Astle, Thomas, 1735-1803

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Epithet: archivist and collector of books and manuscripts

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Antiquary and paleographer who wrote "The Origin and Progress of Writing" in 1784; was elected a fellow of the Royal Society in 1766; was made chief clerk of the Record Office in the Tower in 1775; and was made keeper of the records in 1783.

From the description of Astle correspondence, 1757-1803. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 81960482

From the description of Astle correspondence, 1757-1803. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702146413

Antiquary and paleographer.

From the description of Letters, 1795-1797. (Indiana University). WorldCat record id: 36128177

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creatorOf EXTRACTS from the Register of the Abbey of St. Benet of Hulme co. Norfolk. An entry on the margin of f. 2, signed "P[eter] Le Neve, Rougecroix," states that this is a transcript of part of Cotton MS. Galba E. ii. (to which references are given throug... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Cnut, King of the English, to Eadsin, Bishop [of St. Martin's], of half an aratrum of land at Berwic [Berwick in Lympne] in East Kent, with wood at Gimmincg [Gimmingbrook, or Gibbon's Brook, in Stanford]. Among the, boundaries are Stanford, ... British Library
creatorOf WILL of Robert Cobbe, of Earls Colne, co. Essex. Dat. 18 June, 1619. With probate, at Kelvedon [co. Essex], 4 Oct. 1619.Wills: R. Cobbe, of Earl's Colne: 1619.Robert Cobbe, of Earl's Colne, county Essex: Will: 1619. British Library
creatorOf Astle, Thomas, 1735-1803. Autograph letter signed : to Mr. Sewell, bookseller at Cornhill, 1791 July 22. Pierpont Morgan Library.
creatorOf COLLECTIONS relating to the Crown regalia and jewels, viz.1. Extracts from the Patent Rolls, Wardrobe Accompts, and other public records, tempp. John-Hen. VI.; including (f. 11) a list of the jewels belonging to the shrine of St. Edward the Confessor... British Library
creatorOf a, b. WILL of Jane Smith, widow, of Much Tey, co. Essex. Dat. 22 Nov. 1672. With probate at Kelvedon [Co. Essex], 16 May, 1673.Wills: J. Smith, of Much Tey: 1672.Jane Smith, of Much Tey, county Essex: Will: 1672. British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Coenulf, King of the Mercians, to Uulfred, Archbishop [of Canterbury], for twenty-three mancusæ in a ring, of one mancus or hide of land called Seleberhting-lond, in Febresham [Feversham], and Gravenea [Graveney] to the south of the Sualuæ [... British Library
referencedIn TRANSCRIPTS from the Edmondes Papers, etc., as follows:-1. Sir Edward Hoby to Sir Thomas Edmondes; 19 Nov. 1605. f. 1. See above, 168, art. 57. 2. Sir Thomas Edmondes to Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury; Paris, 26 May-S Aug. 1610. ff. 8, 11, 20, 26, ... British Library
creatorOf " A GENERAL ACCOUNT of the State-Papers preserved in the Royal Repository called the Paper-Office," and now in the Public, Record Office. The account begins with a copy (in the hand of Tho. Astle) of a description of the arrangement and subdivision o... British Library
creatorOf BIOGRAPHICAL NOTICES of literary, scientific and other persons living, for the most part, in the latter half of the 17th century, arranged in dictionary form. According to a note appended the MS. is in the hand of Thomas Coxeter, of Trinity College, ... British Library
creatorOf 1. " MAXIMS, religious and political, of King James 1. f. 2. Printed, but with variations, in The Prince's Cabala, etc., 1715, under the title of " The Table-Talk of King James I., etc. Collected by Sir Thomas Overbury." 2. " Obseruations upon the st... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Ceolnoð, Archbishop [of Canterbury], to the family in Dorobernia [Canterbury], of two aratra of land at Longandon [Langdon], co. Kent. Witn.: Ceolnoð, archbishop; Beornfreð, priest; and others. Date on the endorsement, A.D. 831. Latin. Facsi... British Library
creatorOf " A TABLE to the most remarkable points in the printed Cases upon appeals to the House of Lords," 1701-1728 ; together with a "table of the names of the cases, referring to the day and year, and likewise to the titles under which they are placed in t... British Library
creatorOf TWELVE ink drawings of persons and groups, elaborately executed by a French artist, generally without removing the pen from the surface. Opposite each drawing are one or more French songs, with the musical notes (except in one instance). On the cover... British Library
creatorOf REGISTER of Documents concerning a chantry in the church of SS. Anne and Agnes within Aldersgate, founded by Sir William Gregory, Knt., citizen and skinner of London [Lord Mayor 1451-2]; 1461-1503. Lat. and Engl. The contents are:-(1) Will of the Fou... British Library
creatorOf ACCOUNT of what passed in a Conference in 1719, concerning a scheme for separating the descent of the German possessions of George I. from that of the Crown of England. A note by Tho. Astle states that it is copied from the original in the hand of Lo... British Library
creatorOf CANCELLED SCHEDULE accompanying the preceding will, to regulate the distribution of the personal goods of the said John, Earl of Oxford, [1552].Wills: J. de Vere, 16th Earl of Oxford: 1552.John de Vere, 16th Earl of Oxford: Cancelled will: 1552. British Library
creatorOf " THE METHODICALL PROSEC[UTION] Of causes in the high Court of Star Chamber from the originall subp[oena] vnto the hearing and end of the cause. Allso the order and proceedings of the Court vpon the sitting dayes in the hearing of causes and motions.... British Library
creatorOf Astle, Thomas, 1735-1803. Astle correspondence, 1757-1803. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
creatorOf Reynolds, Joshua, Sir, 1723-1792. Autograph letter signed : London, to Thomas Astle, 1784 Mar. 8. Pierpont Morgan Library.
creatorOf HANOVER PAPERS, being the correspondence and papers of J-Robethon, private secretary (1) to William III., (2) to George William, Duke of Zell, and (3) to George Louis, Elector of Hanover, and George I. of England; 2 Oct. 1692-13 Nov. 1719. Eleven vo... British Library
creatorOf ARTICLES by Sir Richard Scott, showing in what particulars the provisions of the last will of his "lord Sir Roger Walden, sumtyme Bisshop of London " (ob. 1406), were "brokyn and [nou-t] fulfillyd." Early xvth cent.Roger Walden, Bishop of London: Art... British Library
creatorOf DEED OF EXCHANGE, whereby Uuerenberht, thegn or præfect of the king, grants to Vuerheard, priest-abbot [of Reculver?], one cassata of land for another in Hroces seað [Roxeth], formerly belonging to Grenan ford vill [Greenford, co. Midd.]. Witn.: Ceol... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Eadsi, Archbishop [of Canterbury], to St. Augustine['s Abbey, Canterbury], of five acres of land outside Reada gata [Riding-Gate, Canterbury], and the mead outside Wiwer gata [Worgate]. Witn.: Godwine, bishop of Rochester; Godwine, bishop of... British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANIES, legal and political:-1. Reading of Edward Bagshaw on 25 Edw. III., c. 7, in the Middle Temple, 24 Feb. 1639 [40]; with index. From a MS. belonging to Sir Henry Yelverton. f. 3. 2. Reading of Henry Slierfield on 32 Hen. VIII. c. 1, of W... British Library
creatorOf "A SURVEY of Staffordshire," by Sampson Erdeswicke. The printed edition of 1723, interleaved, with numerous additions in the hand of Edward Vernon, D.D. (cf. No. 816 above). Between the introduction and the first page of the "Survey" (f. 13) is inser... British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION of papers relating to Needwood Chase, co. Staff.; interspersed with which are sundry papers relating to other parts of the county. Among them are:-1. Assessment of the county for a tenth and fifteenth; 29 Hen. VI. [1450-1]. ... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Coenuulf, King of the Mercians, and Cudræd, King of the Cantuuarii, to Uulfhard, priest, "famulus" of archbishop Aeðelheard, for 100 sicli of gold and as many of silver, of two "manentes" of land at Sueordhlincæ [Swarling, in Petham, co. Ken... British Library
creatorOf ORIGINAL LETTERS from lawyers, scholars and others addressed for the most part to Thomas Parker, Lord Chief Justice 1710, Baron Parker 1716, Lord Chancellor 1718, Earl of Macclesfield 1721 (ob. 1732); 1704-1739. A few draft replies of Lord Macclesfie... British Library
creatorOf NOTARIAL INSTRUMENT of Thomas Godsalve, clerk, notary public of the see of York, setting forth that on 17 March, 1494, in a room at the Antelope in Briggestrete, Lichfield, there appeared Humphrey Stanley, knt., and Nicholas Agarde, esq., who declare... British Library
creatorOf RECORD, by King Eadweard [the Elder], at the request of Æðelfrið, duke, who had lost the original deed (here rewritten from memory) by a fire, of a grant by Aðulf to Æðelgyð, his daughter, of land at Easteran Hrisan byrh [Prince's Risborough, co. Buc... British Library
creatorOf WILL of John Maupas, of Ramsey [co. Essex], appointing Robert Horlake (to whom he bequeaths his "yong horse") his executor, and Thomas Heige supervisor. Witn.: Sir John Busshe, "prest," Thomas Heige, and Robert Vayr. Dat. 14 Nov. 1538. With probate, ... British Library
creatorOf RESTITUTION of temporalities by Henry I., King of England, to William [de Corbeuil], Archbishop, and the monks of Christ Church, Canterbury, confirming to them all the lands and privileges which they held in the time of King Edward [the Confessor] an... British Library
creatorOf "LIBER Abbathiæ de Hyde juxta Winton": a chronicle of the affairs of England, from the settlement of the Saxons to the reign of Cnut, with copies of charters, etc., relating to Newminster, afterwards Hyde Abbey, Winchester, where the work was compile... British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS Concerning the revenue, coinage, etc. 1381-1734. 1. Extracts from the Rolls of Parliament for 5 Rich. II., being pp. 126, 127, of vol. iii. of the printed edition. f. 1. 2. " Of the erected service called the office of Composicio... British Library
creatorOf Vol. I. ff. 116.John Fortescue-Aland, Baron Fortescue; Baron of the Exchequer, Justice of the King's Bench and of Common Pleas: Commonplace books, legal and general: 18th cent. British Library
creatorOf "THE LIGHT IN DARKNESS, or The True Religion long sought, at last found out, amongst all the religions of the world here mention'd, by Martin Brethon, a true prozelyte to the Church of England, Aug. 26, 1685"; consisting of a dictionary of churches, ... British Library
