Executive Council Collection, 1986-2001.


Dawson, Kirk M., 1938-. Executive Council Collection, 1986-2001.

Executive Council Collection, 1986-2001.

The collection is comprised of agenda, memoranda, correspondence, presentation material, and other documents relating to the Executive Council. The collection is divided into three series: Weekly Meetings, Retreats and Annual Meetings, and Miscellaneous. Most of the collection appears to have originated from Associate Director Kirk Dawson, Deputy Director Larry Dumas, or Technical Executive Assistant Kent Frewing. Dawson had multiple presentations during most retreats. Executive Council Weekly Meetings (Boxes 1-19; folders 1-272). This series is composed of agenda, memoranda, correspondence, handout materials, and other documentation regarding weekly meetings of the Executive Council. The span dates are from January 1994 to August 2001, and the original chronological order has been honored. Also included, beginning from October 2000, are handwritten notes from the meetings that appear to be written by Kent Frewing, Technical Executive Assistant in the Office of the Director, who was recorder of the sessions. Executive Council Retreats/Annual Meetings (Boxes 20-32; folders 273-375). This series involves retreat materials, off-site meetings, and annual meetings, which are similar to that of the weekly meetings. Additionally, there is more emphasis on presentation and handout material. The retreats and off-site meetings often focused on a single business-oriented topic, such as Process Based Management, Total Quality Management, or JPL-Caltech Collaboration. The span dates of the series are from March 1986 to March 2001. The 1991 Retreat, held April 4-7, 1991, was the first to introduce the business strategy of "Total Quality Management" (TQM). JPL's objective in engaging TQM was a continuous improvement of the quality of all products and services while containing and reducing cost. TQM was a key management strategy throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s. Miscellaneous (Box 33; folders 376-378). This series contains three folders in the collection that documented aspects of the Executive Council, but did not easily fit in either of the above series. Of the above materials, 62 folders have documents stamped or marked "JPL Discreet," "Executive Council Discreet," or "SEB Discreet." These have been moved to two boxes at the end of the collection. Their original positions have been marked with separation sheets. Whole files that are discreet are noted in the file folder list.

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James was Mariner R Project Manager. From the description of Sonett's letter of 1961 Oct 16 with four action items regarding Mariner R : letter to Charles Sonett, 1961 Oct 20. (Jet Propulsion Laboratory Library and Archives). WorldCat record id: 733097630 James was Deputy Planetary Program Director. From the description of Criticism of the New PMP (Program Management Plan) Format : letter to F.D. Kochendorfer, NASA, 1961 Feb 23. (Jet Propulsion Laboratory Library...

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John R. Casani was born September 17, 1932 in Philadelphia, PA. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1955. Casani joined JPL in 1956. Casani's career at JPL: Integration Engineer, Jupiter Radio Internal Guidance System, 1956-57; Accelerometer Development Engineer, Sergeant, 1957; Payload Engineer, Pioneer 3 and 4, 1958-59; Spacecraft System Engineer, Ranger 1 and 2, 1959-62; Spacecraft System Engineer, M...

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Jet Propulsion Laboratory (U.S.). Office of the Director.

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Everhart, Thomas E.

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Born in Kansas City, Missouri on 15 February 1932. Education: A.B. Physics, Harvard College (1953), M.Sc., Applied Physics, University of California, Los Angeles (1955), Ph.D. Engineering, Clare College, University of Cambridge (1958). Employment: 1953-1955 Hughes Aircraft Company, 1958-1977 University of California, Berkeley, 1979-1984 Cornell University, 1984-1987 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1987-1994 California Institute of Technology. From the description of Oral hi...

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Charles Elachi (b. April 18, 1947, Rayak, Lebanon) is professor (emeritus) of electrical engineering and planetary science and later Vice President at the California Institute of Technology. He worked at the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab beginning in 1970 and served as director from 2001-2016. Raised in Lebanon and educated in France and the California Institute of Technology. ...

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