Oral history interview with Thomas Lauritsen, 1967 February 16.


Lauritsen, Thomas, 1915-1973. Oral history interview with Thomas Lauritsen, 1967 February 16.

Oral history interview with Thomas Lauritsen, 1967 February 16.

Early training as a physicist; quartz-fibre electrometer; high-voltage installations, above 200 kilovolts; high-voltage accelerator, especially Van de Graaff machines; cloud chamber; fission 1939; reminiscences of Niels Bohr; leaving Europe 1939; warwork at National Bureau of Standards 1940; rocket work 1940s; postwar rehabilitation of laboratory facilities; technological improvements after the war; learning nuclear physics after the war; nuclear spin; development of shell model; rotational model 1952; gamma-ray detection; changes in research styles; research plans for the present (1967). Also prominently mentioned are: Hans Albrecht Bethe, Jür̈gen K. Bg︣gild, Robert F. Christy, Eugene Feenberg, William Alfred Fowler, Otto Robert Frisch, Trevor Gardner, Raymond George Herb, Torben Huus, David Rittenhouse Inglis, J. H. D. Jensen, Donald W. Kerst, Dieter Kurath, Milton Stanley Livingston, Maria Goeppert Mayer, Robert Andrews Millikan, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Herb Parkinson, Matthew Sands, Trump, Victor Frederick Weisskopf; Finsen Radiation Institute, Institute for Theoretical Physics (Copenhagen), Inyokern Project, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Niels Bohr Institutet, Philips Elektronik Industrie GmbH, United States Navy, and University of Wisconsin.

Sound recording: 1 5-inch reel (ca. 3.0 hrs.), 1 session.Transcript: 33 p.

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