Letters. 1827-1883.


Letters. 1827-1883.


63 A.L.S. to various recipients, including Arago, Beaufort, Hogg, Lubbock, and Oersted; 2 D.S. acknowledging receipt of books for the Royal Observatory; holograph copy of letter to Comptroller General of the Exchequer; and 3 envelopes.

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Airy, George Biddell, 1801-1892

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Sir George Biddell Airy was educated at Cambridge and became Plumain Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Cambridge Observatory in 1828. In 1835 he accepted the post of Astronomer based at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, which he held until 1881. In 1835 Airy was invited to become a member of the University of London Senate. Although he was unable to attend Senate meetings on a regular basis, he discussed the pressing issues of the University at the time with other Senate members, in part...

Lubbock, J. W. (John William), 1803-1865

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English cleric William Buckland worked as a geologist and vertebrate paleontologist. The first Reader of Geology, University of Oxford (from 1819), Buckland is most noted as the scientific discoverer of dinosaurs. From the guide to the William Buckland papers, 1817-1848, 1817-1848, (American Philosophical Society) ...

Ørsted, Hans-Christian, 1777-1851

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Arago, F. (François), 1786-1853

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French mathematician, physicist, astronomer and politician. François Arago contributed to major discoveries concerning electromagnetism, light polarisation and velocity, the meridian arc length of the earth, and the standardisation of the metric system. From 1830 he was director of the Paris Observatory. Arago also served several roles in government, including a short period as the prime minister of France. From the description of Letter of François Arago written to Louis de Freyci...

Hogg, Jabez, 1817-1899

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Epithet: ophthalmic surgeon British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000626.0x0003b8 ...

Dibner, Bern.

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Beaufort, Francis, Sir, 1774-1857

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Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort: hydrographer of the British Navy and member of the Royal Society, creator of the wind force scale and weather notation coding, and author of Karamania, or, A brief description of the south coast of Asia-Minor and of the remains of antiquity (London, 1817). Beaufort was married twice. His first wife was Alicia Magdalena Wilson (d. 1834). In 1839 he married Honora Edgeworth, the daughter of his long-time friend Richard Lovell Edgeworth and sister of the novelist Maria...