creatorOf Astle, Thomas, 1735-1803. Letters, 1795-1797. Indiana University
creatorOf GRANT by Uihtred, King of the Cantuarii, to the Basilica of St. Mary in Limingae [Lyminge, near Hythe, co. Kent], of four aratra of land at Wieghielmestun, bounded by Bereueg [Berwick], Meguines-paed [?Giminge-brook] and Stretleg [Street] near Lympne... British Library
creatorOf MANUAL, with musical notes; entitled (in a later hand) "Rituale secundum usum Sarum." The contents are: — (1) Benedictio salis et aquae. f. 1; — (2) "Ordo ad cathecuminum faciendum." f. 5; — (3) Ritus baptizandi. f. 19; — (4) "Ordo ad purificandum mu... British Library
creatorOf Astle correspondence, 1757-1803 Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
creatorOf TRANSCRIPTS of historical papers, viz. 1. " Mr. Harley's Plan for conducting the Business of the Public as proposed to the Queen in a Conference with Her Majesty, October 30th, 1710 " : an outline of foreign and domestic policy on taking office. f. 1... British Library
creatorOf " RECORDS and papers relating to the Guardianship of the Kingdom as well in the absence of our Kings as in extraordinary emergencies," with documents concerning the custody of the Great and Privy Seals, the proceedings of the Lords Justices, etc.; te... British Library
creatorOf CHARTULARY Of Pipewell Abbey, co. Northampton, compiled, and written by various hands, in the latter half of the 13th cent. Other chartularies of the same Abbey are in Cotton MSS. Otho B. xiv. and Calig. A. xii., xiii. The volume begins with quire vi... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Coenuulf, King of the Mercians, to Uulfred, Archbishop [of Canterbury], for 126 mancusæ, of lands in Róeginga-hám [Rainham], called Apping land, Febresham [Feversham], and Swidunninglond in Grafonea [Graveney], all in West Kent; in the Romne... British Library
creatorOf CHARTULARY of the Hospital of St. Thomas the Martyr in Southwark. Latin and English. The deeds are entered, not chronologically, but according to the parishes in which the lands concerned are situated, and include conveyances of the several estates b... British Library
creatorOf " EXTRACTS out Of the Charter, Patent and Claus. Rolls " and other Records, from 1 John to 57 Hen. III., with a few additions to 5 Edw. IV. With occasional marginal notes, some of which are possibly in the hand of William Prynne (see below, Nos. 527-... British Library
creatorOf "COLLECTANEA miscellanea," consisting of notes and extracts from books, charters, etc., relating mainly to heraldlic and antiquarian matters. In the hand of John Anstis, Garter King of Arms, [1718-1745]. With an index of some of the principal matters... British Library
creatorOf " THE METHOD Of building, rigging, apparelling and furnishing his Majesties ships of war, according to their rates; with the exact proportion and charge of all things requisite thereunto also the charge of wages, victualls, and necessaries, as well f... British Library
creatorOf WILL of John Page, of Wolvetts in Peldon [co. Essex], containing bequests to the church of Peldon, "to the mother churche of Pawlis in London," "to the place of Grey fryeris within Colchester," to John his son and to Johan his wife, whom he appoints ... British Library
creatorOf 1. THE ABBEY of the Holy Ghost; an allegorical treatise, generally ascribed (e.g. by Bale, Pits, and the biographical dictionaries) to John Alcock, Bishop successively of Rochester, Worcester, and Ely, and founder of Jesus College, Cambridge (ob. 150... British Library
creatorOf Astle, Thomas, 1735-1803,. Summons to Parliament, 1265-1348, late 17th-century. Harvard Law School Library, HLS Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS historical and other papers; 1588-1721. With a table of contents in the hand of Thomas Astle. 1. Part of the book of the Commissioners for the Sequestration of delinquents' estates in co. Essex; 31 Jan. 1645 [6]-17 Apr. 1646. f 2. Moran... British Library
creatorOf " AN EPITOME Of the Registers of the see of Canterbury, preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth ; beginning with the first register called Peckham, which commences A.D. 1279, and ending with that of Archbishop Tennison in 1710." By Edward ... British Library
creatorOf LISTS Of the Heraldic Visitations of the English counties, and of the manuscripts in which they are preserved. Partly in the hand of Thomas Astle, but mostly in the same hand as the entry "H. Hill Wr (sc. writer?) 1757" at f. 2. Paper; ff. 26. XVIIIt... British Library
creatorOf CHARTULARY of West Dereham Abbey, co. Norfolk, founded in 1188 by Hugh Fitzwalter, Dean of York [Archbishop of Canterbury, 1193]. Latin. By far the greater part of the deeds refer to lands in Wiggenhale St. Mary Magdalene. The MS. is stated on f. 1 t... British Library
creatorOf Godwin, William, 1756-1836. William Godwin manuscript material : 338 items, 1778-1836 New York Public Library System, NYPL
creatorOf ANTIQUARIAN COLLECTIONS relating to the borough of Ipswich, co. Suffolk, viz.:-(1) Extracts from royal charters from 1199 to 1518; 18th cent. f. 1;-(2) Original accompts of Edward Cage, Borough Treasurer, for the year ending Michaelmas, 1588. f. 5;-... British Library
creatorOf RESTITUTION by Coenuulf, King of the Mercians, for 100 mancusæ, to the metropolitan church of St. Saviour [Christ Church, Canterbury], at the petition of Archbishop Aeðilheard, of forty-four aratra of land (viz., at Ciorrincg [Charing, co. Kent], thi... British Library
creatorOf " SELECTA Quæedam ex Rotulis Patentibus ":a collection of transcripts from the Patent Rolls, 3 John-22 Edw. IV. They are in chronological order and comprise proclamations, treaties, pardons, and all the most important Royal Acts. Fifteen volumes.Each... British Library
creatorOf HOURS of the Virgin, etc., in Latin. The contents are: — (1) Calendar. f. 1; — (2) "Ad salutandam faciem Christi," beg. with the hymn Salve sancta facies nostri redemptoris." f. 13; — (3) "Hore sancte crucis." f. 16 ; — (4) "Hore de sancto Spiritu." ... British Library
creatorOf "REGISTRUM Cartarum Prioratus de Brenkeburne [Brinkburn] in agro Northumbrie," founded by William de Bertram, Baron of Mitford, temp . Hen. I. The title is modern, and on f. 3 is a short account of the Priory, followed by a table of contents (continu... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Eadgar, "Basileus" of the isle of Albion, of privileges to the monastery at Elig [Ely, co Cambr.], establishing the convent there by admonition of Atheluuold, royal secretary, Bishop of Winchester, and exchanging it, and three vills, Meldebu... British Library
creatorOf WILL Of Symond Stone, of Moche Brymley [Great Bromley, co. Essex], the executors being Elizabeth his wife, Davy his son, John Bradfyld, and Sir William Fareway, parson of Brymley [Great Bromley]. Besides bequests to his four sons, Davy, Water, Myhill... British Library
creatorOf Vol. I. ff. 22.Louis XV of France: Account of the affairs of France from the disgrace of the Duc de Choiseul to the year 1776, perhaps by Lord Holdernesse: 1777.Robert D'Arcy, Earl of Holdernesse; Secretary of State, etc: Account of the affairs of F... British Library
creatorOf "THE PAROCHIAL ANTIQUITIES of Staffordshire"; written about 1745 (see f. 6) by Thomas Loxdale, Rector of Tixall. With an index and a few notes added by Edward Vernon, D.D. The work is noticed in Sir Thomas Clifford's Description of Tixall, Paris, 181... British Library
creatorOf 1. PETITIONS, etc., connected with the farming of the Coal Trade by John Battalion, al. Shotbolt, and others; 1628-1655. Three of the papers (ff. 20, 24, 25) relate to the King's title to part of King's Sedgmoor, co. Som. f. 1. 2. " A relacion of the... British Library
creatorOf CANCELLED WILL of John de Veere, 16th Earl of Oxford, Viscount Bulbeek, Baron Scales, and Baron Badlesmere. Dat. 21 Dec. 1552. With signature "Oxynford," and two corrections in his own hand.Wills: J. de Vere, 16th Earl of Oxford: 1552.John de Vere, 1... British Library
creatorOf "SAGA af Partalopa ok Marmoriu": the romance of Partonopeus de Blois, in Icelandic. Transcribed by Grim Jonsson Thorkelin, from Arna-Magnæan MS. 533, quarto (see above), which was edited by O.Klockhoff in the Upsala Universitets Årsskrift for 1877. A... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Eardulf, King of Kent, to Heaberhct, Abbot, and the monastery of Ricuulf [Reculver, co. Kent], of one aratrum of land in Perhamstede in the region of the Caestruuara [?Rochester] at Heahhaam [?Higham near Rochester and Gravesend, co. Kent]. ... British Library
creatorOf WILL of Robert Fale, of Flixton, co. Suff., wherein, in default of issue from William his son and Marget his daughter, he names as his heir "my chylde that my wyff ys with," and as yet unborn. The executors are Agnes, his wife, and Robert Jonson. Wit... British Library
creatorOf i. RECITAL of a grant by Cuðred, King of the Cantwarii, with the consent of Coenuulf, king of the Mercians, to Æðelnoð, prefect, of three aratra of land at Heagyðe-ðorne [Eythorne, co. Kent] for 3,000 pence. Witn.: Coenuulf, king; Cuðred, king of Ken... British Library
creatorOf INDULGENCE of 800 days of pardon granted by Thomas [FitzAlan], Archbishop of Canterbury, and Richard [Scrope], Archbishop of York, Papal Legates, Robert [de Braybrooke], Bishop of London, Gye [Guy de Mohun], Bishop of St. David, Walter [de Skirlaw], ... British Library
creatorOf "THE FAMOUS BOOK intitled De Tribus Impostoribus, translated from the original Latin into French, and now faithfully Englished, with a preface, annotations, and additions by the French translator ": an English version of the work published by Pierre ... British Library
creatorOf TRANSCRIPTS Of letters addressed to Sir Charles Hanbury Williams, Ambassador at St. Petersburg; 1755-1757. The letters give an account of transactions in Parliament, movements of parties and court intrigues immediately before and after the fall of' t... British Library
referencedIn Walpole, Horace, 1717-1797. Letter : Berkeley Square, to [Thomas Astle], 1790 April 30. Yale University, Lewis Walpole Library
creatorOf BOOK of " all suche parcelles of the Quenis Majesties Juelles, plate and other stuff as remaine . . . . in the custodie and chardge of John Asteley, esquire, Master and Threasourour of her highnes juelles and plate, to her Majesties vse," etc., 13 Ma... British Library
creatorOf PRAYERS in various languages, — Greek, Latin, English, French Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Hebrew, — beautifully written in inks of various colours, with illuminated titles and initials, for presentation to Queen Elizabeth. The prayers are pr... British Library
