Morgan Russell archives and collection, 1884, 1908-1959.


Russell, Morgan, 1886-1953. Morgan Russell archives and collection, 1884, 1908-1959.

Morgan Russell archives and collection, 1884, 1908-1959.

The Morgan Russell Archives and Collection documents the artistic output, personal life, intellectual pursuits, gender identity issues, and financial predicaments of artist Morgan Russell from his student years in New York and Paris, beginning in 1906, through his move from France to the United States in 1946. Russell was a relentless chronicler in both words and image, evidenced here by large collections of letters, notebooks, notes, and drawings. Of particular significance are more than three thousand drawings and sketches, ranging from hasty thumbnail sketches to highly finished works on paper made by Russell over several decades, as well as over seventy notebooks kept by the artist in which he recorded his activities and thoughts about himself, his art and the art of others, his finances and life philosophy. Includes correspondence, most of which is addressed to Russell, including significant correspondence with painters Mabel Alvarez, Stanton Macdonald-Wright, and Robert Henri, critic Leo Stein, and novelist and poet Blaise Cendrars; biographical material including address books, immigration and marriage papers, exhibitor's and membership cards; business and financial papers including bank records, bills and receipts; private writings including notebooks, notes and sketches made on loose scraps of papers, essays on aesthetic subjects, creative essays on personal subjects including gender identity, and material relating to his light box studies; writings intended for public use consist of drafts of essays, speeches, and unpublished book manuscripts; printed material including exhibition catalogs (some with Russell's annotations and sketches), press clippings about Russell and others, images from publications and postcards (not used as correspondence), travel-related materials including sightseeing information, maps, passenger lists, and menus; original scores, studies after classical masters, sheet music catalogs, and notes on the relationship between music and painting; photographs including images of Russell, his family, friends and associates, as well as his work in painting and sculpture; drawings and sketches; and finished and/or significant drawings that have been accessioned into the museum's art collection. Correspondents represented include Alexander Altenburg, Mabel Alvarez, Guillaume Apollinaire, Friedrich Joseph Berber, Denyse Binon, Georges Binon, Suzanne Binon, Louis Bouché, George Carlock, Blaise Cendrars, Barnett D. Conlon, John Dracopoli, K.N. Dracopoli, Aimee Evans, Anne Evans, Elie Faure, John F. Flanagan, Howard S. Gans, Yves Hacart, R. Chalfant Head, Robert Henri, Sidney M. Hirsch, Robert Kennicitt, Michel Kikoïne, Arthur Lee, Stanton Macdonald-Wright, François Mauriac, Charles Otis Morgan, Miner Antoinette Russell Morgan, Violet Organ, Alexander Robinson, Augusta Rosiere, Michel Seuphor, Fred Sexton, Viola Brothers Shore, Louis Sol, Leo Stein, Igor Stravinsky, Blanche Turnbull, Ruth Turnbull, Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, and Willard Huntington Wright.

23 document boxes (11.5 linear feet) (documents)19 box binders (drawings and photographs)29 Solander boxes (drawings and oversize materials)




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Morgan Russell was born in Greenwich Village in New York City in 1886. He studied at the Art Students League and the New York School of Art before settling in Paris in 1909, where he studied sculpture with Henri Matisse. He was aware of the avant-garde movements Cubism, Orphism, and Futurism. Turning his attention from sculpture to painting, he developed a style based on the rhythmic use of color, analogous to symphonic musical composition, which he termed Synchromism. Like his cont...

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