Prohibition National Committee records, 1872-1972.


Prohibition National Committee records, 1872-1972.

Minutes, 1888-1919, including proceedings of National Executive Committee and national conventions; correspondence, newspaper clippings, and scrapbooks concerning party affairs; also papers, 1929-1970, concerning Prohibition Party in Michigan; papers, 1918-1930, concerning prohibition in Great Britain; papers, 1951-1958, concerning the National Temperance and Prohibition Council; and minutes, 1872, of the State Central Committee of the Prohibition Party of Michigan; also photographs and films.

8 linear ft. and 2 oversize volumes.

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Sander Martin Levin (born September 6, 1931) is an American lawyer and politician. A member of the Democratic Party, he notably served as a U.S. Representative from Michigan's 17th (1983-1993), 12th (1993-2013), and 9th (2013-2019) congressional districts. He was the older brother of U.S. Senator Carl M. Levin. Born in Detroit, Michigan, he graduated from Central High School there before earning a B.A. degree from the University of Chicago, an M.A. degree in international relations from Colum...

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Wallace, George C. (George Corley), 1919-1998 (person)

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Cox, James M. (James Middleton), 1870-1957 (person)

James Middleton Cox (March 31, 1870 – July 15, 1957) was the 46th and 48th Governor of Ohio, a U.S. Representative from Ohio, and the Democratic nominee for President of the United States at the 1920 presidential election. His running mate during his presidential campaign was future president Franklin D. Roosevelt. He founded the chain of newspapers that continues today as Cox Enterprises, a media conglomerate. Born and raised in Ohio, Cox began his career as a newspaper copy reader before be...

Overholt, Gerald. (person)

Decker, Rutherford L. (person)

Prohibition National Convention (1920 : Lincoln, Neb.) (corporateBody)

Prohibition National Convention (1959 : Winona Lake, Ind.) (corporateBody)

American Youth for Political Action (corporateBody)

Prohibition National Convention (1963 : Saint Louis, Mo.) (corporateBody)

Holdridge, Herbert C. (person)

Fisher, Rolland R. (person)

Prohibition National Convention (1912 : Atlantic City, N.J.) (corporateBody)

Kohler, Julia B., d. 1969. (person)

Prohibition National Convention (1947 : Winona Lake, Ind.) (corporateBody)

Courtney, Kent, 1918-1997 (person)

Prohibition National Convention (1924 : Columbus, Ohio) (corporateBody)

Hamblen, Stuart, 1908-1989 (person)

Singer, songwriter, recording artist, and music publisher. Born October 20, 1908. Died March 8, 1989. Full name, Carl Stuart Hamblen. Career most active 1930s-1950s. Popular Los Angeles area radio performer and program host. Original member of the popular 1930s music group, the Beverly Hill Billies. Wrote several classic songs, including "Texas Plains," "It Is No Secret," and "This Ole House." Member, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. From the description of Oral history interview ...

Brown, Edmund G. (Edmund Gerald), 1905-1996 (person)

Governor of California, 1959-1967. From the description of Press conference recording, 1964. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122553823 Edmund Gerald "Pat" Brown (1905-1996), born in San Francisco, Calif., was the thirty-second governor of California from 1959 to 1967. From the description of Brown, Edmund G. (Edmund Gerald), 1905-1996 (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration). naId: 10569285 Biographical Note ...

Dodge, Earl Farwell, 1932- (person)

National Prohibition Party official and president of the Good Government Association of Kalamazoo, Michigan. From the description of Earl Farwell Dodge papers, 1906-1972. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34421118 Earl Farwell Dodge Jr. was born in Revere, Massachusetts on December 24, 1932. From an early age, he was active in the affairs of the Prohibition Party assuming increasingly responsible positions. He was secretary of the party from 1957 to ...

Morris, Samuel M. (Samuel Mitchell), 1933- (person)

National Temperance and Prohibition Council. (corporateBody)

Coate, Lowell Harris (person)

Universal Union War Extinction Prohibition Party. (corporateBody)

Prohibition National Convention (1916 : Saint Paul, Minn.) (corporateBody)

Shaw, Mark R. (Mark Revell), 1889- (person)

American Council on Alcohol Problems (corporateBody)

Formerly the Anti-Saloon League of America. From the description of American Council on Alcohol Problems records, 1916-1969. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 82578172 The Anti-Saloon League of America (A.S.L.A.), established in 1893, was a non-partisan political pressure organization which sought to mobilize church forces against the liquor traffic. One of the most important and most powerful components within the A.S.L.A. was the Office of General ...

