Original leaves illustrating evolution of "black letter" types. [1450-1517]


Original leaves illustrating evolution of "black letter" types. [1450-1517]

[2] sets in portfolios ([8] mounted leaves in each set) ; 49 cm.




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Bämler, Johann, approximately 1430-1503

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Mentelin, Johann, approximately 1410-1478

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Schönsperger, Johann, -1520?

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Bonaventure, Saint, Cardinal, approximately 1217-1274

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Jenson, Nicolas, approximately 1420-1480

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Ege, Otto F.

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Dean and lecturer. From the description of Collection of medieval manuscripts, 1100-1500. (Indiana University). WorldCat record id: 36335372 Ege (1888–1951) was Dean of the Cleveland Institute of Art and Lecturer on History of the Book at the School of Library Science, Western Reserve University. From the guide to the Otto Ege Collection of Medieval Manuscripts, circa 1100-1600, (Special Collections. University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries.) O...

Nicholas, of Lyra, approximately 1270-1349

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Koberger, Anton, approximately 1440-1513

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Catholic Church

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During much of Doctor José Gaspar de Francia's dictatorship (1814-1840), Paraguay was without a bishop and the church was harrassed. From the description of Libro de providencias, ordenes, y autos : por Dn. Juan Antonio Riveras, cura rector de la parrequial de la Villeta : manuscript, 1804-1857. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 612746619 An antiphonary is a book containing sacred vocal music, both the antiphons of the breviary, and the musical notes. An antiphon it...

Froben, Johann, -1527

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