Harrach, Ferdinand Bonaventura, Graf von, 1637-1706

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Ferdinand Bonaventura, Graf von Harrach (1636-1706), born into a noble Austrian family, served Emperor Leopold I as Oberststallmeister and then as envoy to France and Spain. He was Ambassador to Spain in 1673-1676 and 1696-1698, and a member of the Geheime Konferenz for several decades. He was named Oberstkämmerer in 1701, and died in Karlsbad in 1706.

From the description of Diplomatic papers of graf von Harrach, [1670s?]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702172911

Epithet: Imperial Minister

Title: Count

British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000132.0x00035d

Relation Name
associatedWith Alexander VII, Pope, 1599-1667. person
associatedWith Brandenburg, House of. family
associatedWith Cabrera, Juan Tomás Enríquez de, duque de Medina de Ríoseco, 1652-1705. person
associatedWith Castel-Rodrigo, Francisco de Moura, marqués de, 1621-1675. person
associatedWith Castel-Rodrigo, Manuel de Moura, marqués de, d. 1651. person
associatedWith Catholic Church corporateBody
associatedWith Catholic League, 1609-1648. corporateBody
associatedWith Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685. person
associatedWith Charles II, King of Spain, 1661-1700. person
associatedWith Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649. person
associatedWith Condé, Louis, prince de, 1621-1686. person
associatedWith Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658. person
associatedWith England and Wales. 1667 July 31. corporateBody
associatedWith Ferdinand Charles, Archduke of Austria, 1628-1662. person
associatedWith Ferdinand II, Holy Roman Emperor, 1578-1637. person
associatedWith Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor, 1608-1657. person
associatedWith Ferdinando Carlo Gonzaga, Duke of Mantua, 1652-1708. person
associatedWith Ferdinando II, Grand-Duke of Tuscany, 1610-1670. person
associatedWith France. 1659 Nov. 7. corporateBody
associatedWith France. 1668 May 2. corporateBody
associatedWith Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange, 1584-1647. person
associatedWith Frederick I, King of Bohemia, 1596-1632. person
associatedWith Friedrich Wilhelm, Elector of Brandenburg, 1620-1688. person
associatedWith Giustiniani, Giovanni, ca. 1513-ca. 1556. person
associatedWith Gustaf II Adolf, King of Sweden, 1594-1632. person
associatedWith Habsburg, House of. family
associatedWith Holy Roman Empire. corporateBody
associatedWith Holy Roman Empire. Geheime Konferenz. corporateBody
associatedWith Innocent X, Pope, 1574-1655. person
associatedWith Jan II Kazimierz, King of Poland, 1609-1672. person
associatedWith John, of Austria, 1629-1679. person
associatedWith Kara Mustafa Paşa, Merzifonlu, 1634-1683. person
associatedWith Karl Ludwig, Elector Palatine, 1617-1680. person
associatedWith Köprülü Mehmed Paşa, 1575-1661. person
associatedWith Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, 1640-1705. person
associatedWith Lisola, François Paul, baron de, 1613-1674. person
associatedWith Lobkowitz, Wenzel Eusebius, Fürst von, 1609-1677. person
associatedWith Louis XIII, King of France, 1601-1643. person
associatedWith Louis XIV, King of France, 1638-1715. person
associatedWith Margarita Teresa, Infanta of Spain, Empress, consort of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, 1651-1673. person
associatedWith Marie de Médicis, Queen, consort of Henry IV, King of France, 1573-1642. person
associatedWith Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria, 1573-1651. person
associatedWith Mazarin, Jules, 1602-1661. person
associatedWith Medici, House of. family
associatedWith Medina de las Torres, Ramiro Felipez Núñez de Guzmán, duque de, d. 1668. person
associatedWith Mehmed IV, Sultan of the Turks, 1642-1693. person
associatedWith Méndez de Haro, Luis, 1598-1661. person
associatedWith Olivares, Gaspar de Guzmán, conde-duque de, 1587-1645. person
associatedWith Philip III, King of Spain, 1578-1621. person
associatedWith Philip IV, King of Spain, 1605-1665. person
associatedWith Rákóczi György I, Prince of Transylvania, 1593-1648. person
associatedWith Ratisbon, Diet of, 1640-1641. corporateBody
associatedWith Richelieu, Armand Jean du Plessis, duc de, 1585-1642. person
correspondedWith Rubens, Peter Paul, Sir, 1577-1640 person
associatedWith Savoy, House of. family
associatedWith Spain. 1648 Jan. 30. corporateBody
associatedWith Süleyman II, Sultan of the Turks, 1642-1691. person
associatedWith Wallenstein, Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von, Herzog von Friedland, 1583-1634. person
associatedWith William III, King of England, 1650-1702. person
associatedWith William II, Prince of Orange, 1626-1650. person
associatedWith Wittelsbach, House of. family
associatedWith Władysław IV Zygmunt, King of Poland, 1595-1648. person
Place Name Admin Code Country
Papal States
Milan (Italy)
Holy Roman Empire
Naples (Kingdom)
Lithuania (Grand Duchy)
Crete (Greece)
Transylvania (Principality)
Brabant (Duchy)
Tuscany (Italy)
Venice (Italy)
Catalonia (Spain)
Cologne (Electorate)
Palatinate (Germany)
Great Britain
Mainz (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)
Diplomacy--Handbooks, manuals, etc
Anglo--French War, 1666-1667
Spanish Succession, War of, 1701-1714--Causes
Foreign ministers
Diplomatic and consular service, Austrian
Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648
Diplomatic and consular service, European
Turco--Polish Wars, 1683-1699
Dutch War, 1672-1678
Diplomatic and consular service, Spanish
Russo--Swedish War, 1656-1658
Austro--Turkish War, 1661-1664
Devolution, War of, 1667-1668
Anglo--Dutch War, 1664-1667
Franco--Spanish War, 1635-1659
Swedish--Polish War, 1655-1660
Anglo--Spanish War, 1655-1659
Grand Alliance, War of the, 1689-1697
Russo--Turkish Wars, 1676-1878
Electors (Kurfürsten)--History
Anglo--Dutch War, 1652-1654


Birth 1637

Death 1706

Spanish; Castilian,




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