C. W. Unger letters received, 1921-1937.


Unger, Claude W., 1882-1945. C. W. Unger letters received, 1921-1937.

C. W. Unger letters received, 1921-1937.

The collection consists of ten letters to C.W. Unger, all relating to purchasing literary items from his store or catalog, including: two letters from Carl W. Drepperd, 10 May 1926 and 5 March 1928, clarifying some points about items he has interest in purchasing; from James H. Darlington, 20 May 1927, on Diocese of Harrisburg letterhead, expressing interest in purchasing Bibles for his collection; two letters from John W.F. Dulles, March 1928, purchasing an autograph of W.T. Sherman and offering for sale an autograph of the Duke of Wellington; from E.L. Sabin, 1 March 1928, placing an order; from John Tasker Howard, 22 May 1931, clarifying some points about items for sale in early American music; from Solon J. Buck, 27 Sept. 1933, expressing interest in items in his catalog of autographs, requesting additional copies of the catalog to distribute to members, and requesting information about previously sold manuscript collections relating to Western Pennsylvania; from Usher L. Burdick, 24 May, 1937, requesting a catalog; from Douglas McMurtrie, undated, on Grolier Club letterhead, requesting a catalog of Americana.

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Buck, Solon Justus, 1884-1962

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Unger, Claude W., 1882-1945

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Sabin, Edwin L. (Edwin Legrand), 1870-1952

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McMurtrie, Douglas C. (Douglas Crawford), 1888-1944

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Drepperd, Carl William, 1898-1956

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Dulles, John W.F.

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