Bernard Barton manuscript material : 13 items, ca. 1819-1846


Bernard Barton manuscript material : 13 items, ca. 1819-1846

· Autograph poem, "The Nautilis" : (MISC 1980), signed fair copy, addressed to "W. Morley for Jos. Cooper." Begins: "The Nautilis, when Heaven is bright / Up-lifts its tiny sail ..." · Autograph poem, "Drab Bonnets" : (MISC 3587), signed fair copy. A poem defending the dull dress of Quakers against the vapid fashions of the day. Begins: "They may cant of costumes, and of brilliant head-dresses ..." · To A. Hall & Co. : 1 autograph letter signed ; 12 August 1846 (MISC 3583), regarding a parcel. · To Mrs. Blacklock, an admirer : 1 autograph letter signed ; 16 Oct 1848 (MISC 3585), with six lines of verse. · To John Bruce, antiquarian, of the Literary Fund Society : 2 autograph letters signed ; 10 Jul 1839 (MISC 3570) and 14 Jul 1839 (MISC 3571), concerning the provision of financial support to the widow and children of recently deceased poet James Bird (1788-1839). · To Fisher, Son & Co., publishers : 1 autograph letter signed ; 17 Nov. 1837 (MISC 2820), written on proofs of the preliminaries of Lucy Barton's The Gospel History of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to which Bernard Barton wrote the preface. Contains many revisions in ink and pencil which are explained in the letter. · To a W. J. Fitch : 1 autograph letter signed ; 12 May 1830 (MISC 1564), regarding a Lord Byron letter in his daughter's possession. · To Mrs. Fitzgerald, mother of Barton's posthumous son-in-law : 1 autograph letter signed ; 23 Oct 1824 (MISC 3567), praising the poetry of James Smith, whom he had met at her house. · To a member of the Fox family, Quakers in Falmouth : 1 autograph letter signed ; 13 Jan 1837 (MISC 3756), asking his correspondent to come to the aide of a poor, wounded boy in nearby St. Mawes. · To William Jerden, editor of the Literary Gazette : 1 autograph letter signed ; 15 Jun 1836 (MISC 3584), about Barton's memoir of literary essayist and physician Nathan Drake, which appeared unsigned in the Gazette on 18 Jun 1836. · To Edward Moxon, publisher and poet : 1 autograph letter signed ; 3 Jul 1836 (MISC 3568), on behalf of N. R. Drake, regarding the publishing of the Psalms of his deceaced father, Nathan Drake. · To John Murray, publisher : 1 autograph letter signed ; 4 Aug 1821 (MISC 3586), pleading that Murray publish his recently completed poem on Napoleon. (When Barton's Napoleon and other poems was released the next year, the publisher was Thomas Boys.)

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