Seymour family papers, 1711-1978 (inclusive), 1870-1945 (bulk).


Seymour family papers, 1711-1978 (inclusive), 1870-1945 (bulk).

This collection is made up of the papers of ten individual members and six branches of the Seymour family: the Day family, Parsons-Dean families, Watkins-Law families, Leggett-Seymour-Doolittle families, St. John family, and Howard family. The largest sections are those of Thomas Day Seymour, Charles Seymour (1885-1963), and Charles Seymour, Jr. The collection represents six generations of an intellectually and socially prominent family and through correspondence and diaries offers detailed evidence on social life and customs in New Haven, Hartford and nineteenth-century Ohio. In the papers of Thomas Day Seymour, who was professor of Greek language and literature at Yale University (1880-1907), the correspondence is substantially with members of the family. There are also manuscripts on classical subjects, including the typescript of his book, Life in the Homeric Age, and diaries for the period 1861-1894. Also included are the texts of his lectures and papers on education. The papers of Charles Seymour (1885-1963), who was president of Yale University from 1930 to 1937, contain extensive family correspondence, some memoirs on his childhood, memorabilia and financial records. For papers relating to his presidency, see YRG2-A-15. Charles Seymour Jr. was a professor of the history of art at Yale University (1949-1977) and his papers include both professional and family correspondence, diaries and a large number of manuscripts for books, articles and lectures on Italian renaissance painting and sculpture. Much of the correspondence among the women members of the family refers to daily family life, childbearing and the role of women. Clara Hitchcock Seymour St. John's letters home from Bryn Mawr College (1896-1900), from a trip to Europe with her uncle in 1900, on her honeymoon in New Hampshire (1906) and during her first years of marriage discussing the precarious health of her first child (1908-1909) offer a chronicle of growing up. Her sister Elizabeth Day Seymour Angel's letters home describe her experiences teaching Greek at Lake Erie College in Ohio (1901-1903). An extensive photograph file captures most members of the family and the places where they lived or visited. The papers of the principal men reflect their occupations as scholars, teachers, administrators, and lawyers. There was also a Civil War general, a newspapers editor, and a sculptor.

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