Bernhard A. Behrend collection, 1830-1982, (bulk 1890-1932)


Behrend, B. A. (Bernhard Arthur), 1875-. Bernhard A. Behrend collection, 1830-1982, (bulk 1890-1932)

Bernhard A. Behrend collection, 1830-1982, (bulk 1890-1932)

The collection consists of book galleys, printed bulletins, blueprints, clippings, conference papers, correspondence, cost summaries, diagrams, notes, magazine articles, manuscript drafts, memorabilia, memos, patents, photographs, reports, test sheets, and winding specifications. The majority of the material in the collection Behrend used in his work as an electrical engineer and inventor. Materials relating to Behrend's interest as a scholar and hobbyist can also be found within the collection, e.g., economics, politics, and science. In addition, material related to Margaret Chase Behrend is filed within the collection. The collection contains numerous handwritten notes and diagrams concerning mechanical and electrical engineering, which were used by Behrend in his laboratory work for the various companies for which he was employed, especially Bullock Electric Manufacturing Company, Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company, and Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company. The cost summaries, test sheets, winding specifications, reports, patents, and printed bulletins describe equipment connected with electrical motors and generators, such as alternating current generators and variable speed motors. Also included are printed typed manuscript drafts, book galleys, and other material related to his book, The Induction Motor and Other Alternating Current Motors. In addition, a number of articles and scientific papers by Behrend and other individuals can be found within the collection. The collection contains articles and correspondence pertaining to C.E.L. (Charles Eugene Lancelot) Brown, Carl Richard Soderberg, Oliver Heaviside, Henrietta Anne Huxley, Thomas Henry Huxley, Goldwin Smith, and Andrew Dickson White. Moreover, correspondence and invoices related to purchasing rare books of science and literature are filed in the collection, as well as material on William Makepeace Thackeray, whom Behrend highly regarded. There is some correspondence from Julia Mood Peterkin and Rollo Appleyard to Margaret Chase Behrend, and considerable correspondence between Mrs. Behrend and S.B. (Samuel Broadus) Earle, Dean of Engineering at Clemson College, regarding the donation of Behrend's personal papers, rare books, and personal laboratory to the school.

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