creatorOf " PROCEEDINGS against the Rebels after the Rebellion in 1745," consisting of a complete account of the legal proceedings against the prisoners at York and Carlisle, in Aug. and Sept. 1746, the witnesses' depositions, etc. At the end (f. 91) is added ... British Library
referencedIn Townshend, George Townshend, Marquis, 1724-1807. Letters : [London], to [Thomas] Astle, London, 1763. University of Chicago Library
creatorOf "CEREMONIALE ad usum Canonicorum S. Crucis, domus Parisiensis": the ceremonies and order of the church service throughout the year. Begins, "Incipit ordinarium. De pulsationibus. Quando fratres debent," etc. The title is written in a later hand on th... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Æðelulf, King of the West-Saxons and Cantuuarii, to Edred [afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury] of land at Horatune [Horton, co. Kent], near [Canterbury and] Certeham [Chartham, co. Kent], with permission to give it to Lulla and Sigeðryð, wh... British Library
creatorOf "AN ESTIMATE Of the revenues of the Duchy of Lancaster, collected from the records of the Honours belonging to the said Duchy, and yearly paid to the Receiver General." Followed by a list of Chancellors of the Duchy, tempp. Edw. III.-Chas. I. f. 3; -... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Offa, King of the whole of the Angli, to Iaenbert, Archbishop at Christ Church [Canterbury], of three, sulungs of land in the south part of the region of Merscuuara [Romney Marsh], at Hlid [Lydd, co. Kent], between Denge merse [Dengemarsh] a... British Library
creatorOf RECITAL of a bequest by Æðelwyrd, with consent of Oda, Archbishop, and the monastery of Christ Church [Canterbury], to Eadric, of land [held by him under a lease for three lives] at Geocham [Ickham, co. Kent] for his life, with reversion to Æðelwyrd ... British Library
creatorOf REGISTER Of the Acts of the Privy Council from 10 Aug. 32 Henry VIII [1540] to 22 July, 35 Henry VIII. [1543]. Copy, the original being in the Privy Council Office. A note by Tho. Astle on the inside of the cover states that the volume contains more ... British Library
creatorOf "LIBER GENERALIS taxationum, tam temporalium quam spiritualium, in com. Norfolk, pro auxilio levando anno 3 Hen. 4ti [1401-2] ad maritandum Blanchiam filiam suam primogenitam." With indexes of hundreds and parishes at ff. 2 b, 193. The title is in a ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. I. ff. 122. XVIIIth cent.Seals: Treatise on, with drawings, by J. Anstis: 18th cent.England General Chronicles and History: Facsimile and autograph signatures of sovereigns, Hen. VI.-Geo. II.: 18th cent.Charters: Drawings of, with indices: 18th... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Eadred, King of the English, to Ælfwyn, a religious woman [i.e. an abbess], of six manses or sulungs of land at Wic ham [Wickham-Breaux, co. Kent], between Thælbrycg [Ellbridge], the river Sture [Stour], Trind lea [Trinley-wood], etc. Witn.:... British Library
creatorOf OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS of intercepted Jacobite correspondence, to which are added copies of letters addressed to the Secretary of State by the English Ambassadors in France, Italy, etc., on the plots of the Jacobites; April -August, 1722. The earlier ... British Library
creatorOf " A BREYFE DISCOURSE in prayse of Kynge Rychard the Thyrd, Kynge of England. . . . . . Said to have been composed by Sir William Cornwallis the younger." With the note (f. 4) by Thomas Astle, " . . . . . transcribed from the original formerly in the ... British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS historical, heraldic, and other papers, 16th-18th centt., viz.:-1. Treatise on the Revenues of France, composed shortly before the outbreak of the Revolution. f. 2. 2. Copy of a letter from Charles Delafaye, Under-Secretary of State, t... British Library
creatorOf WILL of John Buterleygh, citizen of New Sarum co. Wilts.], among the bequests, of which many are to religious bodies in Salisbury, Wilton, Fisherton-Anger, etc., being one to the Almshouse in New Sarum of a hundred shillings and a cup called "Grypese... British Library
creatorOf RECORD Of Proceedings at a Great Council held at Baccanceld [Bapchild, near Sittingbourne, co. Kent], presided over by Uuihtred, King of the Cantuarii, settling the privileges of the church with regard to the monasteries of Upmynster, Raculf [Reculve... British Library
creatorOf CONVEYANCE by Eðered, Archbishop, and the domus of Christ Church [Canterbury], with assent of Elfred, King [of the Mercians], to Liaba, alias Leafa, son of Birgwine, for twenty-five mancusæ of gold, of an agella of land at Gilding [Yalding, co. Kent]... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Aeðelred, King of the Angolsaxons and of all Albion, to Alfwold, Bishop [of Crediton], of two cassati of land at Sandford [co. Devon]. Among the boundaries are Crydian bricge [Creedy bridge], Hroces ford [Ruxford], Henne stigla [Henstill], e... British Library
creatorOf COLLECTIONS relating to the Exchequer, its offices and officers, fees, and general constitution, with other matter. relating to the Customs, and to the Admiralty; with a Table of Contents at the beginning-1. Order of Council concerning the duty of t... British Library
creatorOf WILL of John Rygges, of Buttysberye [Buttsbury], co. Essex, with bequests to Mary his wife, Francis, Thomas and Richard his sons, and "Frysewithe" his daughter. Executors, Mary his wife and Francis his son; overseer, Thomas Rygges his brother. Witn.:... British Library
creatorOf Copy of the statutes of Trinity College, Cambridge; drawn up, as appears from the preamble (f. 3) dated 4 Cal. Apr. 2 Eliz. [29 Mar. 1560], by Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, Sir William Cecil and others, who lately visited the University a... British Library
creatorOf 1. COLLECTIONS by Francis Tate, Secretary to the Society of Antiquaries [temp. Eliz.], with reference to various subjects proposed for discussion at the meetings of the Society, 1590-1600. The subjects include the antiquity, etymology, etc., of the v... British Library
creatorOf NOTES relating to the history of the Bishopric of Norwich; with a few devotional commonplaces interspersed. Supposed by Thomas Martin, of Palgrave (who has inserted some notes at fF. 1, 2, and an index at f. 70), to have been written by Richard Peade... British Library
creatorOf " LIBER taxationum omnium beneficiorum in Anglia anno 20mo regis Edwardi 1mi [1291-2] factus, Nicholao papa iv. jubente." A copy by John Ecton, with the note by him (f. 4), " This book is taken from a copy made by Mr. [Stephen] Hurman, B.D. [1692], o... British Library
referencedIn HANOVER PAPERS. Vol. VI. (ff. 553). 1/12 May, 1714 -25 Dec./6 Jan. 1714/15. The writers are:-J[oseph]Addison,[Secretary to the Lords Justices]; St. James's, 4, 11 Sept. Engl. ff. 419, 445. [Arthur Annesly, 5th Earl of] Anglesey, to the Electress Soph... British Library
creatorOf PLEAS in Parliament and before Justices itinerant, 18 Edw. I. [1290]-35 Edw. I. [1307]; together with (ff. 302-358 b) pleas in the parliament of 14 Edw. II. [1320]. Latin. Printed, with omissions, by William Ryley, Placita Parliamentaria, 1661. A tra... British Library
creatorOf REGISTER of the Acts of the Privy Council, 1-19 Henry VI. A transcript of the contemporary Cotton MS. Cleopatra F. iv. Printed in the Proceedings and Ordinances of the Privy Council of England, vol. iii. Paper; ff. 235. Late xviith cent. At the begin... British Library
referencedIn Ayscough, Samuel, 1745-1804,. Autograph letter signed from Samuel Ayscough to Thomas Astle [manuscript], 1803 August 2. Folger Shakespeare Library
creatorOf WILL of Alfred the Great, in Anglo-Saxon, copied from No. 944 above (f. 29 b), when in T. Astle's possession; with introduction and notes, and translations into English and Latin, by O[wen] M[anning],1776 (see f.18). Published at Oxford,1788. Followe... British Library
creatorOf LETTERS of the Privy Council of the reign of Elizabeth. Copies. The first part (fF. 3-85) is apparently arranged in chronological order, covering the period from the last months of 1578 to March, 1580; but the exact dates are rarely given. The rest o... British Library
creatorOf a, b. WILL of William Ravenscroft, esq. of Pickhill, co. Denbigh. Dat. 18 March, 1692/3. With probate, 24 Nov. 1693.Wills: W. Ravenscroft, of Pickhill: 1693.William Ravenscroft, of Pickhill, county Denbighshire: Will: 1693. British Library
creatorOf REGISTER of the Acts of the Privy Council from 31 Jan. 1547 to 4 Oct. 1549. Copy Attached to the cover is a letter from Charles Gray [written in 1750] mentioning that the original Council Book of Edward VI. bad been bought a few years before at a che... British Library
creatorOf REGISTER Of the Cathedral-Priory of Durham, in Latin; composed apparently of several distinct portions bound up together. The contents, which include (art. 10) an early 14th cent. copy of the "Boldon Book," range in date from the 12th to the end of t... British Library
creatorOf SURVEY Of the manor of Aldborough, W. Riding, co. York, "by W.D. ao Doni. 1714." Preceded by an "Explanation," describing some of the antiquities of the place; and followed by two plans in pen-and-ink, one of the borough, the other of the manor, of A... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Eadmund, King of the English, to Ælfstan, thegn, of six mansæ or sulungs of land at Miclan grafe in Tenet [Thanet Island, co. Kent]. Witn.: Eadmund, king; Eadgifu, the king's mother; Oda, archbishop of Canterbury; Eadred, the king's brother;... British Library
creatorOf Warton, Thomas, 1728-1790,. Autograph letter signed from Thomas Warton, Trinity College, Oxford, to Mr. Astle, Paper Office, Whitehall [manuscript], 1781 March 28. Folger Shakespeare Library
creatorOf " ABSTRACT of the Grantes of all Offices and Places, Commissions, Licenses, Promotions, Protections, Leases, Speciall Grants, Priviledges, and Franchises made by Ki. James and Ki. Charles, as they are recorded in the Exchequer "; beginning with 1 Jam... British Library
creatorOf PORTION of a charter of Æthelred, King, reciting a charter of Eadgar, confirming to the monastery of St. Peter [Westminster] six cassates of land at Lohðeres leage [co. Midd.], which Dunstan, archbishop [of Canterbury], bought of the King for seventy... British Library
creatorOf "LEXICON Diplomaticum Graecum: or an Interpretation of abbreviations in Greek manuscripts, compiled by John Caravalla, a native of Greece, from original manuscripts, for the use of Doctor Mead" [Richard Mead, M.D., 1673-1754]. Paper; ff. 51. XVIIIth ... British Library
referencedIn William Godwin manuscript material : 383 items, 1778-1836 The New York Public Library. Carl H. Pforzheimer Collection of Shelley and His Circle.
