Papers of Thomas William Parsons [manuscript] 1854-1873.


Parsons, Thomas William, 1819-1892. Papers of Thomas William Parsons [manuscript] 1854-1873.

Papers of Thomas William Parsons [manuscript] 1854-1873.

The papers contain the manuscripts of three poems: Down by the shore in December, Song, and Upnos. In a letter, n.y., to William Rounseville Alger he discusses Alger's article in Sear's religious magazine which quotes James Russell Lowell, and sends his own translation of a few lines in Dante's Paradise. In letters, 1855-56, to Dix and Edwards, he says he will withdraw rather than alter a ballad as it is based on a true event, and has received a check for an article. In a letter, n.d., to Richard Henry Stoddard, he praises a poem to Thackeray, and sends his love to Edwin Booth. In other letters he answers an autograph request, refers to the daughter of Julia Ward Howe, seeks information on a missing man, explains a quatrain, and discusses verses appearing in the Boston Daily Advertiser in honor of Charles Bradford. A photo of Parsons is pasted on the verso of one letter and a poem in honor of Thackeray on the verso of another.

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