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John W. (John Wesley) Durr was born 1835 June 23 to Rev. Michael and Elizabeth Pinckard Durr near Warm Springs, Ga. He moved to Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Ala., in 1852, and began work as a clerk in a grocery store, and then as a bookkeeper for a flour mill. He married Rebecca Hart Holt in 1856 in Montgomery. In 1860 He formed a partnership with M.E. Vaughn and E.S. Johnson, known as M.E. Vaughn and Co., which operated a warehouse. He served in the commissary department in the Civil War.

In 1863 the partners sold out to Lehman Brothers, and in 1863 March he formed a partnership of Lehman, Durr & Co., which was incorporated in 1891 as Lehman Durr Co., of which Durr was president until his death.

He was also president of Tallasee Falls Manufacturing Co., a director of South? Elizabeth Burke; John Wesley; and William Lehman. He died 1909 June 30 In Montgomery, Ala.

Rebecca (Hart Holt) Durr was born ca. 1840 to Tournay and Elizabeth Burke Holt in Montgomery, Ala.

John W. (John Wesley) Durr was born 1863 March 14 to John Wesley and Rebecca Hart Holt Durr at Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Ala. He attended the University of Alabama in 1882. In 1884 he engaged in the wholesale grocery business with T.L. Jones, Bradford Hardie, and Charles L. Gay, in the firm of Gay, Hardie, and Co., remaining in that position for eighteen years. On 1886 Nov. 25 he married Lucy Judkins of Wetumpka, Elmore Co., Ala., in Montgomery.

He commenced a wholesale drug business in 1896 which became incorporated as Durr Drug Co. in 1906, with Durr as president. He also was a partner in the Talladega Springs Hotel and Talladega Land Co. A life-long Democrat, he was also an elder in the Presbyterian church, and was clerk of session of that church for forty-six years. In 1921 Gov. Kilby named him and two others to a commission to help settle a strike in the Birmingham district.

He and his wife had five children: Kate, who married Stanhope Elmore; John Wesley; James Judkins; Lucy Judkins, who married W.R.J. Dunn; and Clifford Judkins. Durr died 1941 Dec. 24 in Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Ala.

Lucy Judkins Durr was born in 1865 to James H. (James Henry) and Elizabeth Lumpkin Johnson Judkins in Montgomery, Montgomery Co., Ala. She moved with them to Brazil, 1867-1870, and then to Wetumpka, Elmore Co., Ala., from 1870 until her marriage to John W. Durr on 1886 Nov. 25. She remained close to her children all her life, was a Presbyterian, and died 1959 July 11 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Ala., at the home of her daughter, Lucy Durr Dunn.

Kate Holt Durr was born ca. 1891 to John W. and Lucy J. Durr in Montgomery. She married Stanhope E. Elmore 1916 Dec. 6. She was active in civic affairs and in the First Presbyterian and Memorial Presbyterian churches. She and her husband had five children: Nesbitt Elmore; Stanhope E. Elmore, Jr.; Dr. John Durr Elmore; William Bellingrath Elmore; and Kate Durr Elmore. She died 1948 Nov. 15 in Montgomery.

John W. (John Wesley) Durr was born in 1893 to John W. and Lucy J. Durr in Montgomery, Ala. He graduated from the University of Virginia and attended Johns Hopkins University Medical School for a short time. He went into the insurance business with N.B. Holt & Co., but fought in WWI as a second lt., winning two silver stars and the Croix De Guerre. He married Ann Paul . After WWI he went into the insurance business with Jemison-Seibels Insurance Co. in Birmingham, remaining with that company for the rest of his career. He died 1978 March 3 in Birmingham, Ala.

James J. (James Judkins) Durr was born ca. 1895 to John W. and Lucy J. Durr in Montgomery, Ala. He graduated from the University of Alabama, working at Talladega Springs as a hotel clerk in the summers, and worked at the Durr Drug Co. most of his adult life, succeeding his father as president of that company. He also served in the National Guard during WWI. He married Ann Garrett Cobb of Montgomery on 1922 May 16. In 1967 he began a $1000 scholarship for pharmacy students at Auburn University. He and his wife had two children, Elia Garrett, who married James Mahlon Buck, Jr., and John W. Durr.

Lucy Durr was born 1896 Aug. 19 to John W. and Lucy J. Durr in Montgomery, Ala. She graduated from Agnes Scott College in 1919, and was president of the senior class. She married W.R.J. (William Ransom Johnson) Dunn, 1930 Apr. 30. She was a long-time member of the Birmingham (Ala.) Junior League, and was its president for one term.

Anne Patterson Durr was born 1927 Feb. to Clifford J. and Virginia F. Durr in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Ala. She graduated from George Washington High School in Va. in 1945, and from the University of Wisconsin in 1949. She worked at Hull House in Chicago, and married Walter A. Lyon on 1951 May 19 in Washington, D.C.

Clifford J. Durr was born 1935 Sept. 18 to Clifford J. and Virginia F. Durr in Washington, D.C. He died 1938 Apr. 23 in the same place.

Lucy Judkins Durr was born 1937 Jan. 13 to Clifford J. and Virginia F. Durr in Falls Church, Va. She graduated from Lanier High School in Montgomery, Ala., in 1955, and from Radcliffe College in 1959. She married F. Sheldon Hackney on 1957 June 15.

Tilla (Virginia Foster) Durr was born 1939 Sept. to Clifford J. and Virginia F. Durr in Falls Church, Va. She married Frank Ruff Parker III on 1964 Aug. 30.

Lulah Johnston Durr was born 1947 Feb. 10 to Clifford J. and Virginia F. Durr in Falls Church, Va. She graduated from Windsor Mtn. School in Lenox, Mass., and married Richard V. Colan on 1964 Aug. 13.

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Shelby County (Ala.)
Camp Pike (Ark.)
Wetumpka (Ala.)
Southern states
United States
Washington, D.C
Alabama--Shelby County
Montgomery County (Ala.)
Birmingham (Ala.)
Denver (Colo.)
Nice (France)
Grenoble (France)
Alabama--Economic conditions
Camp Gordon (Ga.)
Jefferson County (Ala.)
Alabama--Elmore County
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Alabama--Macon County
Macon County (Ala.)
Milwaukee (Wis.)
Douglas (Ariz.)
Camp Sheridan (Ala.)
Muscle Shoals (Ala.)
Great Britain
Elmore County (Ala.)
Rome (Italy)
Paris (France)
Sewanee (Tenn.)
Alexandria (Va.)
New York
Madrid (Spain)
Banks and banking
Bull fighting
Coal-miners strike
Coal-miners strike
Korean War, 1950-1953
Ku Klux Klan
Loyalty security program, 1947-
Practice of law
Real property
Race relations
Strikes and lockouts
Typhoid fever
World War, 1914-1918
World War, 1939-1945


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