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS historical letters, etc.; 1375-1810. In two series, English or relating to England and (artt. 87-106) foreign. 1. Andrea Contarini, Doge of Venice, to Edward III. of England, desiring a safe conduct for merchant-ships about to be sent t... British Library
creatorOf " ADJUDICATA tempore regis Johannis " : abridged transcripts of pleas, 1-15 John [1199-1214]. After the 11th year several pleas are given as " incerti temporis regis Johannis," and at the end are "fragmenta regis Johannis." Paper; ff. 32. Late xviith... British Library
referencedIn GENEALOGY of Christ from Judah son of Jacob; in the handwriting of Thomas Astle. Paper roll. XVIIIth cent.Thomas Astle, ob. 1803: Genealogy of Christ: 18th cent. British Library
creatorOf " INROLLMENTS of Letters Patents and other Instruments of State during the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell, of his son Richard, and of the Government of the Persons who stiled themselves Keepers of the Liberties of England, namely from June 24th 1654... British Library
referencedIn COLLECTIONS relating to the history of Scotland, 12th-18th' centt., by Thomas Astle: a supplement to the preceding volume. The documents transcribed are from originals in the Record Office at Edinburgh (transferred thither from the State Paper Office... British Library
creatorOf EXTRACTS from charters (f. 9), from a calendar of knights' fees and advowsons of churches belonging to Edmund, Earl of Cornwall (f 34), from the records of fines (f. 36), and from other sources; with abstracts of wills from the registers in the Prero... British Library
referencedIn Vol. I. (ff. 86). 1. ROMAN ANTIQUITIES and Inscriptions found at Schervey on the wall of Antoninus, Lanchester, co. Durham, Cotterstock, co. Northants (1736), Hovingham, co. York (1745), Weldon, co. Northants (1738), Colchester, co. Essex (1763), Lei... British Library
creatorOf WILL of William Wylkes, of Tettenhall [co. Staff.], the executors being Richard Sothwycke and Agnes, wife of the testator, and the supervisors Henry Sothwycke, canon, and William Flemyng. Dat. 27 Jan. 1519[20]. Lat. With probate, 5 Feb. 1519[20].Will... British Library
creatorOf Astle, Thomas, 1735-1803. Astle correspondence, 1757-1803. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
creatorOf BAILIFFS' and other accompts relating to the lands and possessions of Sir Richard Southwell, Knt., in co. Norfolk, for the year ending at Michaelmas, 3 Eliz.[1561]. Latin. Vellum;ff. 47. Belonged to Thomas Astle,1790. Folio.Sir Richard Southwell: Acc... British Library
referencedIn Vol. II. (ff. 133). 1701-1768. Included are the wills of;-(a) William [Cavendish, lst] Duke of Devonshire, dated 1707. f. 20;-(b) Sir John Holt, Chief Justice of the King's Bench, 1708. f. 26;-(c) Hugh Fortescue, of Filleigh, co. Devon, 1714. Draft,... British Library
referencedIn Townshend, Charlotte, Lady. Letter : [London], to Mr. [Thomas] Astle, [London], [1810?] May 16. University of Chicago Library
creatorOf TRANSCRIPTS of State Papers; 1631-1727. 1. Arthur Hopton, English Agent at Madrid, to [Dudley Carleton] Viscount Dorchester, with a relation of the discovery of New Mexico by the Franciscans, etc.; Madrid, 22 Aug. 1631. f. 3. 2. " A just character of... British Library
creatorOf HYMN to the Virgin, in French, preceded by a calendar in a different hand. Imperfect at the beginning, the first line being, "Durement fu trauaile" (f. 8 b), and wanting leaves after ff. 9, 10. The several divisions remaining begin, "Deu te salt uirg... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Eadmund, King of the English, to Ælfstan, thegn, of twelve mansæ or sulungs of land at Ealdingtun between Ræculfirga mearce [Reculver], Mildryðe mearce [St. Mildred's Minster, I. of Thanet, co. Kent.] and the river Wantsum. Witn.: Eadmund, k... British Library
creatorOf FURTHER and. concluding portion of the charter of Æthelred, confirming to St. Peter's Monastery, Westminster, five mansiunculæ of land at Ham stæde [Hampstead, co. Midd.]. The boundaries include Bedegares styuic lea [Betstile, near Colney Hatch], Wæc... British Library
referencedIn COMMONPLACE-BOOK, containing extracts from various authors, by Thomas Astle. On f. 32 is a recipe "to make decay'd letters appear in an old MS." Paper; ff. 32. Circ. 1760. Sm. Quarto.Thomas Astle, ob. 1803: Commonplace-book: circ. 1760.includes:f. 32... British Library
creatorOf HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS, chiefly relating to the reigns of Edward III. and Richard II.; copied by a single hand. The contents are: -1. " De pace Francie et Anglie" : the articles of the peace of Bretigni, as amended at Calais, promulgated by Edward I... British Library
creatorOf Townshend, George Townshend, Marquis, 1724-1807. Autograph letter signed : Audley Square [London], to Mr. Astle, [no year, before 1764?] May 17. Pierpont Morgan Library.
creatorOf " A PARTICULAR STATE Of the Receipts and Issues of the Publick Revenue," etc., from 5 Nov. 1688 to Lady Day, 1702; followed (f. 41) by a similar '" Particular State " from Lady Day, 1702, to Michaelmas, 1710. At the end (f. 82) is "An Abstract of the... British Library
creatorOf FACSIMILES Of "Alphabets, specimens of Ancient and Modern Writing, engravings of Ancient Charters, etc.," with notes -by Thomas Astle, giving references to the sources from which the plates were taken. A few of the plates were used by Astle for his O... British Library
creatorOf a, b. WILL, of Dame Dorothy Cokayne, of Derby, widow of Sir Thomas Cokayne, made on 7 Sept. and signed and sealed on 7 Oct. 1595. Witn.: Baptist Trott, Richard Dudley, William Parker and Christopher Ensore. With probate, at Lichfield, 9 Mar. 1545[6].... British Library
creatorOf a, b. WILL of Daniel Newman, citizen and fishmonger of London, and inhabitant of St. Saviour's parish, in Southwark, co. Surrey. Dat. 15 June, 1619. With probate, 15 July, 1619.Wills: D. Newman, of London: 1619.Daniel Newman, of London, fishmonger: W... British Library
creatorOf TRANSCRIPTS of warrants and other papers relating to the constitution and government, as well as to the contents, of the Paper Office. With a table of contents (ff. 1, 2) in the hand of Rev. Philip Morant. Included are:-1. List of Keepers of the Pap... British Library
referencedIn CATALOGUES of various collections of MSS. and Printed Books, as follows:-1. Manuscript collections of Thomas Madox, Historiographer Royal (ob. 1727). f. 3. 2. MSS. of James West, Secretary to the Treasury, etc. (ob. 1772), viz.:-(a) His "Manuscripts... British Library
creatorOf COLLECTANEA de Forestis; made in the time of Elizabeth. The principal contents are:-(1) Definition of a forest. ff. 4, 11, 45 b, 172 b, 205 b;-(2) Authority of the Court of Attachment. ff. 5,1 6, 68, 245;-(3)OntheWoodwardandother officers of a forest... British Library
creatorOf 1. "CARTE SIGILLATE": a collection of copies of charters relating to the families of Berkeley, Sackville, and others, with drawings (some coloured) of the seals, made by Sir Edward Dering (cf. No. 924, below), who has inserted marginal notes concerni... British Library
creatorOf EXTRACTS from original letters and papers in the Bodleian, British Museum, and other Libraries, made apparently for Tho. Astle, who prefixed a list of contents. 1. Letters of Richard Layton and other Visitors of Religious Houses to Thomas, Lord Cromw... British Library
creatorOf EXTRACTS from the Pipe Rolls, made by Peter le Neve, Norroy, as follows:-1. Extracts relating to Sheriffs' accompts, scutage, fines, etc.; from the Pipe Roll, 3 John [1201-2]. "This Pipe Roll lyes in the Talley Court in the Exchequer . . . 1702." f ... British Library
creatorOf "THE LIVES Of Women Saints of our Contrie of England; also some other lives of holie women written by some of the auncient ffathers." A compilation of the early 17th century, including the following Lives, for some of which the sources are quoted: — ... British Library
creatorOf LIST of contributors in the several counties of England to a loan raised in 1589, for the defence of the realm, by royal warrant (see f 2) dated 16 Jan. 1588 [9]; with the amounts of their respective contributions. Paper; ff. 31. xvith cent. Belonged... British Library
creatorOf LETTER from N[athaniel] B[rassey] Halhed [author of A Code of Gentoo Laws, 1776, and A Grammar of the Bengal Language, 1778, afterwards M.P. for Lymington 1791-1796] to the Rev. [George] Costard, on the antiquity and character of the Indian language ... British Library
creatorOf RECORD of proceedings at the Council of Clofesho [in Mildenhall, co. Suff.], wherein is detailed (after a long preamble relating to the terms of reconciliation agreed upon between Wulfred, Archbishop [of Canterbury], and Coenwulf, King [of the Mercia... British Library
creatorOf Copy of the translation of a charter of Cnut, "Anglorum Basileus," granting to Christ Church, Canterbury, the royal crown for the altar, and for the monks the port of Sanduuic [Sandwich, co. Kent], with certain foreshore rights between Pipernæsse and... British Library
creatorOf WILL of Edward Holme, of Wikham Skeyth [Wickham Skeith, co. Suff.], the executors being John Frere and John Brakstrete. Witn.: John Derham, vicar of St. Andrew's, Wickham Skeith, Master Nycolas Wyseman, and Thomas Kymlyngton. Dat. 23 Feb. [1505]6. Wi... British Library
referencedIn Donald Hyde and Mary Hyde Eccles Autograph Collection, 1505-1957 (inclusive), 1702-1854 (bulk). Houghton Library
creatorOf COLLECTIONS relating to Corporations, 13th-18th centt., being chiefly transcripts of the 18th cent., viz.:-1. "An abstract of the Grant of King Charles the First to the Trust-of the City [of London], 25o Sept. 4o Car. 1" [1628]. f. 2. On the cover ... British Library
referencedIn Hickes, George, 1642-1715. Anglo-Saxon grammar compiled : compiled by Thwaites from Hickes's "Thesaur. ling. septent." / translated into English with additions by F. Madden : manuscript, 1824. Houghton Library
creatorOf GRANT by Offa, King of the Mercians, to Ealdberht, thegn, and his sister Seleðryð, abbess [of Lyminge], of fifteen aratra of land in Iocham [Ickham], Peorhamstede [Parmested manor, in Kingston, co. Kent], and Hroching [Ruckinge, co. Kent], with swine... British Library
creatorOf DECLARATION, whereby it is recorded that Cnut, King, has granted Folkestane [Folkestone, co. Kent], to Christ Church, Canterbury, when Eadsine his priest became a monk there, subject to a life tenure by Eadsine without power of alienation, the land h... British Library
creatorOf "COLLECTANEA quædam Anglo-Saxonica e codicibus manuscriptis hinc inde congesta," by William Elstob, M.A. (ob. 1715), and Elizabeth Elstob, his sister. The extracts are mostly taken from manuscripts formerly belonging to Francis Junius, and by him beq... British Library
creatorOf Copy of the diplomatic correspondence, with instructions, of Godefroy, Comte d'Estrades, including his missions to England in 1637 and to Holland in 1638-1650, etc.; 1637-1657. With a letter from the Comte to Louis XIV., dated 17 June, 1672. French. ... British Library
creatorOf Vol. I. (ff. 283). 1628-1651. 1. Message of the King to the House of Commons concerning liberty of speech; [? circ. 1628]. Copy (18th cent.). f. 1. 2. Privy Council to the " Chiefe officers of the Towne of Colchester," commanding them to assist the o... British Library
creatorOf "ELIS SAGA": the romance of Élie de Saint-Gille, in Icelandic. Transcribed by Grim Jonsonn Thorkelin from MS. 533, quarto, of the Arna-Magnæan Library at Copenhagen, which was used by E. Kölbing in his edition of Elis Saga og Rosamundu (Heilbronn, 18... British Library
referencedIn Boswell's Life of Johnson : including Boswell's Journal of a tour to the Hebrides and Johnson's Diary of a journey into North Wales, edited by George Birkbeck Hill, extra-illustrated, 1464-1897 (inclusive), 1724-1874 (bulk). Houghton Library
creatorOf ACCOMPTS of John Hill, clerk, Prebendary of Canterbury, as receiver-general for the Dean and Chapter, for the two years ending at Michaelmas, 30 Eliz. [1588], and Mich., 36 Eliz. [1594]. Latin. The first accompt is signed by Ri[chard Rogers, suffraga... British Library
referencedIn Vol. II. ff. 143. XVIIIth cent.Seals: Treatise on, with drawings, by J. Anstis: 18th cent.England General Chronicles and History: Facsimile and autograph signatures of sovereigns, Hen. VI.-Geo. II.: 18th cent.Charters: Drawings of, with indices: 18t... British Library
creatorOf COLLECTION Of extracts, copies of deeds, reports, counsels' opinions, etc., relating to fees and offices, crown grants, legal cases, and other matters. The contents are:-1. Scale of fees, gratuities, etc., on the election and instalment of a Knight ... British Library
creatorOf Mendip, Welbore Ellis, Baron, 1713-1802,. Autograph letters signed from Welbore Ellis, Baron Mendip, to various people [manuscript], 1775-1781. Folger Shakespeare Library
creatorOf "INVENTAIRE chronologique et detail1é de toutes les chartes qui se trouvent dans les archives des Comtes de Flandre, deposées dans l'ancienne chambre des comptes du Roi à Lille." Compiled by Denis Joseph Godefroy, Keeper of the Archives de la Chambre... British Library
creatorOf Grenville, George, 1712-1770. Autograph letter signed : Wotton, to Thomas Astle, 1769 Nov. 23. Pierpont Morgan Library.
