Papers collected by Harriet Tidd [manuscript] 1926 & n.d.


Tidd, Harriet,. Papers collected by Harriet Tidd [manuscript] 1926 & n.d.

Papers collected by Harriet Tidd [manuscript] 1926 & n.d.

Letter, 1926 Mar. 17, Thomas F. Hall, Omaha, Nebraska, to Stewart Taft Beach of The Independent, Boston, Massachusetts, marked "personal," regarding the Robert Edwin Peary-Frederick Albert Cook controversy concerning Cook's Arctic exploration of 1907-09. [7 l., typescript]. Hall's article "Harry Payne Whitney" about Whitney's part in the Peary-Cook controversy. [7 l., typescript]. "A notable lawsuit," [1899], by Franklin Harvey Head regarding a lawsuit brought against the family of John Jacob Astor by Cotton Mather Olmsted's descendants (i.e. Frederick Law Olmsted) who wishes to seize Astor family properties purportedly purchased through the sale of Captain William Kidd's treasure which was removed illegally from Olmsted property at Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maine. [12 l., typescript copy, "Privately printed."]. Pen and ink drawing of a plan for a garden, n.d. Letter, 1881 Sept. 24?/25, Dresden, Germany, signed "George," to his mother, refers to places in Virginia and sermon on Garfield's death. [last 4 p. of incomplete letter].

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Head, Franklin H. (Franklin Harvey), 1832-1914 (person)

Tidd, Harriet, (person)

Kidd, William, 1654-1701 (person)

William Kidd (b. 1654, Dundee, Scotland-d. 23 May 1701, Wapping, England) was also known as Captain William Kidd or Captain Kidd and infamous pirate. He settled in New York City and by 1689 was a member of a French-English pirate crew sailing the Caribbean under Captain Jean Fantin. Kidd and the crew mutinied and he became captain; the crew started looting from French since government didn't pay. In New York, he married Sarah Bradley Cox Oort in 1691. In 1695 he was asked by NY governor to captu...

Astor, John Jacob, 1763-1848 (person)

John Jacob Astor organized the American Fur Company in 1808, and the Pacific Fur Company in 1810. In the spring of 1811 he established a post at Astoria on the Columbia River, but sold it to British interests in 1813. By 1817 Astor had gained control of all the Mississippi Valley posts of the Northwest and Southwest Companies. The Columbia Fur Company, one of Astor's major competitors, was absorbed in 1827. By 1834 Astor tired of the fur business and sold all of his interests. From t...

Hall, Thomas F. (person)

Amundsen, Roald, 1872-1928 (person)

While on an Arctic exploration, Amundsen's ship, the Maud, was disabled by a broken propeller off the Siberian coast. He requested assistance from Captain Claude S. Cochran on the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Bear. From the description of Radiograms and telegrams : between Amundsen on the disabled auxiliary schooner Maud and the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Bear, 1921 July 8-19. (The Mariners' Museum Library). WorldCat record id: 30352211 Amundsen was a Norwegian polar explorer. ...

Cook, Frederick Albert, 1865-1940 (person)

Explorer, author, and businessman. From the description of Audio materials [sound recording]. [1937-1991] (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 40723117 Physician and polar explor on three expeditions to North Greenland, 1891-1894; part of Belgian Antarctic Expedition, 1897-1899. From the description of Letter from Frederick Albert Cook to S.S. McClure, Ltd., 1894 March 28. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 70292749 Cook claimed to have been the fir...

Olmsted, Frederick Law, 1822-1903 (person)

Landscape architect. From the description of Frederick Law Olmsted papers, 1777-1952 (bulk 1838-1903). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70979908 American landscape designer. From the description of Autograph letter signed : New York, to Charles A. Dana, 1876 July 24. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270872066 Landscape architect. Related material in Biography and Genealogy Files under 'F.L. Olmsted.' From the description ...

Beach, Stewart Taft, 1899- (person)

Whitney, Harry Payne, 1872-1930 (person)

Biographical Note William Collins Whitney 1841 July 15 Born, Conway, Mass. 1863 Graduated, Yale College, New Haven, Conn. 1863 1864 Harvard Law School, Harvard University, Cambridge, ...

Peary, Robert Edwin, 1856-1920 (person)

Robert Edwin Peary was born on 6 May 1856 in Cresson, Pennsylvania. He was educated at Portland High School and Bowdoin College, graduating in 1877. In 1881, he joined the U.S. Navy as a civil engineer, serving for several years in Nicaragua, where he was employed in conducting surveys for the Nicaragua Canal. Developing a keen interest in Arctic exploration, Peary led the U.S. Exploring Expedition in 1886, a private expedition to study the conditions of the little known Greenland i...

Garfield, James A. (James Abram), 1831-1881 (person)

James Garfield, twentieth President of the United States, was born in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, in 1831. After embarking on an academic career, he joined the Ohio volunteer infantry regiment, and in 1863 was appointed Major General in the same regiment. He served as a member of the U. S. House of Representatives from 1863 to 1880, when he was elected President. His inauguration took place on March 4, 1881, but his term of office was unfortunately brought to an abrupt end with his assassination by C...

Olmsted, Cotton Mather. (person)