Family papers. 1760-1910.


Brewerton, Henry, 1801-1879. Family papers.

Family papers. 1760-1910.

Officer, U.S. Army, Superintendent, U.S. Military Academy, 1845-1852. Appointment to U.S. Military Academy, 24 June 1813; form letter, 24 June 1813, accompanying Brewerton's cadet appointment; "Catalogue of the cadets of the U.S. Military Academy arranged in order of merit ..., June 1819"; recipt, 30 April 1819, for pay as assistant professor of drawing, USMA; general order, 8 September 1819, changing Brewerton's status from Brevet 2nd Lt. to 2nd Lt. as of 1 July 1819, signed by D. Parker, Adj. General; letter, 21 Feb. 1839, from town of Troy for Brewerton's work on the channel; letter, 2nd March 1839, along with resolution from town of Troy, N.Y. regarding Brewerton's work on the channel; contemporary copy of orders, 27 May 1852, relieving Brewerton from position as Superintendent, USMA and assigning him to Fort Carroll, Md. The orders commend Brewerton's work at the Academy, and inform him that R.E. Lee is to be the next superintendent; letter of introduction, 19 May 1859, to military officials in Europe, signed by R.E. DeRussy; letter of recommendation, 19 May 1859, to European diplomats signed by W. Drinkard. Henry Brewerton's diploma from West Point, 4 July 1819, signed by Thayer, Mansfield, Picton and Berard; Henry Brewerton's commissions: 1819, signed by James Monroe and J.C. Calhoun, 1837, signed by Andrew Jackson and Butler, Abraham Lincoln, 1862, signed by Abraham Lincoln and Edwin Stanton, brevet for service in Battle of Cedar Creek, signed by Andrew Johnson and Edwin Stanton, 1868, signed by U.S. Grant and John Hawkins; George Brewerton's commissions, 1760, 1761, 1762, and 1776; Henry F. Brewerton's promotion on retirement, 1910, signed by William H. Taft and J.M. Dickinson.

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