sir Nicholas Throckmorton with Queen Elizabeth and Secretary Cecil, which forms the most important part of this volume, consists of d..., 1425-1561 British Library
referencedIn TRANSCRIPTS of various Historical Papers in a hand of the xviith cent. viz. Letter of Richard III. to the Mayor of Windsor, to arrest utterers of seditious writings, dat. Westm. 6 Dec. [1485 ?];-Letter of Henry, Earl of Richmond, before he was King, ..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn LETTERS and papers, 1430-1716, viz.:-1. Two leaves from the letter-book of Thomas Langley, Bisliop of Durham, containing copies of letters to the Countess of Westmoreland, [James I.] King of Scotland (from the English commissioners), the Earl of Sal..., 1430-1716 British Library
referencedIn A VOLUME intitled Caer Rhun, No. 29; badly written in several hands, in the xviith century, containing various Poems and Tracts, in Welsh, namely:-Poems by Dafydd Llwyd ap Llywelyn ap Gruffydd;-Doctor Sion Kent;-Dafydd ap Gwilim;-Huw ap Wiliam ap D..., 17th century British Library
referencedIn James IV of Scotland: Transcripts by Dr. R. Gray of original State papers, from 1513 to 1603, relating to Scottish History: 18th cent.Robert Gray, MD, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Papers relating to Scottish history, 1513-1603, collected by: 18th British Library
referencedIn GENERAL PARDON from Henry VI to the Abbot and Convent of Robertsbridge; 1 Feb. 1471. Great Seal.Robertsbridge Abbey; Sussex: General pardon to, from Henry VI: 1471.Henry VI of England: Pardon to Robertsbridge Abbey: 1471. British Library
referencedIn Henry VI of England: Licence by, to R. Beauchamp, to impark, crenellate, etc., at Eastnor: 1460.: copy.Richard Beauchamp, 2nd Baron Beauchamp of Powick: Licence to, to impark, etc., at Eastnor: 1460.: copy.Eastnor, Herefordshire: Deeds rel. to, and t... British Library
referencedIn HISTORICAL COLLECTION to illustrate the times of Henry V, made by Robert Sanderson (d. 1741), Clerk of the Rolls, one of the editors of Rymer's Fædera. It consists of extracts and copies of documents relating chiefly to the French war, the Lollards, ..., 18th century British Library
referencedIn ORDINANCES made by the "Generaulx maistres des monnoies du Roy [Henry VI. of England] en France," regulating the coinage and the standard of gold and silver used in various manufactures; circa 1422. Fr. Vellum. Quarto., approximately 1422 British Library
referencedIn "ABREVIACION des Croniques de France;" from the destruction of Troy to the year 1383. At the end are added several short Treatises, among which are "De la dignité roial;" "Des bonnes meurs et condicions des François;" "De noblesse;" "De la proprieté ..., 15th century British Library
referencedIn (ff. 494). 1. " RELATION de cc qui fut négotié en l'an 1525 [1527] avec Henry VIII., Roy d'Angleterre, et le Cardinal [Thomas Wolsey, Archbishop] d'York, par [Gabriel de Grammont] l'Evesque de Tarbe, [François] le Vicomte de Turenne, et le Président ... British Library
referencedIn CONTEMPORARY Copies of two Letters addressed to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Chancellor, and to King Henry VI., by Richard, Duke of York, and the Earls of Warwick and Salisbury, containing professions of allegiance, and supposed to have been wr... British Library
referencedIn CONFIRMATION by Henry VI of a grant made by Henry V to Tong College, co. Salop, of Lapley Priory, co. Stafford; 22 Oct. 1437. First Great Seal. British Library
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Cliffe Regis, Northamptonshire
Tawstock, Devon
Mortaigne, France
Ipswich, Suffolk
Betley, Staffordshire
Shelly, Suffolk
Hampsthwaite, Yorkshire
Netherlands, Europe
Waterfall, Staffordshire
Rockingham Forest, Northamptonshire
Rasen, Lincolnshire
Wales, United Kingdom
Cawston, Norfolk
Antwerp, Belgium
Home Castle, Berwickshire
Adbaston, Staffordshire
Burgundy, France
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Linlithgow, Linlithgow
York, Yorkshire
Broughton, Lincolnshire
Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Hartford, Cheshire
Rouen, France
Marseilles, France
Netherlands, Europe
Northampton, Northamptonshire
Shropshire, England
Chirkland, Denbighshire
Alençon, France
Thebes, Greece
Mawdesley, Lancashire
Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland
Weston, Shropshire
Cheshire, England
Market Harling, Norfolk
India, Asia
Whittlewood Forest, Oxfordshire, and Buckinghamshire
Calais, France
West Malling, Kent
Tremiti Islands, Italy
Buchan, Aberdeenshire
Northamptonshire, England
Ulster, Province of, Northern Ireland
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Norwich, Norfolk
Essoy, France
Pleshey, Essex
Schiedam, Holland
Malines, Belgium
Ireland, Europe
Caen, Calvados
Derwentfells, Cumberland
Gariauch, Aberdeenshire
London, England
Anjou, France
San Domingo, the Carribean
Dunfermline, Fifeshire
Windsor, Berkshire
Ludlow Castle, Shropshire
Bubwith, Yorkshire
Preswen, Cumberland
London, England
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Térouane, Artois
Glasgow, Scotland
Merse, Scotland
Ellerton, Yorkshire
Netherlands, Europe
Mucklestone, Staffordshire
Coventry, Warwickshire
Carnarvonshire, Wales
Eastnor, Herefordshire
Nieuport, the Netherlands
Banffshire, Scotland
Sillé-Le-Guillaume, le Maine
Wales, United Kingdom
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Cranbourn Lodge, Berkshire
Fast Castle, Berwickshire
Gresham, Norfolk
Orkney Islands, Scotland
Huntingdonshire, England
Kelfield, Yorkshire
Surrey, England
Winchester, Hampshire
Ireland, Europe
Rycott Magna, Oxfordshire
Rishton, Lancashire
Old Windsor, Berkshire
Dunkirk, France
Wiltshire, England
Slapton, Devon
Wexford, Ireland
Oléron, France
Oxnead, Norfolk
Lothian, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland
Norfolk, England
Waterford, Ireland
North Elmham, Norfolk
Oxford, Oxfordshire
Uxbridge, Middlesex
Hopton and Coton, Staffordshire
Ely, Cambridgeshire
Aquitaine, France
Bordeaux, France
Jarnac, France
Dublin, Ireland
Netherlands, Europe
Scarborough, North Riding of Yorkshire
Tunstall, Staffordshire
Germany, Europe
Twyford Hundred, Kent
Burgundy, France
Hanworth, Norfolk
Brenchley, Kent
Calais, France
Chichester, Sussex
Yorkshire, England
Wiltshire, England
Kent, England
Leeds, Yorkshire
Heleigh, Staffordshire
Horton, Staffordshire
Poitiers, France
Wales, United Kingdom
Windermere, Westmorland
Canterbury, Kent
Cape Town, S. Africa
Maplescomb, Kent
Caen, Calvados
Bruges, Belgium
Strathbogy, Aberdeenshire
Cornwall, England
France, Europe
Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire
Teviotdale, Roxburghshire
London, England
Ireland, Europe
London, England
Paris, France
Bannockburn, Stirlingshire
Glocester, Gloucesterhire
Cauldon, Staffordshire
Windsor, Berkshire
Rouen, France
Southampton, Hampshire
Clare, Suffolk
Swaffham, Norfolk
Avranches, France
Boston, Lincolnshire
Netherlands, Europe
Hertford, Hertfordshire
Ireland, Europe
Everthorpe, Yorkshire
Cologne, Germany
Bordeaux, France
Brandon, Warwickshire
Devonshire, England
Scarborough, North Riding of Yorkshire
Maidstone, Kent
Bruges, Belgium
Worcester, Worcestershire
Caister, Norfolk
Kendal, Westmorland
Elton, Cheshire
Toulon, Var
Longford, Shropshire
Bayonne, France
Shetland Islands, Scotland
St. Diez al St. Dié, Lorraine
Carlisle, Cumberland
Kinsale, Cork
London, England
Rycott Parva, Oxfordshire
Harting, Sussex
London, England
Alveton, Warwickshire
Liddesdale, Roxburghshire
Bruges, Belgium
Dort, Holland
Jersey, Channel Islands
London, England
Neuburg, Meissen
Pattesley, Norfolk
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Mereworth Castle, Kent
Mar, Aberdeenshire
Nieuwpoort, Flanders
London, England
Dover, Kent
Longsdon, Staffordshire
Edinburgh, Scotland
Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Eastnor, Herefordshire
Montreuil, France
Paston, Norfolk
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Eccleshall, Staffordshire
Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland
London, England
Maidstone, Kent
Normandy, France
Ostend, Flanders
Wales, United Kingdom
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Cambrai, France
Antwerp, Belgium
Gillingham, Kent
Rye, Sussex
North Cave, Yorkshire
Glasgow, Scotland
Suffolk, England
Windsor, Berkshire
Poissy, France
Netherlands, Europe
London, England
Alstonefield, Staffordshire
Saxony, Germany
Norfolk, England
Ireland, Europe
Aughton, East Riding of Yorkshire
Crendewelle, Buckinghamshire
Conington, Cambridgeshire


Active 1200

Active 1597



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