Oral history interview with Thomas F. Malone, 2000.


Oral history interview with Thomas F. Malone, 2000.

Discusses his training of military students in meteorology at MIT during World War II; Bernhard Haurwitz as his mentor; influence of his students on the field of meteorology; meteorology as a scientific community; influence of Scandinavian meteorologists in the U. S.; establishment of University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and the National Center for Atmospheric Research; Navy and Air Force as a source of research funding; establishment of National Science Foundation; Von Neumann's involvement with applying technology to weather prediction; International Union of Geologists and Geophysicists (IUGG); includion of the Soviet scientists; probability and statistical forecasting; role of Global Atmospheric Research Program (GARP); the importance of doing multi-disciplinary work and spreading knowledge outside of the scientific community; need for atmospheric scientists to take a lead in related policy decisions; atmospheric science and ecological concerns; merging of oceanographic and meteorological concerns; opinion of privatization of National Weather Service; modeling versus empirical work in meteorology; use of satellites in meteorology; social concerns and meteorology; importance of "Compendium of Meteorology" to his career.

Sound recording: 2 cassettes.Transcript: 23 pp.

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