Letter of François Arago written to Louis de Freycinet, 1820 Nov. 24 [manuscript]. [1820]


Letter of François Arago written to Louis de Freycinet, 1820 Nov. 24 [manuscript]. [1820]

MS Acc10.187 comprises the letter dated 24 November 1820 from François Arago addressed to Louis de Freycinet, still aboard the Physicienne at Le Havre not long after his return from the 1817-1820 L'Uranie expedition to Australia and the Pacific. In the letter, Arago laments the indifferent reception from the French authorities for Freycinet's return, congratulates Freycinet on the scientific observations from the expedition, reports on some unusual results from the calculations he had made with these observations, and sends his fond regards to Rose de Freycinet, who had illegally accompanied her husband on the expedition.

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