Mowrer, Lilian T. (Lilian Thomson). Edgar Ansel Mowrer and Lilian T. Mowrer papers. 1910-1970

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Biographical Notes

Edgar Ansel Mowrer

  • 1892, Mar. 8: Born, Bloomington, Ill.
  • 1913: A.B., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.
  • 1914: War correspondent in France and Belgium for the Chicago Daily News
  • 1916: Married Lilian Thomson
  • 1933: Published Germany Puts the Clock Back. New York: W. Morrow Awarded Pulitzer Prize in journalism Elected president, Foreign Press Association
  • 1933 - 1940 : Head, Chicago Daily News bureau, Paris, France
  • 1942: Deputy director, U.S. Office of Facts and Figures
  • 1942 - 1943 : Deputy director, U.S. Office of War Information
  • 1943: Started newspaper column, "Edgar Mowrer on World Affairs"
  • 1947: Helped organize Americans for Democratic Action
  • 1948: Published The Nightmare of American Foreign Policy. New York: Alfred A. Knopf
  • 1952: Began second newspaper column, "What's Your Question on World Affairs?"
  • 1956 - 1960 : American editor, Western World magazine
  • 1968: Published Triumph and Turmoil: A Personal History of Our Time. New York: Weybright and Talley
  • 1969 - 1976 : Moved to Wonalancet, N.H. Columnist, Manchester Union Leader, Manchester, N.H.
  • 1972 - 1973 : Wrote "Freedom Diary (A Crucial Year)"
  • 1973: Published, with Lilian T. Mowrer, Umano and the Price of Lasting Peace. New York: Philosophical Library
  • 1977, Mar. 2: Died, Madeira, Madeira Islands

Lilian T. Mowrer

  • 1889, Sept. 2: Born, London, England
  • 1907: Student, Sorbonne University, Paris, France
  • 1911 - 1913 : Student, Liverpool University, Liverpool, England
  • 1916: Married Edgar Ansel Mowrer
  • 1937: Published Journalist's Wife. New York: W. Morrow
  • 1941: Published Arrest and Exile. New York: W. Morrow
  • 1942: Published Rip Tide of Aggression. New York: W. Morrow
  • 1943 - 1949 : District of Columbia chairman, Women's Action Committee for Lasting Peace
  • 1952: Published The United States and World Relations. New York: Harper
  • 1960: Published The Indomitable John Scott. New York: Farrar, Straus and Cudahy
  • 1973: Published, with Edgar Ansel Mowrer, Umano and the Price of Lasting Peace. New York: Philosophical Library
  • 1990, Sept. 30: Died, Chicago, Ill.

From the guide to the Edgar Ansel Mowrer and Lilian T. Mowrer Papers, 1898-1978, (bulk 1933-1975), (Manuscript Division Library of Congress)

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Birth 1910

Death 1970

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