Anna Strunsky Walling papers, 1880-1968 (inclusive).


Anna Strunsky Walling papers, 1880-1968 (inclusive).

The papers consist of correspondence, diaries, writings, memorabilia and photographs. The correspondence (1897-1964) which includes family, friends and political associates documents Walling's involvement in political causes. The letters also reveal Anna Walling's feelings on personal matters, social questions and her reactions to meetings with prominent persons both in the United States and abroad. Her trip to Russia (ca. 1905-1907) with William English Walling where they toured the provinces and met many literary and political figures is described in her letters home. Important personal correspondents are Melville Anderson, Gelette Burgess, Harry Cowell, Hutchins Hapgood, Ray Nash, Charles Edward Russell, Katherine Maryson, Jane Roulson, James Graham Phelps Stokes, Rose Pastor Stokes, Upton Sinclair and Gaylord Wilshire. There are also a number of letters from prominent political and literary figures of the period, among them Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Zona Gale, Arnold Genthe, Jesse Jackson, Vida Scudder, Irving Stone, Henrietta Szold, Norman Thomas and Rabindranath Tagore. Despite her prolonged love affair with Jack London only a few copies of his letters are in the correspondence, (She gave many of his letters, manuscripts, etc. to the Huntington Library.). Also in the papers is correspondence of her husband, William English Walling, her sister, Rose Strunsky Lorwin, the Walling children, Leonard Abbott, her companion for twenty years, after the death of her husband, and the correspondence of Willoughby and Rosalind Walling, parents of William English Walling. Important among William English Walling's correspondents are Hutchins Hapgood, Selig Perlman, George Creel and Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Much of the family correspondence reveals the vicissitudes of a wealthy family trying to manage on a steadily diminishing income. Other difficulties in the Walling marriage are also frankly discussed. Anna Strunsky Walling's extensive diaries and idea books (1901-1964) span her adult life and chronicle not only events but also contain long passages of reflection and emotional expression on her marriage and children. Her writings in the papers contain articles, chapters from two novels (one unpublished), and two unpublished memoirs on Jack London. Also included are research files, a collection of postcards from her trips abroad and in the United States, family photographs and photographs documenting her trip to Russia, ca. 1905-1907.

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