creatorOf " A BOOKE of all suche garments, jewells, silkes, and other stuffe, garnishmentes of golde, pearle, and stone, and also of dyuers stones of seuerall natures and workemanship, as are remayninge in the offyce of the Garderobe of Robes the . . . daye of... British Library
creatorOf Vol. II. ff. 45.John Fortescue-Aland, Baron Fortescue; Baron of the Exchequer, Justice of the King's Bench and of Common Pleas: Commonplace books, legal and general: 18th cent. British Library
creatorOf NOTES on John Hunter's classification of the Animal Kingdom, taken (according to a statement at the end) "from a slight view of Mr. Hunter's experiments and preparations. They are, in the first place, imperfect; in the next, they way be erroneous in ... British Library
referencedIn Vol. VI. (ff. 235). 1703-1759. 1. T[homas] M[adox], antiquary, to Edward Floyde [Lhwyd], "at the Museum in Oxford," ending "There is nobody yet appointed Keeper of the Cotton-Library, nor any salary settled on that place,"; London, 18 Feb. 1702 [3]. ... British Library
referencedIn COPIES of State Papers, 1744-1772, viz. 1. " Minute of a Cabinet Paper by Lord Chancellor Hardwicke in Dec. 1744, on the then posture of public affairs." In the hand of T. Astle. f. 1. 2. " Extract of Secretary Murray's [John Murray of Broughton, Sec... British Library
creatorOf "THE NAMES of the Justices of Peace for England and Wales, 1o March, 1651 [2]"; arranged under counties, the names of Speaker Lenthall, Captain-General Cromwell, Bulstrode Whitelocke, and others appearing at the head of the Justices of each county. P... British Library
creatorOf CHARTULARY of the estates of John de Vallibus or Vaux (ob. 16 Edw. I.) and of his daughter Petronilla and her husband William de Nerford, in Wissett, co. Suffolk, and Thurton (" Therstone") Shottesham, Holt and Cley, and Narford, co. Norfolk; tempp H... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Coenuulf, King of the Mercians, to Uulfred, Archbishop [of Canterbury], of land at Byxlea [Bexley] on the Crægea [Cray River, co. Kent], with appurtenances of swine-pastures at Helfreðing-denn, Hunbealding-hola, Frumesing-leah, Burnesstedes-... British Library
creatorOf CATALOGUE of Charters and Seals in the Office of the Duchy of Lancaster; by John Anstis, the elder, Garter King of Arms (ob. 1745). With index at the end. At f. 1 is an impression of the seal of the Duchy. Paper; ff. 43. Belonged to T. Astle. Small Q... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEA: papers brought together from various volumes in the Stowe Collection:-1. Vellum leaf of a 13th cent. MS., containing Amos i. 9-13, with commentary (cf. Harley MS. 1700). In the margin is the name of Thomas Burdett, of Purstoun Jacklyne ... British Library
creatorOf Darwin, Erasmus, 1731-1802. [Letter] 1777, Apr. 20 [to] Thos. Astle, Esq., Treasury / E. Darwin. American Museum of Natural History
creatorOf "EXTRACTS from the Court Rolls of the several manors belonging to the Earls of Oxford in the counties of Essex, Hertford, Huntingdon, Buckingham, Middlesex, Cambridge, Norfolk and Suffolk," tempp. . Hen. III. -Edw. IV.; made early in the 16th cent. L... British Library
creatorOf SECRET ARTICLE between Louis XIV. of France and the Protector, Oliver Cromwell, for the expulsion of Charles II. and others, Royalists, from France and of certain Frenchmen from England within forty days; [3 Nov. 1655]. Latin. On three single sheets ... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Eadgar, "Basileus" of all Britain, to Ingeram, thegn, of seven cassati of land at Feng [Thong], between Rum-fleotes-muð [Northfleet] and Stræt [Watling Street, co. Kent], with wood at Tettincglea. Witn.: Eadgar, king; Dunstan, archbishop [of... British Library
creatorOf Vol. II. (ff. 218). 10 March, 1713-14 Jan. 174. 1. Joseph Addison, Secretary to the Lords Justices, to J. Robethon; St. James', 4, 11 Sept. 1714. Copies. ff. 174, 176. 2. J[acob] Banckes [Jun., of Milton Abbas, co. Dorset], to Sir Will. Wyndham, 3rd ... British Library
creatorOf FACSIMILES, executed by hand, of ancient writing and illuminations from manuscripts in the British Museum, Bodleian, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, Lambeth, and other Libraries, apparently collected by Thomas Astle. Amongst them are a few single ... British Library
creatorOf NARRATIVE POEM in old English verse relating the revelation to St. Methodius of the history of the world from the Creation to the Day of Judgment. Begins:-"Sum tyme was there a man of state That was clepyd Methodius, An holy byshop, a gret prelate, A... British Library
creatorOf Vol. I. (ff. 243). 1688-1712. 1. J[oseph] Addison, [Under Secretary of State], to [Erasmus] Lewis, [Under Secretary of State]; [Menin in W. Flanders], 26 July, 1706. f. 71. 2.[Charles Boyle, 4th Earl of] O[rrery,Ambassador to the Netherlands], to [Wi... British Library
referencedIn MISCELLANEOUS PAPFRS, chiefly relating to legal subjects, amongst them being:-1. Notes on law cases, precedents, extracts from the works of Bracton, Glanville, and others, in the band of Thomas Parker, Earl of Macclesfield, Lord Chancellor in 1718. ... British Library
creatorOf RESTITUTION of temporalities by Henry II., King of England, to Theobald, Archbishop, and the monks of Christ Church, Canterbury, confirming to them all the lands and privileges which they held in the time of Edward [the Confessor], William [I.] and H... British Library
creatorOf " CALENDARIUM generale rotulorum [tempp. John-Edw. IV.] in Turri Londinensi asservatorum." The titles only are given, arranged under each reign, as " Patentes," " Clausæ," " Fines," etc., with the number of the several rolls for each year. At the end... British Library
creatorOf "COMMENTAIRE ou diurnal de l'expedition de Thunes faicte par le tresauguste et tresvictorieux Empereur Charles cinqiesme": a narrative by an eye-witness of the expedition made by Charles V. in 1535 against Khair al addin Barbarossa, Dey of Algiers, t... British Library
creatorOf CATALOGUE of ancient deeds, royal and autograph letters, and other MSS. formerly in the possession of Rev. George Harbin, Nonjuror [fl. 1713], and said (f. 1) to have been purchased at his sale in 1745. With others added (see f. 14). At the end (f. 3... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Æðelred, "Basileus" of the nation of the English, to his "homo" Aethelred, for the life of him and his wife, for seven pounds, of land within the city of Dorobernia [Canterbury, co. Kent], with six agri of plough-land without the city; with ... British Library
creatorOf " PAPERS relating to the office of Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain " during the Chancellorship of Thomas Parker, Baron Parker, Earl of Macclesfield ; 1718-1725. Included are:-1. Minute of the Privy Council recording the administration of the o... British Library
referencedIn "THOMAE ASTLEI Excerpta ex Collectaneis Thomæ Madox, Arm., in Museo Britannico repositis ": notes by Astle from Madox's collections (Add. MSS. 4484-4572), relating to manorial rights, royal prerogative, inrollments of records, and other historical an... British Library
referencedIn Boswell's Life of Johnson : including Boswell's Journal of a tour to the Hebrides and Johnson's Diary of a journey into North Wales, edited by George Birkbeck Hill, extra-illustrated, 1464-1897 (inclusive), 1724-1874 (bulk). Houghton Library
creatorOf PSALTER, in Latin of the Vulgate version, with interlined Saxon glosses. At the end of each psalm a prayer is added, identical with those in the similar and contemporary Cotton MS. Tib. C. vi. The Psalms are followed by the Canticles (f. 168b), which... British Library
creatorOf " PRECEDENTS concerning Impeachments in Parliament, compiled by William Petyt, of the Inner Temple, Esq. [afterwards Keeper of the Records], pursuant to an order of the House of Peers made 8 Oct. 1690; to which are added many interesting Papers relat... British Library
referencedIn Samuel Johnson letters, 1731-1784. Houghton Library
referencedIn Extra-illustrated Life of Nollekens, 1708-1875, 1768-1836 Yale Center for British Art
creatorOf PERAMBULATIONS of Royal Forests in cos. Huntingdon and Gloucester and several other counties, made tempp. Hen. III.-Edw. I. Lat. and Fr. At the end are copies of :-(a) Charter of Edward the Confessor concerning the endowment of Westminster Abbey, 5 ... British Library
creatorOf A DISCOURSE of Foreign War, with an account of all the Taxations upon this Kingdom, etc., by Sir Robert Cotton, Bart. Printed in 1690. Paper; ff. 47. Early xviith cent. Belonged, in 1774, to Thomas Astle. Small Quarto.Political Tracts: "Discourse of ... British Library
creatorOf BOOK OF ACCOMPT of Roger de Waltham, Keeper of the King's Wardrobe, from 1 May, 15 Edw. II. [1322] to 19 Oct. 17 Edw. II. [1323]; arranged under the various headings of "Recepta de Scaccario," " Elemosina," " Necessaria," " Qui non sunt," " Calciamen... British Library
creatorOf Vol. II. (ff. 226). 1653-1746. 1. Letters and papers relating to the sale of fee-farm rents, 1653-1655. Included are:-(a) Order from the " Commissioners for removing obstructions in ye Sale of the Honours, etc., of ye late King, Queene and Prince," ... British Library
creatorOf EXTRACTS from public records and other sources relating to the Crown jewels, plate, etc., tempp Hen. VIII.-Anne. Included also (ff. 7-24) is "The manner of the coronation of the Kinge and Queene of England," temp. Chas. 1. ; and (:W. 2 7-37) " The in... British Library
creatorOf LESSONS from the Four Gospels, in Latin, containing the narratives of the Nativity, Baptism, and Passion, from the Synoptists, and the whole of the Gospel of St. John except the portion from ch. xx. 19 to the end, which is lost. The Lessons occupy se... British Library
creatorOf "LIBER NIGER de Nedewood": containing 15th cent. transcripts of the charters of the free tenants of Needwood Forest, co. Stafford, who claimed liberties and commons by exhibition of their charters before Roger le Brabbacon, steward of the Honour of T... British Library
referencedIn ACCOUNT by Gavin Hamilton in two letters to Charles Townley of the statues, busts, etc., found by him in excavations at Hadrian's Villa [Tivoli], Monte Cagnolo, Ostia, and other places round Rome, 1769-1779; with a catalogue of the objects found, and... British Library
creatorOf HISTORICAL PAPERS, consisting chiefly of Instructions to Ambassadors; 1651-1680. 1. Order to enforce a decree for sequestration of the estates of John Bodvil on his non-payment of alimony for his wife Anne, dau. of Sir William Russell, Bart., of Chip... British Library
creatorOf COMMONPLACE-BOOK of Francis Thynne, Lancaster Herald [1602-1608], relating to English history and antiquities; consisting of extracts from chronicles, monastic registers, etc., including the following:-1. "Thinges taken oute of an olde writen frenc... British Library
creatorOf " NAMES [with other particulars] of the Nobility and others reteyned to serve the Kings of England in their warrs, from Ed[ward] the 3d to Hen. 8. Extracted out of [the Indentures of Military Service preserved in] the Office of Pells, by the industry... British Library
