John Prentiss Kewley Henshaw papers, 1814-1871.


John Prentiss Kewley Henshaw papers, 1814-1871.

These are papers of a leader of the Low Church party, both as parish priest and bishop. Principal correspondents are Bishops James Kemp, William Murray Stone, and William Rollinson Whittingham, of Maryland. Much material concerns St. Peter's Church, Baltimore, and other Baltimore churches, 1817-1843. Subjects include Henshaw's disagreements with Bishop Kemp about extempore prayers, freedom of opinion, and proposals for a theological seminary in Maryland, 1818-1823; views on the Maryland State Colonization Society's plans for Liberia and the work of the Reverend Elie W. Stokes there; and help given to the Reverend William Levington and St. James's First African Church, Baltimore, 1829. Some papers deal with Henshaw's role in the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Maryland, including the trial of the Reverend Timothy Clowes, 1829-1830. Expressions of opposition to the election of William Rollinson Whittingham as Bishop of Maryland and questions concerning his views, 1840, are followed by years of friendly correspondence. Henshaw's publications on Whittingham's controversy with the Reverend Henry Van Dyke Johns, of Baltimore, 1843, are included. Family matters are also mentioned. Later papers concern Henshaw's election as Bishop of Rhode Island, 1843, and affairs of that diocese. He describes the condition of the Episcopal Church in New England. He strongly supports Bishop Horatio Southgate's mission in Turkey, 1849, and frequently discusses relations with the Church of England. Correspondence and parish reports deal with Henshaw's performance of episcopal services for Whittingham in Maryland, 1852, and his death there. There are also a number of tributes to Henshaw and posthumous manuscripts concerning him.

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