David Wallace Robinson papers, 1933-1975.


Robinson, David Wallace, 1899-1989. David Wallace Robinson papers, 1933-1975.

David Wallace Robinson papers, 1933-1975.

One carton of papers, ca. 1929-1939, documenting Robinson's involvement with the court cases triggered by the clash between Gov. Olin D. Johnston and the S.C. Highway Dept.; correspondence, transcripts of testimony, and legal cases, ca. 1933-1939, documenting efforts to fund construction of the arena now known as Williams-Brice Stadium at University of South Carolina; and papers and transcripts, ca. 1952 and 1959, related to the Clark Hill Reservoir on the Savannah River at a site in both McCormick County, S.C., and Lincoln County, Georgia. Correspondence, legal papers, and clippings from around S.C. (ca. 1929-1939), re to Gov. Olin D. Johnston's election in 1934 and controversy over control of the S.C. State Highway Department, the military takeover of the Highway Dept. in 1935, and Johnston's efforts, ca. 1934-1936, to remove ten highway commissioners; case files, 1935-1936, involing Gov. Johnston, Ben Sawyer, and others including men identified as Calus, Coleman, Daucus, Hearon, Heyward, Lewis, Long, and Ramer (Box I). When running for office of governor, Johnston criticized the state highway department as a corrupt political machine, and vowed to remove its chief commissioner, Ben M. Sawyer. Following a series of bitter disputes, Johnston charged the department with exercising "an undue influence among the people" after which he ordered national guardsmen armed with machine guns to seize the agency. Although the factions eventually reached an uneasy compromise, the affair earned Johnston the nickname of "Machine Gun Olin." Correspondence and legal documents, ca. 1930s, related to construction of a stadium for USC; and transcripts of testimony, 1933-1939, related to efforts to secure funding of construction of the Carolina Stadium at USC, Chiefly correspondence between Robinson and officials of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation re the building of the Carolina Stadium, and an historical essay, 1975, re history of construction of the Williams-Brice Football Stadium at USC, written by Robinson and an essay, [1975], in which Robinson discusses the process, the impact of the Depression on its funding, assistance from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation [the entity now known as the United States Small Business Administration], and the ultimately successful arrangement reached with the private organization that operates the S.C. State Fair and the owner of the land on which the stadium currently sits (Box II). Documents re litigation, ca. 1950s, related to land adjacent to area formerly known as Clark Hill Lake reservoir (located on a portion of the Savannah River used to generate electric power), consisting of transcripts of testimony, maps, and blueprints, 1952 and 1959 (6 vols.), given before U.S. District Court in the case, U.S.A. vs. Savannah River Electric Co. (Twin City Power Co.) re lands under or adjacent to the Clarks Hill Reservoir [now the J. Strom Thurmond Dam and Lake, which was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers between 1946 and 1954]. Robinson acted as Counsel on behalf of the Twin City Power Co.(Box II).

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