creatorOf COPIES Of statutes of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, in Latin, with other papers:-(1) Bishop Bateman's statutes for Gonville Hall; 7 Sept. 1353. f. 2;-(2) "Expositiones seu Interpretationes of passages in the above, by John Caius the second F... British Library
creatorOf A COLLECTION of English Wills, chiefly copies, with a few originals; 1002-1768. In two volumes, arranged in chronological order. The names of all the testators are given in the Index. The collection was originally arranged by T. Astle in three volume... British Library
creatorOf COPIES of Royal Grants, Commissions, Pardons, Letters-Patent, etc., chiefly of the reigns of Henry VII. and Henry Vlll., with a few of Edward IV. The dates are often omitted, and chronological order is not followed. In the latter part of the volume a... British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANEOUS PAPERS relating to the revenue, coinage, etc., tempp. Hen. III.-Geo. I. Among the contents are:-1. " Extracts from the Statute books concerning the revenues of the Crown, alphabetically digested"; tempp. Hen. III.-Jas. I. f. 1. 2. " Ab... British Library
creatorOf ARMS of English sovereigns, from William I. to Elizabeth, with those of the peers created in their respective reigns down to 1572; in colours. Accompanied by brief notices of the peers as created. Paper; ff. 139. XVIth cent. Presented to T. Astle, in... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Cnut, King of the English, to Ælfstan, archbishop [of Canterbury], at the request of Queen Ælfgyfa, of a grove in the wood of Andredesweald, called Hæsel ersc [in the Weald of Kent and Sussex], near Smeeth [co. Kent]. Witn.: Cnut, king; Uulf... British Library
referencedIn Townshend, Charlotte, Lady. Letter : [London], to Mr. [Thomas] Astle, [London], [1810?] May 16. Texas Christian University
creatorOf Vol. II. ff. 201. Wales, Scotland, Ireland. XVIIIth cent.Antiquities: Drawings of stone-circles, cromlechs, etc., by J. Anstis: 18th cent.John Anstis, heraldic writer and Garter King of Arms: Drawings of stone-circles, cromlechs, etc.: 18th cent. British Library
creatorOf LEASE for three lives by Plegmund, Archbishop [of Canterbury], for 385 pence, to Byrhtræd, of eighty-five jugera of land at Wæfincg mersc, or Wæring-mersc [the Warren, near New Romney], on the river Rumenesea [Romney, co. Kent]. Witn.: Plegmund, arch... British Library
creatorOf RECORD of the title of Queen Eadgifu [third wife of Eadward the Elder] to land at Culing [Cooling, co. Kent], bequeathed with its charter to her by her father Sigelm, but mortgaged for thirty pounds to Goda; and, after the settlement of disputes with... British Library
creatorOf Will of Æthestan ætheling, son of King Æthelred, made with the consent of his father, bequeathing freedom to his serfs; to the Church of Christ and St. Peter [Winchester Cathedral], where he desires burial, land at Eadburgebyrig [Adderbury, co. Oxon.... British Library
creatorOf Vol. II. ff. 55.Louis XV of France: Account of the affairs of France from the disgrace of the Duc de Choiseul to the year 1776, perhaps by Lord Holdernesse: 1777.Robert D'Arcy, Earl of Holdernesse; Secretary of State, etc: Account of the affairs of ... British Library
creatorOf COPIES of thirty charters, mostly relating to Kent. Latin. The first 28, ranging in date from the end of the 7th century to 1053, have been printed in Kemble's Codex Diplomaticus or Birch's Cartularium Saxonicum (and some also elsewhere). The last tw... British Library
creatorOf WILL Of Sire Fouk [Fulk] de Penebrugge, made in presence of Sire Robert, parson of Tong [co. Salop], Sire Roger, parish chaplain of Tong, Johan de Dene, Griffit de Say, William Pirie and others, containing bequests to Maud his wife, Alice his daughte... British Library
creatorOf 1. " A TRUE PRESENTATION of forepast Parlyaments to the view of present tymes and posteritye." Attributed in T. Hearne's Curious Discourses, 1771, vol. ii. p. 433, to Sir John Dodderidge (ob. 1628), Justice of the King's Bench. The author, however, i... British Library
creatorOf " ANNALS of Church affaires happening vnder the reigne of king Henry the second, king of England, and of the contemporary outlandish Princes, togither with other famous occurrents of that time, deliuered in the words of the ancient authors themselues... British Library
referencedIn DESCRIPTIONS and transcripts, made by or for Thomas Astle, of Anglo-Saxon charters in his own possession or among the Cotton MSS. in the British Museum. The name of John Lewis, as copyist, is inscribed on f. 91 b, with the date Dec. 1766. The volume ... British Library
creatorOf INSCRIPTIONES ANTIQUAE: a copy of the collection of Latin inscriptions (with a few Greek) made by Johannes Jucundus [Frà Giocondo], of Verona, a Franciscan (or possibly Dominican) friar, and a considerable architect and antiquary (ob. 1515), and dedi... British Library
creatorOf EXTRACTS from the Textus Roffensis, containing many articles Dot printed in Hearne's edition; copied in imitation of the ancient writing by James Smith (described at f. 21 as " puer decennis "), and collated with the original by William and Elizabeth... British Library
referencedIn Letters of Samuel Johnson, LL.D., collected and edited by George Birkbeck Hill, extra-illustrated, 1413-1900 (inclusive), 1775-1839 (bulk). Houghton Library
creatorOf Percy, Thomas, 1729-1811,. Autograph letters signed and letters signed from Thomas Percy, Easton Maudit, Northamptonshire, Carlisle and Dromore House, to Thomas Astle, Edmond Malone and George Steevens [manuscript], 1761-1805. Folger Shakespeare Library
creatorOf WILL of Ælfhelm, whereby he bequeaths to his lord [the king] a hundred mancusæ of gold, two swords, four shields, four spears, four horses, two with trappings and two without; to St. Ætheldryð [Ely Abbey] the land at Wrattinege [Wratting, co. Suff.];... British Library
creatorOf GENEALOGICAL CHRONlCLE, in English, of the kings of England to Edward IV., tracing their descent from Adam through the Trojan kings; with the genealogy of Christ in a parallel column. Begins: "Consideryng the greet desire of many men that wold haue k... British Library
creatorOf " DIPLOMATA SCOTIE " : transcripts of charters relating to Scotland, made by direction of Thomas Astle from originals then in his possession. They include charters of David I., William the Lion, David, Earl of Huntingdon, Alexander II., Alexander III... British Library
creatorOf BRIEF NOTES for a history of Derbyshire by Edward Vernon, D.D. (see No. 816, above). Paper; ff 28. XVIIIth cent. Presented to Thomas Astle (f. 3) by Dr. Vernon's niece and executrix, Mrs. Mary Yates, 1762. Folio.Edward Vernon, DD, Rector of St George... British Library
creatorOf COLLECTIONS of miscellaneous tracts, as follows:-1. The Boke of Kervynge; without title and beg. "Thow shall be pantere or butler." Printed by Wynken de Worde in 1513, re-edited by F. J. Furnivall for the Early English Text Society, 1868, vol. xxxii... British Library
creatorOf SHORT HOMILIES on the various virtues and vices, in English. The beginning is wanting; the titles of the paragraphs which now stand first are "Of Sorinesse " [Sorrow] and "Of Asolknesse, Unlust" [Sloth]. Vellum; ff. 49. Early XIIIth cent. With a stro... British Library
creatorOf DIARY of Henry Hyde, 2nd Earl of Clarendon, for the year 1688. Holograph. The earlier part is taken up chiefly with a law-suit brought against him by the Queen Dowager, to whom he had been Treasurer and Receiver-General from 1680 to 1685, arising out... British Library
referencedIn 1. NOTE by Thomas Astle of the collection of casts of antique statues, etc., in Italy made by the Abbate Fossatti; 23 July, 1774. f. 1. 2. Letter from Gavin Hamilton to -, on discoveries of statues, etc., at Gabio; Rome, 18 June, [l792]. f. 2. 3. "An... British Library
creatorOf ORDINANCES for the King's and Queen's Households, the latter dated 1627 and 1631. Followed by:-(a) Copies (18th cent.) of documents bearing on the King's prerogative to " take out for his service any man in prison in the prison of the Fleet"; 1628. f... British Library
creatorOf CALENDARS and extracts from Patent, Close, and Treaty Rolls and other Records, with some miscellaneous papers on similar matters, viz. :-1. Calendar to the Patent and Close Rolls and other Records, 1 Hen. VIII-17 Eliz. [1509-1575]. f. 1. 2. Extracts... British Library
creatorOf WILL of John Hervy, of Ippiswich [Ipswich, co. Suff.], the executors being Margaret his wife and Robert Jownere, of Ipswich. Among the bequests are sums for the repairs of the churches of St. Clement, Ipswich, Tudenham [Tuddenham, co. Suff.], and Her... British Library
creatorOf "EXTRACTS of wills from the Registers in the Prerogative Court at Doctors Commons from 1385 to 1660," compiled, with extreme neatness, by Edward Rowe Mores, F.S.A. In three volumes: Vol. i. 1385-1533; Vol. ii. 1533-1591; Vol. iii. 1592-1660. The int... British Library
creatorOf TRANSCRIPT Of statutes and ordinances of the College of Vicars Choral of Exeter Cathedral as drawn up 7 Apr. 1591; including English versions of the statutes of Bishop Edmund Stafford, dated 1403, and of two statutes ordained respectively by "Petrus ... British Library
creatorOf a, b. WILL of William Nodian, of Ellaston, co. Staff., yeoman. Dat. 10 Apr. 1593. With probate, at Uttoxeter [co. Staff.], 5 June, 1594.Wills: W. Nodian, of Ellaston: 1593.William Nodian, of Ellaston, county Staffordshire: Will: 1593. British Library
creatorOf " PLACITA in curia Regis, tempore Regis Ricardi Primi," from the original rolls in the Chapter House, Westminster, now in the Public Record Office. They relate (with the exception of ff. 61-74, which bear the date of Rich. I., and refer to various co... British Library
creatorOf ACCOUNT of the churches of San Salvador [Saragossa Cathedral] and Nuestra señora del Pilar at Saragossa. In two hands, one of which, according to an entry at f. 2 b, is that of a Mr. Burch, the other that of Lady Parker Long [Martha, wife of Sir Phil... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Aetheluulf, King of the West-Saxons and of the Cantuuarii, to Athelmod, his thegn, of ten aratra at Cert [Great Chart, co. Kent], witli woods called Theodo[r]ice-snad, and Beaneccer, and swine-pastures at Ætingden, Lidingden, Meredenn, Uddan... British Library
creatorOf ETRUSCAN ANTIQUITIES, including copies of several Etruscan inscriptions from J.C. Amaduzzi's Alphabetum veterum Etruscorum [1771], with translations in the hand of Thomas Astle; a list of Umbrian epithets of Jupiter; a hymn to Jupiter, with translati... British Library
creatorOf "COLLECTANEA ex Dictionario Theologico Thomæ Gascoynge," from MSS. 117, 118 of Lincoln College, Oxford. Preceded (in the hand of John Anstis, Garter) by the preamble to the patent of Thomas Parker, as Baron Parker of Macclesfield, [1716]. f. 3;-and ... British Library
creatorOf DEED of Exchange, whereby Uulfred, Archbishop [of Canterbury], grants five aratra of laud at Ægyðe ðorn [Eythorne] and Longcan duum [Langdown] between Waldmeres scora [Waldershare], the Public street [Roman Way], Hereferðes-lond, and Loncgan-duun, to... British Library
