Joint symposium of the Division of Astrophysics and the Forum for History of Physics [sound recording] / 1987 April 21 & 22.


Joint symposium of the Division of Astrophysics and the Forum for History of Physics [sound recording] / 1987 April 21 & 22.

Talks given at two of the sessions of the joint symposium of the American Physical Society Division of Astrophysics and Forum for History of Physics. Speakers at the first session entitled "Stellar Structure and the Origin of Steller Energy" were: Hans Bethe, Karl Hafbauer, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Edwin Salpeter, Raymond Davis, Lawrence Badash. Speakers at the second session entitled "Stellar Composition, Birth of the Universe, Origin of the Elements" were: David DeVorkin, Robert Smith, Ralph Alpher, Robert Herman, William Fowler, and Robert Wilson.

6 sound cassettes (6 hrs.) : analog, 2 track, mono.


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