Publicity books of William Pahlmann Associates, 1936-1976.


Publicity books of William Pahlmann Associates, 1936-1976.

The Publicity Books are a series of twenty-six bound scrapbooks documenting William Pahlmann's career as an interior and industrial designer, the activities of his design firm William Pahlmann Associates, and the work of his staff members. These volumes were compiled by Pahlmann and members of his staff to showcase his work and that of his firm to potential clients. These books also detail Pahlmann's involvement with the American Institute of Decorators (abbreviated AID, later renamed the American Institute of Interior Designers) and its Resources Council, and his interactions with the American home furnishing industry. Additionally, the Publicity Books provide insight into the American interior design profession from the 1930's through the mid 1970's. The Publicity Books primarily contain articles and pictures taken from periodicals (such as House Beautiful, Interiors, and Architectural Digest) and newspapers from the United States, England, and Latin America. Other materials include correspondence, photographs, press releases, and ephemera from Pahlmann's personal and professional life. The books' pages are not numbered and have no labels or other identifying marks. Items are typically (but not always) grouped by subject and are usually not in chronological order, especially in the later volumes. Items about certain jobs, clients, or events may be found in multiple volumes. There is an item index in each volume, located in the front or back cover. These indices are neither chronological nor comprehensive. Materials in the Publicity Books Series complement those in the Client Photo Presentation Books Series, the Publicity/Photo Files Series, and the Publicity Series. The Client Photo Presentation Books and Publicity/Photo Files Series provide a visual supplement to the items found throughout the Publicity Books. Items in the Publicity Series give a more detailed description of the events, people, and jobs illustrated by the Publicity Books. The Publicity Series also supplies background information that is important to understanding the significance of items in the Publicity Books. When considered together, the Publicity Books, Client Photo Presentation Books, Publicity/Photo Files and Publicity Series help build a comprehensive understanding of William Pahlmann, his business, and his extensive efforts at self-presentation.

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