Papers of Justice Peter V. Daniel [manuscript], 1839-1866.


Daniel, Peter Vyvian, 1784-1860. Papers of Justice Peter V. Daniel [manuscript], 1839-1866.

Papers of Justice Peter V. Daniel [manuscript], 1839-1866.

Papers of Justice Peter V. Daniel, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court including one volume containing 81 letters of Justice Daniel, 1842-1851, and 29 letters of other members of the Daniel family, 1839-1866. The letters concern social life and politics in Washington, D.C.; Daniel's observation on his circuit trips through the West; the Gold Rush of 1848-1849; comments on Newport, R.I. as a tourist resort; Confederate poems. People concerned in this correspondence include; John Quincy Adams, Charlotte M.B. Brent, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Elizabeth Daniel, Millard Fillmore, Thomas Jonathan Jackson, Robert Edward Lee, S.T. Mason, Matthew Fontaine Maury, F.D. Moncure, Mrs. E.M. Preston, Edmund Randolph (fl. 1845-1847), Zachary Taylor, James M. Wayne.

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