Florenz Ziegfeld Collection, 1893-1979 (bulk 1910-1930).


Ziegfeld, Flo, 1869-1932. Florenz Ziegfeld Collection, 1893-1979 (bulk 1910-1930).

Florenz Ziegfeld Collection, 1893-1979 (bulk 1910-1930).

Photographs and sheet music make up the bulk of the Florenz Ziegfeld Collection, 1893-1979, which documents Ziegfeld's career as a producer and, to a lesser extent, the contributions of some of the theater professionals associated with him. Also present is a very small amount of material concerning posthumous Ziegfeld revivals, spinoffs, and movies. The full range of Ziegfeld's producing work is represented in the Productions series, which is divided into four subseries: A. Variety Shows, 1907; B. Revues, 1907-31; C. Fully Staged Productions, 1920-46; D. Unidentified Productions, nd. Ziegfeld's variety work for the Syndicate is represented by a Jardin de Paris program from June 1907. The Revues subseries holds photographs, programs, clippings, and other materials for the Ziegfeld Follies, Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic, Ziegfeld Nine O'Clock Revue, and an unidentified revue. The Fully Staged Productions subseries contains photographs, programs, and ephemera for eleven "book" shows. Most of this material documents each show's original Ziegfeld production, but later stagings by other producers are also represented. Photographs of unidentified productions complete the Production series. The Individual series contains personal and production photographs for nearly 150 performers associated with Ziegfeld, as well as materials concerning Ziegfeld himself. The series also includes a small number of clippings and other materials such as Ziegfeld's letters, telegrams, and legal documents. The Sheet Music series contains music for over 600 songs published between 1905 and 1957. Music dating from 1915 to 1924 predominates. While most of the numbers were intended for Ziegfeld's revues, some were popularized by Follies performers but not used by Ziegfeld, and a very small number appear to have no direct Ziegfeld connection. The series also includes songs from several of the posthumous New York Follies revivals, a 1955 Las Vegas show, and the films The Great Ziegfeld (1936), Ziegfeld Girl (1941), and Ziegfeld Follies (1946).

4 document boxes, 20 oversize boxes (11.81 linear feet).

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