Edward Joseph Logue papers, 1929-2001 (inclusive).


Logue, Edward J. Edward Joseph Logue papers, 1929-2001 (inclusive).

Edward Joseph Logue papers, 1929-2001 (inclusive).

The papers consist of correspondence, memoranda, reports, designs, photographs, audio tapes, clippings, printed material and miscellanea documenting the personal life and professional career of Edward J. Logue, lawyer, politician, and urban planner and administrator. Urban planning materials detail his activity in New Haven, Boston, and New York state. Student papers document Logue's life as a Yale University undergraduate and law student (1939-1942; 1945-1947). Copies of Ambassador Chester Bowles's correspondence reflect Logue's role in the foreign service and U.S.-Indian relations. Extensive office files for New Haven and Boston redevelopment work (1954-1967) detail Logue's pioneer work in modern urban planning and provide documentation on the political, business, social, and cultural development of these cities. Urban Development Corporation files provide similar documentation for Logue's work in New York state. Boston mayoral files and scrapbooks include additional documentation on Logue's political career, his redevelopment work, and the city of Boston.

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