Adam, R. B. (Robert Borthwick), 1863-1940

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Robert Borthwick Adam was a prominent manuscript collector. He was born in England in 1863 as Robert Borthwick Adam Scott, son of John Scott and Jean (Adam) Scott. In 1872, he was brought to Buffalo, N.Y, and adopted by his uncle, Robert Borthwick Adam (1833-1904), a prosperous department store owner. He assumed his uncle's name and eventually inherited the department store, as well as a substantial collection of British rare books and literary manuscripts, many of them relating to Samuel Johnson. Adam published a four-volume catalog of his private library. By his wife Lena Benjamin Stevens Adam, he had two daughters, Harriet (Adam) (Black) Servis, and Florence (Adam) Conrad; and one son, Robert Borthwick Adam III (1918-1993). Adam died in 1940, and his Johnson collection was sold by his children to Donald and Mary Hyde in 1948.
Archival Resources
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creatorOf Adam, R. B. (Robert Borthwick), 1863-1940. Papers, 1846-1948 (inclusive), 1918-1939 (bulk). Houghton Library
creatorOf Severn, Joseph, 1793-1879. ALS : London, to James Thomas Fields, [1860] May 21. Rosenbach Museum & Library
referencedIn John Ruskin collection of papers, 1835-1914, 1855-1889 The New York Public Library. Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American Literature.
creatorOf Ruskin, John, 1819-1900. John Ruskin collection of papers, 1835-1914 bulk (1855-1889). New York Public Library System, NYPL
referencedIn Papers, 1846-1948 (inclusive), 1918-1939 (bulk). Houghton Library
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creatorOf Burns, Robert, 1759-1796. Collection, 1779-[ca. 1885] (bulk 1785-1796). Rosenbach Museum & Library
referencedIn Mary Hyde Eccles papers Houghton Library
referencedIn Mary Hyde Eccles papers Houghton Library
creatorOf Lamb, Charles, 1775-1834. ALS (initials) : Edmonton, to Thomas Manning, [1834 May 10]. Rosenbach Museum & Library
creatorOf Papers, 1846-1948 (inclusive), 1918-1939 (bulk). Houghton Library
referencedIn Edgar Huidekoper Wells papers, 1912-1933. Houghton Library
referencedIn Houghton Library printed book provenance file, A-D Houghton Library
creatorOf Adam, Meldrum & Anderson Company (Buffalo, N.Y.). Historical files, 1867-1984. Buffalo History Museum, Research Library
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associatedWith Adam family family
spouseOf Adam, Lena Benjamin Stevens. person
associatedWith Adam, Meldrum & Anderson Company (Buffalo, N.Y.) corporateBody
parentOf Adam, Robert B. 1918-1993. person
correspondedWith Adam, Thomas. person
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correspondedWith Axon, Ernest. person
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correspondedWith Belden, Charles F. D. (Charles Francis Dorr), 1870-1931 person
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associatedWith Bertha A. Keyes person
correspondedWith B.F. Stevens & Brown, Ltd. corporateBody
associatedWith Birmingham Public Libraries. corporateBody
associatedWith Biron, Chartres, Sir, 1863-1940 person
associatedWith Birrell, Augustine, 1850-1933, person
correspondedWith Blue, C. S. person
associatedWith Bodleian Library. corporateBody
associatedWith Boston Public Library. corporateBody
associatedWith Brentano's corporateBody
associatedWith Brentano's (Firm) corporateBody
associatedWith Brick Row Book Shop (New York, N.Y.) corporateBody
associatedWith British Library. Dept. of Printed Books) corporateBody
correspondedWith Brown, Henry Collins, 1862-1961 person
associatedWith Buffalo Public Library (Buffalo, N.Y.) corporateBody
associatedWith Burns Gillam person
associatedWith Burns, Robert, 1759-1796. person
correspondedWith Buttrick, Ernest G. person
correspondedWith Carman, William Warren. person
associatedWith Century Association (New York, N.Y.) corporateBody
associatedWith Chapman, R. W. (Robert William), 1881-1960, person
associatedWith Charles D. (Charles David) Abbott person
associatedWith Charles Henry Poole person
associatedWith Charles McCamic person
associatedWith Charles Sessler (Firm) corporateBody
associatedWith Charles W. (Charles Walts) Burr person
associatedWith Chauncey J. (Chauncey Jerome) Hamlin person
associatedWith Christopher Morley person
associatedWith Clement King Shorter person
associatedWith Clive E. Driver person
correspondedWith Columbia University. corporateBody
correspondedWith Connelly, John F. person
associatedWith Cornell University. corporateBody
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correspondedWith Cowley, A. E. (Arthur Ernest), 1861-1931 person
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correspondedWith Depew, Ganson. person
correspondedWith Dickson, William Kirk, 1860-1949 person
correspondedWith Dobmeier, Fred. person
associatedWith Donald and Mary Hyde Collection of Dr. Samuel Johnson (Houghton Library) corporateBody
associatedWith Donald Goddard Wing. person
associatedWith Dorothea Mary Roby Benson, Baroness Charnwood person
associatedWith Edgar H. Wells & Co. corporateBody
correspondedWith Edgar H. Wells & Co., recipient. corporateBody
associatedWith Edgar Munson person
associatedWith Edinburgh Public Libraries. corporateBody
associatedWith Edith C. Johnson. person
associatedWith Edmond de Goncourt person
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associatedWith Gomme, Laurence J. (Laurence James), b. 1882, person
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Greene, Belle da Costa person
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correspondedWith Grolier Club. corporateBody
associatedWith Grosvenor Library) corporateBody
correspondedWith Hackett, Edmond Byrne, b. 1879 person
associatedWith Harald Heyman person
correspondedWith Harmsworth, Cecil, 1869-1948 person
associatedWith Harper & Brothers. corporateBody
associatedWith Harriet Adam Servis person
associatedWith Harry F. Marks (Firm) corporateBody
associatedWith Harry T. Ramsdell person
associatedWith Harvard College Library). corporateBody
associatedWith Harvard University. Library. corporateBody
correspondedWith Hayd, H. E. person
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associatedWith Hyde, Donald Frizell, 1909-1966, person
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associatedWith Johnson, Samuel, 1709-1784 person
associatedWith Johnson Society. corporateBody
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associatedWith Lewis G. Harriman person
correspondedWith Lewis, W. S. (Wilmarth Sheldon), 1895-1979 person
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associatedWith New York Public Library corporateBody
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associatedWith R. Farquharson (Robert Farquharson) Sharp person
associatedWith Riviere & Son corporateBody
associatedWith Robert B. Adam, 1918-1993 person
associatedWith Robert Borthwick Adam, 1833-1904 person
associatedWith Robert Burns. person
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associatedWith Ruskin, John, 1819-1900. person
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correspondedWith University of Rochester. Library. corporateBody
correspondedWith University of Texas. corporateBody
correspondedWith Unwin, T. Fisher (Thomas Fisher), 1848-1935 person
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Death 1940







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