Hay, Southard, 1875-1951,

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Purchasing agent, Harbison-Walker Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., 1909-1903; Vice-president, treasurer, director, Cuthbert Bros. Co., construction engineers, 1905-1927; published numerous articles in Yale Scientific Monthly, and Class Reunion Record.

From the description of Southard Hay autograph collection, 1750-1885 (inclusive). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702204813

Purchasing agent, Harbison-Walker Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., 1909-1903; Vice-president, treasurer, director, Cuthbert Bros. Co., construction engineers, 1905-1927; published numerous articles in Yale Scientific Monthly, and Class Reunion Record.

SOUTHARD HAY, Ph. B. 1901. Born January 24, 1875, Allegheny City, Pa.; died July 31, 1951.

Parents, Malcolm and Virginia Eleanor (Southard) Hay. Yale relatives include: John Chambers Humbird, '01S (brother-in-law); John Stewart Henderson, '13S (nephew); John Stewart Henderson, Jr., '38 (grandnephew); Robert A. McLaughlin, '38 (son-in-law).

Shadyside Academy; Phillips-Andover. Select course; Class deacon, Freshman, Junior, Senior years; deacon, University Church; Freshman, Apollo Glee Clubs; chairman, Yale Scientific Monthly, Senior year; Class Book historian; Class secretary; president, Berkeley Assn.; Shadyside Academy Club; Sheff. Debating Society; Book and Snake.

Purchasing agent, Harbison-Walker Co., fire brick manufacturers, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1901-1903; secretary-treasurer, Standard Construction Co., 1903-1905; vice-president, treasurer, director, Cuthbert Bros. Co Inc., construction engineers, 1905-1927, president, 1927; World War I, deputy, Fuel Administration, Pittsburgh District, 1918, Pittsburgh Committee for Collection of Intelligence Material: special deputy as agent, Commonwealth of Pa., secretary of banking, in possession, Pittsburgh-American Bank & Trust Co., 1932; director, Dept. of Public Welfare, Pittsburgh, 1934; organizer, partner, Bristol Metal. Products, sales engineers, manufacturers representatives; member, Local Draft Board, No. 7, Pitts-burgh; numerous articles published, Yale Scientific Monthly, Class Reunion Record; member, Red Cross, board of managers, Children's Hospital, Pittsburgh, board of incorporators, Homewood Cemetery, "City and Borough Relations Committee", Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce vestry, Trinity Episcopal Church, board of trustees, diocese of Pittsburgh, Fellowship Lodge No. 679, F. & A. M., Society of War of 1812, Sons of the American Revolution, Fox Chapel Golf Club, Pittsburgh Golf Club; Duquesne Club, Keystone Athletic Club, Mory's Assn., New Haven, Pittsburgh Club, Democratic Party; president, 1901-1951, Class of 'O1S, acting secretary, 1949-50; Alumni Fund agent, 1901-1902; executive committee, Yale Engineering Assn., 1923-1924, district vice-president, Pittsburgh; head, Yale-in-China Committee, 1925; governor, Yale Publishing Assn., 1922-1927; chairman, 1931 Reunion Committee;. member, executive committee, 1939-1941; vice-president, treasurer, president, Yale Club of Pittsburgh; assistant-treasurer, Associated Western Clubs; executive committee, Yale Alumni Assn., Western Pa.; Yale Scholarship Trust Committee, Pittsburgh; member, Class Employment, Class Scholarship, Class Sons and Daughters, Class Life Fund Committees; member, Graduates Club of New Haven, University Club of Pittsburgh, Yale Club of New York.

Married (1) April 21, 1906, Pittsburgh, Pa., Eleanor Humbird (St. Margaret's School, Waterbury, Conn.), daughter of James Smith and Emma Barlow (Chambers) Humbird. Children: Malcolm, '30 (LL. B. Univ. Pa.); Eleanor Southard (Mrs. Robert Allen McLaughlin). Mrs. Hay died 1937. Married (2) August 2, 1941, Pittsburgh, Pa., Florence Anna Ambler, sister of Sarah Eliza Ambler.

From Yale University Obituary Record, 1951-1952.

From the guide to the Southard Hay autograph collection, 1750-1885, (Manuscripts and Archives)

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creatorOf Hay, Southard, 1875-1951,. Southard Hay autograph collection, 1750-1885 (inclusive). Yale University Library
creatorOf Southard Hay autograph collection, 1750-1885 Yale University. Department of Manuscripts and Archives
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Birth 1875

Death 1951

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