[Commonplace book], [early 19th century].


[Commonplace book], [early 19th century].

[Commonplace book], [early 19th century].

Manuscript, in a single hand, of a collection of over 100 light verses, memoranda, letters, epigrams, and anecdotes. The entries include prose pieces on how to make a good judge; the origin of the word "dandy"; an excerpt from Robert Southey's tour in Portugal; two letters from G. S. to "dearest daughter" with advice on what company to keep and to invite to her country house; and extracts of a letter from the marchioness of Hertford to the Empress Josephine regarding botanical curiosities, "with a collection of plants," and dated 1814. The volume also includes riddles, a humorous dictionary, and a sentimental poem titled Return from India. The collection also contains a list titled The shepherd of Banbury's rules by which to judge of the changes of the weather after 40 years experience. Dos-a-dos are several poems by Sir William Jones, including Selima, an Arabian eclogue; and Palace of fortune, an Indian tale; as well as a poem titled Sonnet to pensiveness by W. H. Reid, and several English translations of Petrarch's verses.

1 v. (124 p.) ; 23 x 19 cm.

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