Arthur Cleveland Coxe papers, 1837-1887.


Arthur Cleveland Coxe papers, 1837-1887.

The papers cover a broad range of ecclesiastical interests, colored by Coxe's close friendship with Bishop William Rollinson Whittingham, which occasioned much of this frank and confidential correspondence. They span most of Coxe's career, beginning with student days at the General Theological Seminary, 1840-1841, and work in St. Anne's Parish, Morrisania, N.Y., 1841-1842; St. John's Parish, Hartford, Conn., 1843-1854; and Grace Church, Baltimore, 1854-1863. Many describe conditions and events in the Dioceses of Connecticut and Massachusetts during that period. A great deal of material concerns the Diocese of Maryland and events in Maryland, especially relating to the history of Grace Church. Coxe gives his views on slavery and the condition of slaves in Baltimore. Civil War correspondence concerns his troubles as a Unionist and correspondence with the Reverend William E. Wyatt about publication in England of Coxe's views on the Civil War. After the war, Coxe writes of changes he perceived in Maryland and the abolition of slavery. He also writes Whittingham about many of the problems confronting that bishop. Other subjects are Coxe's declining election as Bishop of Texas, 1856; appointment as President of Trinity College, Hartford, Conn.; call to Calvary Church, New York City, 1863?; and election as Bishop Coadjutor of Western New York (of which he later was Bishop), 1864. Many papers pertain to his episcopate, dealing with affairs of that Diocese and of the Episcopal Church throughout the world. Diocesan items include many clergy matters, a Pastoral Letter to the women of the Diocese on the role of women in the Church, 1868, a letter of 1887 about St. Paul's Cathedral, Buffalo, and a sermon on the vocation of the laity. Substantial materials concern Coxe's writings. His poems, tracts, and sermons, as well as numerous letters, reveal his views on literature, hymn writing, churchmanship, Catholic tradition, translation of the Bible, theology, the Sunday School movement, marriage, the Prayer Book, the Freedmans' Commission, and many other matters. He opposes the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament and some other High Church developments, occasioning a dispute with the Reverend Charles C. Grafton (later Bishop of Fond du Lac), 1874. There is much on education, particularly the General Theological Seminary and Nashotah House in Wisconsin. Many letters concern relations with other bishops, among them George W. Doane, William C. Doane, George M. Randall, Theodore B. Lyman, Horatio Southgate, Manton Eastburn, and Charles F. Robertson, as well as other clergymen and laymen, such as the Reverend Libertus Van Bokkelen and Hugh Davey Evans, of Maryland. Matters of broader scope are relations with the Unitarian, Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, and Orthodox Churches. Many letters also discuss relations with the Church of England, including the Lambeth Conferences and Coxe's contacts with English bishops, such as the Bishops of Lichfield, Ely, and Kingston, in the 1870s. Other papers relate to Coxe's support of the mission in Turkey in the 1840s and his work on the Italian Church Reformation Commission of the House of Bishops, 1865-1872; the Russo-Greek Committee, 1866-1874; and the Mexican Commission, 1874-1876. There are many references to business of the General Conventions of the Church, and minor references to the translation of the Prayer Book into German, Coxe's supervision of the missions in Haiti, 1872, and his views on the mission in Liberia.

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