Murphy, George, 1902-1992 (person)

Woman's christian temperance union (corporateBody)

Temperance organization founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1874. Campaigning against the use of alcohol and in favor of labor laws and prison reform, the W.C.T.U. became one of the largest and most influential women's organizations of the 19th century. It became global when the World W.C.T.U. was founded in 1883. The organization continued to exist through the 20th century, although membership declined after the passage of the 18th Amendment (Prohibition) in 1919. From the description of ...

Hammaker, Wilbur Emery, 1876-1968. (person)

Wilbur E. Hammaker was born February 17, 1876 in Springfield, Ohio. He pastored different churches in Ohio then in 1936 he was elected a bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He then served in Nanking, China (1936-1939), in the Denver area (1939), and other assignments 1940 to 1948 when he retired. Bishop Hammaker was a leader within the church's temperance movement, serving as president of the Methodist Church Board of Temperance (1944-1948); then vice president in charge of counseling and ...

Hinshaw, Virgil G. 1876-1952. (person)

Ohio Council on Alcohol Problems. (corporateBody)

From its beginning in 1893, the Anti-Saloon League worked effectively within Ohio for passage of prohibition legislation and for the election of "dry" candidates to the state legislature. The influence of the Ohio League was felt beyond the state level, with many of its leaders going on to hold offices in the national organization. Among the more prominent of these men were Howard Hyde Russell, Wayne B. Wheeler and Purley A. Baker. In 1893, the executive committee of the...

Hays, Will H. (Will Harrison), 1879-1954 (person)

Republican politician, namesake of the Hays Code for censorship of American films. Born in Sullivan, Indiana in 1879. Hays served as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1918-1921, managing the successful campaign of Warren G. Harding for the presidency in 1920. Following Harding's election, Hays was appointed Postmaster General in 1921, a post he held until 1922, when he resigned in order to become the first President of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America...

Christian Amendment Movement (corporateBody)

Prohibition Party (Mich.) (corporateBody)

Gibbons, Delmar D., 1913- (person)

Delmar D. Gibbons, born in 1913, was long active in the state and national Prohibition Party campaigns and issues, both as an officer in the organization and as a candidate for office in Michigan. He served as member of the state central committee beginning in 1947. He also served as executive chairman of the Prohibition National Committee, and editor of the party newspaper, National Statesman from 1963 to 1967. As a candidate, Gibbons ran for the US House of Representatives from Kalamazoo in 19...

Kellogg, Frank B. (Frank Billings), 1856-1937 (person)

Lawyer and politician Frank Billings Kellogg was born in New York, and raised in Minnesota. He studied law, was admitted to the bar, and began a long career in public service as city attorney of Rochester, Minnesota. He served as president of the American Bar Association, and as United States Senator from Minnesota and Ambassador to Great Britain. While serving as Calvin Coolidge's Secretary of State, he co-authored the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact, also known as the Pact of Paris, outlawing war an...

Prohibition National Convention (1967 : Detroit, Mich.) (corporateBody)

Prohibition National Convention (1928 : Chicago, Ill.) (corporateBody)

Prohibition National Convention (1955 : Milford) (corporateBody)

Watson, Claude A., 1885- (person)

California attorney and Prohibition Party leader. From the description of Claude A. Watson papers, 1947-1950. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34420452 ...

Prohibition National Convention (1951 : Indianapolis, Ind.) (corporateBody)

Collins, LeRoy (Violist) (person)

Thomas LeRoy (1909-1991) was a Florida State Representative, Senator, and Governor (1935-1961) and served in several positions for various Florida and U.S. governmental agencies and national committees (1961-1989); during his years as governor, he worked to strengthen Florida's education system, created the first community colleges in the state, and promoted industry, agriculture and tourism through state sponsorship. From the description of LeRoy Collins Letters 1966-1968. (Florida ...

Prohibition National Committee (U.S.) (corporateBody)

The Prohibition Party constituted the partisan political element of the prohibition movement. Although the party achieved few victories at the ballot box, it provided an important forum for prohibition appeals and made the liquor issue a significant element in American politics for many years. The Prohibition National Committee was the governing body of the national Prohibition Party. In 1869, top officials of the Independent Order of Good Templars, the Sons of Temperanc...

Munn, Earle Harold, 1903- (person)

Prohibition Party spokesman and 1964 presidential nominee of the Party. From the description of Earle Harold Munn papers, 1946-1964. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34420562 ...

National Reform Association (corporateBody)

Haydock, Earl Henry. (person)