Horatio Southgate papers, 1836-1879.


Horatio Southgate papers, 1836-1879.

Papers by and about Southgate containing a great deal of material about missions of the Episcopal Church in Greece, Turkey, and other parts of the Near East, and relations with the Orthodox Church. Chiefly letters to Bishop William Rollinson Whittingham, who was a prime supporter of Near Eastern missions, with official documents and related materials. The collection begins with Whittingham's notes on the history of Near Eastern missions, 1828-1841, and accounts of Southgate's labors there from 1836 to 1850. Southgate's mission was thought of in the Episcopal Church as a quasi-diplomatic embassage to the Orthodox Churches, opening up relations which eventually led to intercommunion of the two Churches, and as an effort to introduce what were conceived of as purer practices in the Orthodox Churches. In general High Churchmen remain indifferent or supported these efforts and Low Churchmen tended to remain indifferent or to oppose them--divisions reflected in these papers. Southgate's discursive correspondence, chiefly with Bishop Whittingham, discusses conditions in the Ottoman Empire; his activities, difficulties, and educational enterprises in Constantinople and other places; visits with Orthodox dignitaries and with William Howley, the Archbishop of Canterbury (1844); doctrinal problems impeding union between the Episcopal and Orthodox Churches; a desire for union of the Churches; plans for educating boys from Greece and Turkey at the College of St. James in Hagerstown, Md., to be missionaries, with correspondence about some of these boys; and many other matters. Among subjects are financial difficulties in Constantinople, 1843; Southgate's return home in 1844 and consecration as Bishop for Turkey; the official letter of the House of Bishops to the Patriarch of Constantinople, 1844; Bishop Philander Chase's commendatory letter for Southgate to the Eastern Patriarchs and instructions of the Board of Missions to Southgate, 1845; correspondence with the Syrian Metropolitan of Jerusalem (which reports that the Roman Catholic Bishop of Damascus is considering uniting with the Episcopal Church); Southgate's hope for a Reformed Catholic Church in the Near East, 1845; his opinion of Sir Stratford Canning, British Ambassador at Constantinople, 1847, and other British affairs; a schism in the Armenian Church, 1847; disastrous lack of financial support from the Board of Missions and Southgate's deprivations, 1848; and letters from Bishop John P.K. Henshaw, 1849, to other bishops concerning a crisis in affairs of the mission. In 1850, following the death of his wife and because of his five small children, Southgate writes of his resignation of episcopal duties and desire for parish work at home. Thereafter the papers chiefly concern his rectorship of the Church of the Advent, Boston; church affairs in Massachusetts; Southgate's reports of his visitations to parishes in Maryland and the District of Columbia, 1853-1854 and 1864-1865; his reasons for resigning charge of Zion Church, New York; and affairs of other New York churches. Letters also deal with his second marriage, 1865, and family affairs throughout the period, with references to the Reverend Edward Southgate, Hattie Southgate (Mrs. Graham), and the Reverend William S. Southgate.

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