referencedIn PEDIGREE Of Jupiter and other gods of Roman mythology, in the hand of Thomas Astle. Paper roll. XVIIIth cent.Mythology: Pedigree of the Roman gods: 18th cent.Thomas Astle, ob. 1803: Pedigree of gods of Roman mythology: 18th cent. British Library
creatorOf TESTAMENT Of Ælfred, Duke, addressed to King Ælfred and the Witan, bequeathing to Werburg, his wife, and their daughter Alhdryð, lands at Sonden stede [Sanderstead, co. Surr.], Selesdune [Selsdon, in Sanderstead], Westarham [Westerham, co. Kent], Clo... British Library
creatorOf Agarde, Arthur, d. 1615. Placita adjudicata, ca. 1625. Harvard Law School Library, HLS Library
creatorOf 1. "AN ANSWERE to the questions proposed by Sir Alexander Hay, Kt, touching the office of Constables, done by Sir Francis Bacon, Knight, his Maiesties Solicitor Generall, anno domini 1608": Chapp. xix., xx. of Cases of Treason, published under Bacon'... British Library
creatorOf EPISTLES of St. Augustine, St. Jerome, and St. Anselm, viz.: — 1. "Epistola Anselmi arehiepiscopi ad papam"; Anselm's letter to Pope Paschal II., asking for a clearer declaration of his opinion on Investitures (Migne, Patrologia, vol. clix. col. 110,... British Library
creatorOf BRACTON De Legibus et Consuetudinibus Angliæ. No title; begins with a table of chapters. Instead of the usual division into five books, there are here seventy divisions, the number of chapters in each varying between two and 109. At the heads of the ... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Eadwold and Æðelflæd to Ælfwold, for 1450 pence, of Hyring dænn [Heronden near Eastry], adjacent to Thanet [co. Kent]. Witn.: Eadgar, king; Dunstan, archbishop [of Canterbury]; Hloðewig, portreeve; and others; together with the monastery of ... British Library
creatorOf 1. COPIES of warrants, orders and letters relating to the Tower of London during the period Sir William Waad was Lieutenant [1605-1611], with extracts from public records of the privileges of the Tower and of the laws and regulations from the time of... British Library
creatorOf Vol. I. ff. 181. England, Wales. XVIIIth cent.Antiquities: Drawings of stone-circles, cromlechs, etc., by J. Anstis: 18th cent.John Anstis, heraldic writer and Garter King of Arms: Drawings of stone-circles, cromlechs, etc.: 18th cent. British Library
referencedIn Vol. II. (ff. 105). 1. DRAWINGS of ancient flint implements and other miscellaneous antiquities. ff. 1-6. 2. Drawings and descriptions of the reliquary of St. Ethelbert of Hereford, and of the Croyland and Malmesbury reliquaries, and miscellaneous pl... British Library
creatorOf CATALOGUE Of treaties of peace and commerce between England and the various powers of Europe, from the 12th century to 1607, contained in the Chapter House at Westminster. Made in 1611 by Arthur Agard and George Austen, Vice-Chamberlains of the Exche... British Library
creatorOf REGISTER Of Instructions, warrants, letters, etc., relating to the Navy; 1661-1692. There are several additions by Thomas Astle, to whom the volume belonged. At the end (ff. 94, 107) are copies of papers in Cotton MS. Julius F. x. and Royal MS. 14 B.... British Library
creatorOf "EXPLANATIO Testamenti Regis Alfredi," and other writings relating to Hyde Abbey, Winchester, in Latin and English, copied "ex libro Abbatiæ de Hyda," sc. from Stowe 58, ff. 23 b-47 b, 53-68. All the documents are included in the Rolls Series edition... British Library
creatorOf CHARACTERS of George I. and II., Qu. Caroline, Sir Robert Walpole, Lords Bath, Hardwicke, Chatham, Holland, Townshend, Granville, Bolingbroke, the Dukes of Bedford and Newcastle, Henry Pelham, and Alexander Pope; by Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl o... British Library
creatorOf REGISTER of the College of St. Mary, Mettingham, co. Suffolk, containing:-(1) Surveys of the several manors belonging to the College, taken at various times from 1461 to 1508. f. 5;-(2) Royal charters from 1343 to 1489, followed (f. 169 b) by two bul... British Library
creatorOf "REGISTRUM Magistri Johannis Blauncharde, Archidiaconi Wvgornie, de cartis, literis et aliis evidenciis concernentibus manerium suum de Bereforde Sci. Martini juxta Wyltoun in comit. Wiltes." Latin and French. Blaunchard, who was Archdeacon of Worces... British Library
creatorOf RECORD of proceedings at the Council of Clofesho [in Mildenhall, co. Suff.], whereby Uulfred, Archbishop [of Canterbury], recovers from Quoenðryð, abbess, and the family at Suðmynstre [co. Kent.] four aratra of land at Oesewal [?Wall-farm, near Ashfo... British Library
creatorOf " MISCELLANEA," consisting of voluminous extracts and copies of deeds from ancient records, viz. Domesday Book, Patent and Close Rolls, Exchequer Proceedings, Assize Rolls, Chartularies, Registers of' Religions Houses, and many other records preserve... British Library
creatorOf CATALOGUE of MSS. and State Papers in the possession of Sir Francis Walsingham [Secretary of State, 1573-1586], both " at ye Study in London " and " at ye Court." They relate chiefly to his negotiations as Ambassador to the Low Countries in 1578, to ... British Library
creatorOf PRECEDENTS Of Impeachments, from 1330 to 1474, containing articles of impeachment, proclamations, petitions, and other documents connected with some of the chief cases within that period. These are followed by a list of impeachments and attainders, t... British Library
creatorOf NOTE-BOOK. Of John Anstis, Garter King of Arms, containing;-(a) Extracts from records in the office of the Duchy of Lancaster. f. 3;-(b) Extracts from the Patent Rolls, tempp. Edw. III.-Rich. II. ff. 9, 14b;-(c) Grants to officers of arms at funera... British Library
creatorOf Liber vitae ('The New Minster Liber Vitae'), approximately 1031-1771 British Library
creatorOf MISCELLANE0US EXTRACTS from Records in the Tally Court. In two volumes. Amongst them are:-Vol. I. " Valores omnium castrorum, dominiorum, maneriorum, terrarum et tenementorum prenobilis viri Johannis Tuchett, militis, Domini de Audelay . . . ut patet... British Library
creatorOf Mendip, Welbore Ellis, Baron, 1713-1802. Baron Welbore Ellis Mendip letters to John Ellis and Thomas Astle, 1731-1788. California Digital Library
creatorOf COLLECTION Of papers relating to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, viz.:-"A memorial relating to the Universities," suggesting amendments in the statutes; [ 1717-18]. f. 2. J. Gutch, Collectanea Curiosa, 1781, vol. ii. p. 53. Gutch say... British Library
referencedIn Pinkerton, John, 1758-1826. John Pinkerton letters, 1775 Dec 14-1815 Jan 31. Yale University, Lewis Walpole Library
creatorOf 1. EPITOME of English history, from 1066 to the accession of Elizabeth. f. 4. 2. Genealogy of the Saxon kings, from Egbert to Edgar the Ætheling; with arms in colours. f. 18. 3. Genealogy of the royal house of England, from William I. to Philip and M... British Library
creatorOf 1. PROCEEDINGS of the Committee appointed to arrange the Coronation of Charles II. ; 26 Sept., 22 Oct., 1660. Including the report drawn up at their order by Sir Edward Walker, Garter King-of-arms, on the Coronations of Richard II., Henry VI., and al... British Library
creatorOf " A PEACEABLE SURVEIWE and examination of the doctrine of the Huguenotts: provinge against the rigorous Catholickes of our time, and perticulerlie against the answere made to the Catholicke Apologie, that wee, which are members of the Catholicke Apos... British Library
creatorOf PAPERS concerning the revenue, taxes, coinage, royal fisheries, etc.; 1433-1770. Among the contents are:-1. Extracts from the Rolls of Parliament for 11, 12 Hen. VI., being pp. 431-440 of vol. iv. of the printed edition. ff. 3-7. 2. Account of gold ... British Library
creatorOf GRANT by Offa, King of the Mercians, to Ealdbeorht, thegn, and his sister Seleðryð, of fourteen aratra of land at Iocc ham [Ickham, co. Kent] and Per ham stede [Parmested manor, in Kingston, co. Kent], and swine-pasturage at Dun ualing daenn, Sandhyr... British Library
creatorOf HIPPOCRATES and Galen, in Greek, viz.:-(1) Hippocrates' [ ] f 2;-(2) Hippocrates' [ ]. f. 3 b;-(3) Hippocrates' [ ]. Titles are occasionally given, in red ink, but irregularly and sometimes wrongly. The concluding aphorisms, rejected by Littré and Er... British Library
creatorOf ABSTRACTS by E-H-of transcripts of charters belonging to the Hospital of St. Nicholas, at Harbledown, near Canterbury, and now in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth (Nos. 1131, 1132); made in 1763 by Henry Hall, Rector of St. Michael's, Harbledo... British Library
creatorOf RULES Of the Society Of Jesus, translated into English. The " Summarium Constitutionum," the " Regulæ Communes," and some other divisions of the Regulæ, are here omitted; and the remainder are arranged in a different order from that of the printed ed... British Library
creatorOf WILL of William Everard, of Rivenhall, co. Essex, gent. Dat. 5 Apr. 1687.Wills: W. Everard, of Rivenhall: 1687.William Everard, of Rivenhall, county Essex: Will: 1687. British Library
creatorOf Malone, Edmond, 1741-1812,. Letters from Edmond Malone to Thomas Astle, 1795 December 31 [manuscript], 18th or 19th century? Folger Shakespeare Library
referencedIn Vol. I. (ff. 179). 1002-1698. The first article is a translation of the will of Wulfric, the founder of Burton Abbey (cf. Thorpe, Diplom. Sax., 1865, p. 543). Among others are copies of the wills of:-(a) Lionel, Duke of Clarence (ob. 1368). f. 3;-(b)... British Library
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Mollington, counties Oxfordshire and Warwickshire
Ireland, Europe
Clofesho al. Clovesho, Mildenhall county Suffolk
Shottesham, Norfolk
Heronden, Kent
Harthill, Derbyshire
London, England
Drumclog, Lanarkshire
Norfolk, England
Hovingham, Yorkshire
Oxford, Oxfordshire
Folkestone, Kent
Sonning, Berkshire
Essex, England
Tettincglea, Kent
London, England
Wiggenhall St. Mary Magdalen, Norfolk
Edlingham, Northumberland
Bromley Great, Essex
Pompeii (Extinct city)
Kent, England
Canterbury, Kent
Colchester, Essex
Elwick, Northumberland
London, England
Ealdingtun, Kent
Hæsel-ersc, counties Kent and Sussex
Wilbraham, Cambridgeshire
London, England
Graveney, Kent
London, England
Leicestershire, England
Colchester, Essex
Devizes, Wiltshire
Glastonbury, Somerset
Salisbury, Wiltshire
River Severn, England
Swarling, Petham
New Romney, Kent
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Dublin, Ireland
Stowood Forest, Oxfordshire
Flanders, Belgium
Walton, Suffolk
West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Selby, Yorkshire
Canterbury, Kent
Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire
Challock, Kent
Alrewas, Staffordshire
Ruckinge, Kent
Isle of Thanet, Kent
Banbury, Oxfordshire
Hilton, Durham
Skipwith, East Riding of Yorkshire
Malmesbury, Wiltshire
Uddan-hom, Kent
Nottinghamshire, England
River Wantsum, Kent
Meredenn, Kent
Witchford Hundred, Cambridgeshire
Malplaquet, Belgium
Waylands-Stoke, Buckinghamshire
Derbyshire, England
Lyng, Norfolk
Sherrington, Buckinghamshire
Alveley, Essex
Langdon, Kent
River Tyne, United Kingdom
Waldridge, Buckinghamshire?
