Files on the Pew Memorial Foundation, 1948-1957.


Pew, J. Howard (John Howard), 1882-1971. Files on the Pew Memorial Foundation, 1948-1957.

Files on the Pew Memorial Foundation, 1948-1957.

Most of the correspondents are grant-seeking individuals and institutions. They include national and international conservative and religious organizations as well as Philadelphia-based cultural institutions. J. Howard Pew considers grants to prevent the communist infiltration of the Boy and Girl Scouts of America. In correspondence with George Wharton Pepper he ponders a donation to the Washington Cathedral. Congressman Walter Henry Judd sends Pew reports on the persecution of Chinese intellectuals in Hong Kong, Macao, and Tawain. In correspondence with several individuals Pew follows the University of Pennsylvania's University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology's foundation-supported excavation of Biblical sites in the Middle East. Notable correspondents include C. Everett Koop, Norman Vincent Peale, and Herbert Hoover. (Correspndence is brief.) Also contains letters congratulating Pew for starting the Pew Memorial Foundation.

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