Papers, 1916-2000 and n.d.


Clower, Robert W. Papers, 1916-2000 and n.d.

Papers, 1916-2000 and n.d.

Most of the Clower papers are professional correspondence covering his entire professional career, from 1949 to 1999. The professional correspondence includes recommendations for jobs, and promotion and tenure letters; referee reports; invitations; a few clippings and photographs. The collection also includes manuscript drafts and manuscript fragments of his writings; two cassette tapes; course materials, including lecture notes, syllabi, coursepacks, student papers, reading lists, exams, and course grades; printed materials such as articles, jounals, and one bound typescript of a book. Topics covered in the collection include monetary theory, price theory, price determination, employment, banking, disequilibrium, stock-flow analysis, Keynesian economics/macroeconomics, Say's Law, and mathematical economics. The collection does not contain a complete set of drafts of Clower's writings. Many of the writings are untitled typescripts and fragments of notes. Thus the researcher may need to identify some writings. The professional correspondence includes many prominent names of 20th century economics; Milton Friedman, John R. Hicks, Peter Howitt, Arjo Klamer, David Laidler, Axel Leijonhufvud, Don Patinkin, Joan Robinson, Paul Samuelson, and others. Duke University faculty are represented in the Clower papers by Craufurd Goodwin, Neil DeMarchi, and Roy Weintraub. Also included are: Moses Abramowitz, Jess Benhabib, Clive Bull, David Colander, Paul Davidson, Frank Hahn, John Haltiwanger, Tom Hazlett, Roger Kormendi, Larry Kotlikoff, Robert Solow, and Sir Alan Walters. A 2000 addition contains additional correspondence, journal articles and files related to a 1979 antitrust suit. The addition to the collection contains primarily writings by Clower (ca. 1800 items, 1952-2000 and n.d.). Includes copies of his 1952 thesis, copies of published articles and unpublished writings (especially from the 1950s), and lectures. A number of items were written with Peter Howitt of Ohio State University. Also included are a few items of correspondence; materials related to courses taught by Clower, including two electronic documents; a file of curriculum vitae and other biographical information, including one color photograph and two electronic image files; two copies of John Maynard Keynes's THE GENERAL THEORY OF EMPLOYMENT INTEREST AND MONEY annotated by Clower; and a few diplomas and awards. Several files of writings and speeches by Clower's father, the economist F. W. (Fay Walter) Clower, are also included (200 items, ca. 1916-ca. 1946). (01-088)

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