Willing family papers, 1874-1932.


Willing family papers, 1874-1932.

Financial records, including probate documents, receipts, and account books; and correspondence and letterbooks of the Willing family of Chicago (Ill.) and Virginia, primarily concerning investments, taxes, charities, and estates; with topical files on social and business interests of Mark Skinner Willing, primarily 1925-1931. Topics include automobiles, servants, caterers, private schools, social clubs, Bushfield Farm (Mt. Holly, Va.), and philanthropic and cultural interests, as well as investments in real estate, banks, mining, and electrical companies. Correspondents include the Chicago Historical Society, the Newberry Library, Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, Fourth Presbyterian Church; banks; gold and copper mining companies, particularly Anaconda Copper Mining Company and Homestake Mining Company; Thorpe Electrical Corporation; Ambrose Cramer, a cousin and executor of estates of several family members; and others involved in administering the estates of Judge Mark Skinner, his daughter Francis Skinner Willing, and her husband Henry J. Willing, ca. 1890-1905.

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Newberry Library

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The Newberry was founded on July 1, 1887 and opened for business on September 6 of that year. The Newberry’s establishment came about because of a contingent provision in the will of Chicago businessman Walter L. Newberry (1804-68), which left what later amounted to approximately $2.2 million for the foundation of a “free, public” library on the north side of the Chicago River, if his two children died without issue. After the deaths of Mr. Newberry’s daughters and then, in 1885, of his widow, t...

Anaconda Copper Mining Company

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The Anaconda claim was located in 1875. In 1881 Marcus Daly discovered the copper vein that began copper mining in Butte, Montana. The Anaconda Copper Mining Company was organized on June 18, 1895 in Butte and it dominated the early industrial history of Montana. In 1903 nearly three-quarters of the wage earners in the state were either directly or indirectly working for the company. In 1917 there was a general miners' strike, and much worker/owner tension stirred up by the war, the I.W.W., and ...

Cramer, Ambrose, 1857-1927.

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Willing, Mark Skinner, 1882-1944.

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Fourth Presbyterian Church (Chicago, Ill.)

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Fourth Presbyterian Church (Chicago, Ill.) was formed in February 1871 through a merger of North Presbyterian Church (organized in 1849 by Peoria Presbytery, Old School) and Westminster Presbyterian Church (organized 1856 by Presbytery of Chicago, New School). All records prior to October 22, 1871 were destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire of October 8-9, 1871. From the description of Records, 1871-1983 [microform]. (Presbyterian Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 51649732 ...

Chicago Council on foreign relations

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The Chicago Council on Foreign Relations was organized in 1922 as a forum for the discussion of foreign affairs. Since 1922, the Council has sponsored well known American and international speakers and has published pamphlets on issues in foreign affairs. From the description of Records, 1922- (University of Illinois-Chicago Library). WorldCat record id: 53194562 ...

Willing family

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Thorpe Electrical Corporation.

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Willing, Francis Skinner.

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Chicago Historical Society

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Willing, Henry J., 1836-1903.

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Homestake Mining Company

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The origins of Homestake Mining Company date back to 1876 when Moses and Fred Manuel began prospecting for gold in the Black Hills on the Wyoming-South Dakota border. On April 9, 1876, they established the Homestake Mine. On November 5, 1877, George Hearst of San Francisco, along with Lloyd Tevis and James Haggin negotiated a deal with the Manuel Brothers to incorporate and the Homestake Mining Company was formed. Until about 1950, the company's main interest was in gold. After 1950 the company ...

Skinner, Mark, 1813-1887

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