Shervey al. Schervey, Dumbarton
Helfreding-denn, Kent
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Wæfincg-mersc or Wæringmersc, New Romney
Frumesing-leah, Kent
Rainham, Kent
Lohderes-lea, Middlesex
Calton, Staffordshire
Windsor, Berkshire
London, England
Cambrai, France
River Cray, Kent
New Mexico, U.S.A.
Winchester, Hampshire
County Durham, England
Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire
Dagenham, Essex
Chalton, Hampshire
Brancepeth, Durham
Holtby, Yorkshire
London, England
Banbury, Oxfordshire
Woodstock, Oxfordshire
Staffordshire, England
Burstead, Essex
Henstill, Devon
Warwickshire, England
Canterbury, Kent
Prussia, Germany
Aldborough, West Riding of Yorkshire
Heworth, Durham
Edinburgh, Scotland
Watling Street, Middlesex
Hampstead, Middlesex
Leominster, Herefordshire
West Indies, America
London, England
Buckinghamshire, England
Raveningham, Norfolk
Appingland, Kent
Isle of Thanet, Kent
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Ickham, Kent
Wotton (?), Surrey
Stratford, Essex
Greenwich, Kent
Bishopsbourne, Kent
Wickham-Breaux, Kent
Harbledown, Kent
Hamburg, Germany
London, England
Ilketshall, Suffolk
Chelsea, Middlesex
Princes-Risborough, Buckinghamshire
Feversham, Kent
Combe, Kent
Netherlands, Europe
Ipswich, Suffolk
Halesowen, Shropshire
Great Kimble, Buckinghamshire
South Elmham, Suffolk
Culloden, Invernesshire
Barham, Kent
Guernsey, Channel Islands
Coldingham, Berwickshire
River Stour, Kent
Sandwich, Kent
Ireland, Europe
Edrom, Berwickshire
London, England
Rochester, Kent
Tuddenham, Suffolk
Winchester, Hampshire
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Liege, Belgium
Windsor, Berkshire
Aix La Chapelle, Germany
Congleton, Cheshire
Ellenborough, Cumberland
Kingston, Kent
Wieghelmestun, Kent
New England, America
Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire
Rome, Italy
Exeter, Devon
West Indies, America
Feversham, Kent
London, England
Bramfield, Suffolk
Waldershare, Kent
Melcombe Regis, Dorset
Minehead, Somerset
Reculver, Kent
Bapchild, Kent
Farleigh, Kent
Folkestone, Kent
Alton, Southampton
Billingham, Durham
Ely, Cambridgeshire
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey
Bristol, Gloucestershire
Roxeth, Middlesex
Lichfield, Staffordshire
Carlisle, Cumberland
Tong, Shropshire
Yarnton, Oxfordshire
Ipswich, Suffolk
Ireland, Europe
Horsley, Surrey
Eastrington, Yorkshire
London, England
Caterham, Surrey
Eastry, Kent
Hollingborne, Kent
Preston Candover, Hampshire
Narford, Norfolk
Battle, Sussex
Sulh, Middlesex
Gelderland, the Netherlands
North Carolina, America
Greenford, Middlesex
Pickering, North Riding of Yorkshire
Hereford, Herefordshire
Stanford, Kent
London, England
Norhamshire, Northumberland
Chelsea, Middlesex
Mereworth, Kent
London, England
Fotheringhay, Northamptonshire
Isle of Man, England
Stanburnan, Stanmore
Yoxall, Staffordshire
Pipernæsse, Kent
Buckinghamshire, England
Walmer, Kent
Normanton, Nottinghamshire
Crediton, Devon
Wansford, Northamptonshire
London, England
Weldon, Northamptonshire
Hendon, Middlesex
Reculver, Kent
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Rotherfield, Hampshire
Kingston, Kent
Spennymoor, Durham
Wales, United Kingdom
Romney Marsh, Kent
East Anglia, England
Lidingden, Kent
Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Creedy-Bridge, Devon
Lynn Regis, Norfolk
Adderbury, Oxfordshire
Sandhyrst, Kent
Wembley, Middlesex
Clapham, Surrey
Dean, Forest of, Gloucestershire
Howe, Norfolk
Eythorne, Kent
Paris, France
Cornwall, England
Yorkshire, England
Sandford, Devon
Saragossa, Spain
Bernay, Normandy
Derby, Derbyshire
Barford St. Martin, Wiltshire
Harkstead, Suffolk
Croyland, Lincolnshire
Eythorne, Kent
Mordon, Surrey
Simonside, Durham
River Stour, Kent
Ashford, Kent
Suffolk, England
River Stour, Kent
Holt, Norfolk
Colchester, Essex
Lancashire, England
Herefredingland, Middlesex
Bexley, Kent
Greatham, Durham
Isle of Thanet, Kent
County Durham, England
Yedding, Middlesex
Carlisle, Cumberland
Wolviston, Durham
Sanderstead, Surrey
Great Baddow, Essex
London, England
Bruges, Belgium
Dunblane, Perthshire
Canterbury, Province of, Kent
Lichfield, Staffordshire
Cradley, Herefordshire
Romney Marsh, Kent
Wichbold, Worcestershire
Harting, Sussex
Checkley, Staffordshire
Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire
Clofesho al. Clovesho, Mildenhall county Suffolk
Elmdon, Warwickshire
Heanheala, Essex (?)
Wales, United Kingdom
Andred-wood, Kent
Lingfield, Surrey
London, England
Bunwell, Norfolk
Bolton, Edlingham
Graveney, Kent
Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire
King's Sedgemoor, Somerset
Cotterstock, Northamptonshire
Ickham, Kent
Romney Marsh, Kent
Hunbealding-hola, Kent
Kingston-on-Hull, Yorkshire
Swale River, Kent
Dover, Kent
Winchester, Hampshire
River Trent, England
Northallerton, North Riding of Yorkshire
Ickham, Kent
Italy, Europe
Burnesstedes-denn, Kent
Essex, England
Essex, England
Pompeii (Extinct city)
Whepstead, Suffolk
Hassop, Derbyshire
Glastonbury, Somerset
Rainham, Essex
Virginia, U.S.A.
Tutbury, Staffordshire
Ballidon, Derbyshire
Theodoricesnad, Kent
Needwood Chase, Staffordshire
Isle of Man, England
Melfi, Italy
Boroughbridge, Yorkshire
Isle of Man, England
Flixton, Suffolk
Utrecht, the Netherlands
Hereford, Herefordshire
Needwood Chase, Staffordshire
Northallerton, North Riding of Yorkshire
Canterbury, Kent
Canterbury, Kent
Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire
Muggleswick, Durham
Clofesho al. Clovesho, Mildenhall county Suffolk
Great Chart, Kent
Yorkshire, England
Wiltshire, England
Ætingden, Kent
Yalding, Kent
London, England
Beaneccer, Kent
Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey
Rockingham, Northamptonshire
Somerset, England
Shotover Forest, Oxfordshire
Westerham, Kent
London, England
London, England
Needwood Chase, Staffordshire
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Mons, Belgium
Wimbledon, Surrey
Dean, Forest of, Gloucestershire
Wissett, Suffolk
Otterpoole, Kent
Deptford, Kent
London, England
Netherlands, Europe
Smeeth, Kent
Painswick, Gloucestershire
Maidenhead, Berkshire
Thurton, Norfolk
River Brent, Middlesex
Durham, England
Channel Islands, United Kingdom
Cley, Norfolk
Norberne, Norway
Staffordshire, England
Shipmeadow, Suffolk
Tamworth, Staffordshire
Lexden, Essex
Hoarcross, Staffordshire
Reculver, Kent
Paris, France
Cambrai, France
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Newborough, Staffordshire
Staffordshire, England
Yoxall, Staffordshire
Charing, Kent
Upwell, counties Cambridgeshire and Norfolk
Wickham-Skeith, Suffolk
Cheshire, England
Wratting, Suffolk
Neasdon, Middlesex
Bayonne, France
United States of America
Tamworth, Staffordshire
Mearces-fleote, Kent
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire
Pustingwere, Kent
Hordle, Hampshire
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Pompeii (Extinct city)
Brittany, France
Ash, Kent
Waltham Forest, Essex
Kingsclere, Hampshire
Colchester, Essex
Ely, Cambridgeshire
Barham, Kent
York, Yorkshire
Thong, Kent
Nettlestead, Kent
Elmstead, Kent
Berwick, Lympne
London, England
Northbourne, Kent
Buttsbury, Essex
Liverpool, England
Selsdon, Surrey
Melbourne, Cambridgeshire
Wells, Somerset
Portland, Dorset
Tutbury, Staffordshire
Lanchester, Durham
Pustingwere, Kent
Suidberhtincg-lond, Kent
Ireland, Europe
Salisbury, Wiltshire
Hamburg, Germany
Norfolk, England
London, England
Derbyshire, England
Lydd, Kent
Lyminge, Kent
Horton, Kent
Cliff-at-Hoo, Kent
Armingford Hundred, Cambridgeshire
Northwold, Norfolk
Edgware, Middlesex
Luston, Herefordshire
Mettingham, Suffolk
Rochester, Kent
Cadiz, Spain
Staffordshire, England
Neuchâtel, Principality of, Switzerland
Basing House, Southton
Northumberland, England
Suffolk, England
Reading, Berkshire
Dun-ualing-dænn, Kent
Dover, Kent
Langdon, Kent
Thetford, counties Norfolk and Suffolk
Ruxford, Devon
Little Chart, Kent
Kingston, Kent
Ackhanger, Cheriton, Kent
Cannock, Staffordshire
Watling Street, Middlesex
Aylestone, Leicestershire
Dover, Kent
Plumstead, Kent
Weymouth, Dorset
Icknield-way, England
Ecclestone, Lancashire
Ensham, Oxfordshire
Mells, Suffolk
Lyminge, Kent
Knowle, Kent
Ghent, Flanders
Colchester, Essex
Isle of Wight, England
Honybryge, Wiltshire
Gatton, Surrey
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Ramsbury, Wiltshire
London, England
Windsor, Berkshire
Godmersham, Kent
Cooling, Kent
Preston, Durham
Scotland, Kingdom of, United Kingdom
Rochester, Kent
Betstile, Colney Hatch
Sherburn, Durham
Great Chart, Kent
Kent, England
Windsor, Berkshire
Tunis, Tunisia
Jersey, Channel Islands
Netherlands, Europe
Longdon, Staffordshire
Sherrifmuir, Perthshire
Brickendon (?), Hertfordshire
Coventry, Warwickshire
Chaldon, Surrey
Flanders, Belgium
Newborough, Staffordshire
Howden, Yorkshire
Leicestershire, England
Ormskirk, Lancashire
Peaces-dele, Derbyshire
Colchester, Essex
Dunning, Perthshire
Essex, England
Yorkshire, England
Belle Île, Morbihan
Language and languages--Grammars


Birth 1735-12-22

Death 1803-12-01






Ark ID: w6n87knp

SNAC ID: 48716893