Wilbur G. Kurtz, Sr. visual arts collection, 1859-1972, undated.


Wilbur G. Kurtz, Sr. visual arts collection, 1859-1972, undated.

This collection contains the family photographs of the Kurtz and Fuller families as well as visual materials Kurtz created and collected during the course of his career. Family photographs pertain to Kurtz and Fuller families as well as a few images from Annie Pye Kurtz prior to her marriage to Wilbur Sr. Also included are images of Wilbur Sr. and friends during his time in Chicago, Illinois. The bulk of this collection is photographic materials which support the research and field work Kurtz conducted pertaining to two events during the American Civil War: Andrews' Raid and the Atlanta Campaign. The collection also contains original works of art, primarily watercolors, which depict Southern historical scenes such as Civil War events; early Atlanta, Georgia; and private and commercial commissions of wide ranging topics. The collection also contains photographs Kurtz took of his completed work, most of which are not in this collection. In addition, there is a significant collection of sketches in various stages of completion that Kurtz utilized during the planning and creative stages of his work. Some of the sketches reflect the entire body of the final work while others are study examples he created for specific components of the piece, such as livestock, figures, and structures.

7683 items (1583 negatives, 98 paintings, 5124 photographs, 52 postcards, 42 prints, and 784 sketches)

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