Diaries and letter books, 1808-1841.


Cogdell, John S. (John Stevens), 1778-1847. Diaries and letter books, 1808-1841.

Diaries and letter books, 1808-1841.

Consists of six volumes that document Cogdell's travels and artistic endeavors in 1808, 1816, 1825, and from 1829 to 1841. The first volume opens with Cogdell's expenses for a trip from Philadelphia to New York. The narrative portion of the notebook offers vignettes of life in the early 19th century. He relays his impressions of the Peale Museum, and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He visited the Bettering House Hospital, later called the Pennsylvania Hospital, and toured a prison. He dined and otherwise socialized with many prominent Philadelphians during his stay. On Sept. 8, he traveled through New Jersey to New York City. He visited the panorama of Edward Savage. He was most impressed by St. John's Church in New York City. This manuscript also features wash drawings of people in ancient costumes and various poses, pencil sketches of buildings and landscapes, and formulae for various artists' preparations. The second volume is a letterbook containing a series of letters addressed to "Dear Friend" that describe a trip to Philadelphia and New York in 1816. Cogdell begins each letter with notes about the place from which he is writing. He offers comments on the Quaker community and area museums. He wrote a great deal about the work and methods of Thomas Sully. Cogdell provides depictions of the use of stoves and sketches of local scenery and some of Sully's works. The third volume is also from 1816 and was also kept in the form of letters to a friend. In it, Cogdell describes a trip up the Hudson, on to Lake George, to Boston, New Haven, Trenton, Baltimore, and ending in Raleigh, N.C. He discusses Trumbell's work at great length. The manuscript also features pencil and pen and ink sketches that correspond to places and scenes represented in the text. Scenes from Fishkill and West Point are identified. The next volume begins in 1825 with another trip north from Charleston. In Boston, Cogdell met with artists Gilbert Stuart, Washington Allston, Jonathan Mason, and Francis Alexander. He commented on the work and private collections of each of these men. In Philadelphia, he again visited the Pennsylvania Academy and remarked on the work of Benjamin West, Charles B. Lawrence, Rembrandt Peale, and John Neagle. The final two volumes (1829-1841) are labeled "Modelling and Sculpture" and contain long descriptions of Cogdell's methods of modeling, sculpting, and painting. The first opens with correspondence relating to the creation of a bust to memorialize the recently deceased bishop, Right Reverend Theodore Dehon, and its success with the public. Other correspondence pertains to sculptures and paintings commissioned and advice from Washington Allston. Drawings of sculpting instruments are also featured.

6 v. : ill. ; 22 cm.

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