[Commonplace book], [1835 or later].


[Commonplace book], [1835 or later].

Manuscript, in a single hand, of a collection of several hundred prose extracts and verses on such primarily sentimental or lighthearted subjects as love, flowers, friendship, and nature. In addition to several poems about albums, the volume includes several poems addressed to Louisa, the owner of the album, including one in French to "Louise Anthony." Other poems include those by George Byron, Felicia Hemans, Sir Walter Scott, William Wordsworth, Robert Pollok, and Charles Swain. The collection also contains numerous aphorisms by Scott, Samuel Coleridge, Madame de Stael, William Cowper, and Maria Edgeworth, on topics such as society, simplicity, censure, truth, genius, and good breeding, as well as a prose piece titled Church Bells by Douglas Jerrold. Also included in the volume are a humorous dictionary; a page of Hebrew writing; epigrams; a chart titled Key to the Egyptian Hieroglyphicks; a list of botanical emblems by Lady Mary Wortley Montagu; a Recipe for making poetry; and a poem signed Louisa titled One o'clock, a Manchester poem. Interspersed throughout the manuscript are numerous drawings, watercolor sketches, and engravings. These include a watercolor of two open pages of a book which describe the task of an author; a colored pencil drawing of a chart illustrating Dante's Inferno; colored ink drawings of fruits, butterflies and birds; and an ink drawing of a pastoral scene. Many of the drawings are annotated with the names of their creators.

1 v. (174 p.) : ill. ; 28 x 21 cm.

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Byron, George Gordon Byron, baron, 1788-1824

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Anthony, Louisa.

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Louisa Anthony was married to the manager of the Copper King Mine in Denver, Colorado. From the description of Letters to Jennie G. Pelton, 1886-1887. (Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens). WorldCat record id: 498407080 ...