Records, 1871-1962.


Montana. Governor. Records, 1871-1962.

Records, 1871-1962.

Records of Montana's governors (1871-1962).

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Aronson, J. Hugo (John Hugo), 1891-1978 (person)

J. Hugo Aronson was born in Gallstad, Sweden on September 1, 1891, a son of Aron Johanson (1856-1927), a tenant farmer, and Rika Ryding Johannsen (1857-1940). The Johannsens had five children: Anna, Karl, Julia, John Hugo, and Erik Johannsen Aronson. Anna Aronson married Karl Skold and the couple had three children: Gunnar, Karin, and Allan. Julia Aronson Joseffson had two sons. Sven Johanson was also a nephew of J. Hugo Aronson. J. Hugo Aronson was educated in the public schools of...

Montana. Governor (1941-1949 : Ford) (corporateBody)

Montana. Governor (1893-1897 : Rickards) (corporateBody)

Smith, Robert Burns, 1854-1908 (person)

Ford, Sam C. (Sam Clarence), 1882-1961 (person)

Montana. Governor (1925-1933 : Erickson) (corporateBody)

Ayers, Roy Elmer, 1882-1955 (person)

Montana. Governor (1889-1893 : Toole) (corporateBody)

Montana. Governor (1933-1935 : Cooney) (corporateBody)

Montana. Governor (1921-1925 : Dixon) (corporateBody)

Montana. Governor (1897-1901 : Smith) (corporateBody)

Montana. Governor (1908-1913 : Norris) (corporateBody)

Dixon, Joseph M. 1867-1934. (person)

Cooney, Frank H. (Frank Henry), 1872-1935 (person)

Bonner, John W. (John Woodrow), 1902-1970 (person)

Montana. Governor (1961-1962 : Nutter) (corporateBody)

Rickards, J. E. 1848-1927. (person)

Montana. Governor (corporateBody)

The "General Appropriation Act of 1977," appropriated money for the Governor's Office to undertake treaty review and research of Indian Affairs in the State of Montana. In December 1977, the Governor's Office contracted with Historical Research Associates (HRA) of Missoula, Montana, to conduct research into treaties, statutes, and executive orders affecting Montana reservations. Particular emphasis was to be placed on those documents concerning reservation establishment and boundary delineation....

Montana. Governor (1953-1961 : Aronson) (corporateBody)

Erickson, John Edward, 1863-1946 (person)

Biographical Note Thomas J. Walsh 1859, June 12 Born, Two Rivers, Wis. 1884 Law degree, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Admitted to the bar and commenced law practice, Redfield, S.D. ...

Stewart, Samuel V. 1872-1939. (person)

Norris, Edwin L. (Edwin Lee), 1865-1924 (person)

Montana. Governor (1913-1921 : Stewart) (corporateBody)

Holt, W. Elmer (William Elmer), 1884-1945 (person)

Montana. Governor (1937-1941 : Ayers) (corporateBody)

Montana. Governor (1949-1953 : Bonner) (corporateBody)

Toole, J. K. 1851-1929. (person)

Montana. Governor (1935-1937 : Holt) (corporateBody)

Montana. Governor (1901-1908 : Toole) (corporateBody)

Joseph K. Toole came to Montana in 1869 to study law in Helena and was admitted to the bar in 1870. In 1872 and 1884 he was elected district attorney of the Third Judicial District. In 1881 he was elected president of the twelfth Legislative Assembly and later in 1884 a member of the State Constitutional Convention. Toole continued a life in politics being elected to the Forty-ninth and Fiftieth U.S. Congresses (1885-1889). D.W. Voorhees of Indiana and Toole petitioned the U.S. government to adm...

Nutter, Donald Grant, 1915-1962 (person)